Ark: Survival Evolved Performance Update Hatching Friday

I hope the dinosaur wins tbh. Look at those horrible louts!

Given what happened to the last open-world multiplayer survival game with dinosaur-riding, I’ve been a little reserved about Ark: Survival Evolved [official site]. But after a week on Steam Early Access, the game’s sitting happily in Steam’s top-ten most-played games list and – complaints about bugs, AI, and performance aside – seems to be going down fairly well with players.

A hearty update is due to arrive later this week, bringing the amphibious Spinosaurus to fight and ride, performance improvements, tribal governance systems, new structures to build, and the ability for flying creatures to pick up smaller creatures. Ooh! Just like in the movies!

Developers Studio Wildcard say in the future patch notes that they expect this first GPU optimisation pass will bring high-end systems performance gains of about 10%, mid-range about 20%, and 30% for low-end ones. That’s not a bad start. They’re giving balance a going-over too.

The ‘Jurassic Ark’ update is due to launch this Friday, uncoincidently alongside the release of Jurassic World in cinemas. It sounds like they’re throwing in an in-joke or two, with cosmetic items like ‘Nerdry’s Glasses’ to find.

Wildcard also mention that Ark has sold almost 450,000 copies in the first week. I’d thought we might be nearing the point where new Early Access survival games no longer excite people so, especially given how many duffers we’ve seen, but that’s impressive. H1Z1 sold really well too, especially considering it’ll eventually be free-to-play.

Ark: Survival Evolved is £19.08 on Steam Early Access. The full launch is planned for June 2016.


Top comments

  1. DarkLiberator says:

    Honestly, besides the crap performance (though i've kinda gotten it to about 30-40 FPS, so its not as awful as launch) its a fantastic game. Plenty of content. I've tamed numerous dinos and have used them to raid bases and knock down other bigger dinos. Late game seems to be rocket launchers and metal civilization.
  1. fly790420 says:

    I am in the high-end league. So…10%?! I was getting 20~25 FPS on Ultra settings, how much difference 10% can make?

    • Trenchdog says:

      Two frames? Progress is coming slow, just like in the game itself ;)

  2. Herbal Space Program says:

    I’d say about 2-2.5.

  3. Crainey says:

    I’ve been holding off playing until a significant performance increase so looking forward to this. Gameplay and content wise Ark seems very solid, especially for an EA title.

    If anything I’ve been hearing people complain about the daily and sometimes even more frequent updates. But I dare say a content update will be welcome (even tho a tiny fraction have even seen the current end game.)

    • DarkLiberator says:

      Honestly, besides the crap performance (though i’ve kinda gotten it to about 30-40 FPS, so its not as awful as launch) its a fantastic game. Plenty of content. I’ve tamed numerous dinos and have used them to raid bases and knock down other bigger dinos. Late game seems to be rocket launchers and metal civilization.

  4. Morcane says:

    This kind of blows DayZ out of the water tbh….came out of left field for me, and I’ve been playing way too much – it even ate into my Witcher 3 time.

    • Boothie says:

      Yup, went on for the first time with some more experienced friends as fresh spawns, 5 hours later i really needed to get to bed, stayed up another hour just to get that base started and that parasaur tamed.

  5. Tiax says:

    Is there a RPS group for playing this with nice people?

    • Challenger2uk says:

      There is a topic on the Game Clubs forum for the game but doesn’t seem very active on RPS. I am however very interested in this game but may not buy until late this month if I am lucky as I am building a new PC.

  6. MrYo says:

    The only thing that bothers me about this game is that it’s utterly impossible to survive alone. You need friends, and I don’t have any who’d care about this kind of game, so I’m constantly killed by almost everything (even a dozen dodos once) before I can build anything interesting.
    But then there are those insanely awesome moments, like when a tyrannosaurus saved me from getting stomped by a mammoth, just to have me for dessert later.
    I’m carefully optimistic this thing will turn out really great.

    • melancholicthug says:

      Death by dodo. That sounds awesome. Poor little guys at least got a little virtual revenge for the extintion thing we did.

    • Chaz says:

      I keep thinking about getting this as I’m a sucker for these types of early access game, especially as this one has PvE servers. I too will not really know anyone who would play this, well one maybe if I bought him a copy. So is it really not very do-able if you try and solo it?

      • MrYo says:

        It’s not completely impossible to survive alone, it’s just extremely hard. The main problem is that there’s a limit to how many crafting recipes you can unlock and that one person can only unlock about a third of all recipes. It forces people to specialize so they’ll play together, which is of course absolutely pointless when playing alone.
        But from what I can tell after about 10 hours, this game will keep you busy for a long time before you’ll run into that limitation, considering that my biggest achievement so far is making a slingshot. Just get ready for a lot of dying, respawning and punching trees until your hands bleed.

  7. badmothergamer says:

    I have yet to jump online to play (people wrecking my bases when offline in DayZ Epoch has ruined my desire to do so) but am absolutely loving playing offline single player. I’ll probably end up connecting with some old DayZ chums also playing Ark and teaming up online but for now even single player is a blast.

    The performance is an issue, but I found a Reddit thread some settings files that helped immensely (can’t find the link now but it was a very popular thread). It took my fps from ~25 to ~45 on high settings (gtx 970, i7 3770k). The daily (sometimes 2 or 3 times a day) updates have helped as well although every 15 mins or so I get a full 2 second pause that is an annoyance.

    The map is huge and fun to explore. Stomping around on t-rex or soaring through the air on the back of a pterodactyl brings out the childhood joy like no other game has in years. The base building is very solid and the tech levels, which I thought would be an issue (and probably is in online play) are fun to progress through. I have 25+ dino pets from dodos to a t rex and am going to start building my farm now that I’ve unlocked the irrigation techs.

    Picked up a megalodon saddle in a drop yesterday so now my goal is to find a lone, low level megalodon (they tend to spawn together) so I can use my sarco (giant croc) to do enough damage that I can knock him out and tame him. Most likely I will die. Can’t wait.

  8. Voqar says:

    I don’t care for the PvP in these games since base raiding, ganking, raping, being killed while offline, or having my base destroyed/stuff stolen while offline, etc aren’t my thing, but I do enjoy the survival game genre minus that (and it’s possible once this game matures a bit that even the PvP could be fun, but for me, I’d wait til it’s developed more so there’s less ease of raiding via game flaws and exploits).

    Anyways – from the carebear perspective, this game is also fun and much more enjoyable than the majority, if not all, of similar games, because it actually takes some effort to survive, the ungodly amounts of resources necessary to build make you put some effort (and as a result, some thought) into what you build, the dinos can be pretty brutal even when you think you’re comfortable, and the fact that there’s 60 levels worth of xp’ing and progression (not to mention a decent RPG style character build up that’s more complex than most games of this ilk), all the dino taming, a beautiful game world with lots to explore, and such, make it so there’s far more to enjoy for the carebear vs what you get in most survival games, which is a few days of struggle than ez-mode as you accumulate megatons of mats you’ll never use or need with no real danger.

    And for all players, the devs have been insanely active – there are patches almost every day – many to fix bugs and refine performance but they’re also adding little bits here and there and content seems to come fairly regularly too. This on top of the fact that for an early access game the game itself feels more solid than many other games of this style do after a year or more of early access.

    I have a decent rig and host for a few friends and have no performance problems (running epic with reduced shadows) and none of the people playing on my server have any performance problems. I’d imagine being on servers with higher pops would hurt performance more than anything.

  9. derbefrier says:

    This one has been tempting me pretty badly. It does look like fun plus Dinosaurs.

  10. fish99 says:

    I get around 25-30 fps on a GTX970 / 3570K / 12GB with a mix of high/medium settings, mostly high. Occasional dips to 20 in forests. Hopefully as they continue to optimize that’ll reach 30-40 fps and I think that would be fine for how pretty the game is.

    Like some of the people above I’m also playing offline, but I only picked it up yesterday. The few hours I played were a ton of fun though. Mostly getting chased along the beach by a T-Rex which decided to eat my storage chest* :)

    (*and then me)