Kick-Off Delayed: Blood Bowl 2 Now Due In September

The official reason for delaying Blood Bowl II [official site] is “to ensure that players would enjoy the most polished foundations possible for the next generation Blood Bowl experience”. I think it’s probably also sensible to not launch a game around the media blitz of E3. So rather than in June, it’s now due to launch on September 22nd.

This news comes alongside a trailer showing off the story campaign, which is apparently a thing Blood Bowl II has. Here’s hoping for a Law & Order-style ‘ripped from the headlines’ FIFA send-up with weasel-eyed goblins (yes I know it’s a different ball game ugh jeez).

Sadly not. The campaign will be about the Reikland Raiders, a down-on-their-luck human team looking to recapture former glories. It’ll run like a regular Blood Bowl league but with a story wound through it, which’ll pepper matches which special events. You might have a helicopter crash block off part of the field, be treated to one of the commentators joining in the match, or goodness knows what else. The trailer does mention “shady sponsorship deals”, mind. Have a look:

Annnd it sounds like publishers Focus Home are already announcing the first DLC, as pre-orderers can get either the Lizardmen or Wood Elves team as a bonus. Still, developers Cyanide Studio told us a while back that they’re planning not to end up with a bajillion different editions like the first Blood Bowl, instead wanting to sell extra races one by one.


  1. Skeletor68 says:

    Will the DLC teams be available as AI opponents without purchasing them? Lizard matches always felt interesting if you were a bashy team.

  2. Xzi says:

    Anyone gonna buy the first release of this? Weren’t there like three or four different “editions” of the first Blood Bowl?

    • Mr Bismarck says:

      I’m going to wait for the version that has competent AI…

      • SanguineAngel says:

        I’m not. I am REALLY bad at blood bowl

      • wyrm4701 says:

        I’ll wait for competent AI and a full list of teams at a reasonable price, and likely some assurance from other players that it’s not riddled with bugs.

        I’m at a loss, though – outside of decent (or at least non-abysmal) AI and the ability to mix races on a team, what improvements could BB2 actually offer? Outside of being free of the type of bugs plaguing BB1, that is…

        • Hmm-Hmm. says:

          UI improvements, better rules implementations, more starplayers?

    • Ethelred Unread says:

      Yeah, it’ll be a day one purchase for me.

      Not too bothered about the SP, be good to see how the online leagues are managed.

      I hope they don’t turn the existing servers off before all the teams are ready though (and dare I dream of Slann & Chaos Pact?)

    • BigBadB says:

      I’ll be buying it. What can I say, I love Bloodbowl and I couldn’t care less about AI as I only ever play multiplayer.

  3. MiniMatt says:

    As annoying as day one DLC is, the clarification of this model over the “buy the whole damn game again but this time in another edition that has a few more teams, then six months later do the same thing again” trick is welcome.

    Bit sad at the delay though; for all it’s faults, I’ve put hundreds of hours into Blood Bowl and this new version was very much on my radar.

    Not entirely convinced by the story mode though – human teams, well they’re good to learn the ropes and all but they’re a bit… dull.

  4. Alfy says:

    Am I really the only bothered by the way this game is coming out?

    1/ I’ve played Blood Bowl a lot since the first edition in 1998. I think a BB game with 8 teams is gonna feel stale fairly quickly.

    2/ Cyanid keeps saying they don’t want to suck all the money out of their customers. Extra teams on the iPad version of the game (which is just a port from Chaos edition) cost €2.99 a pop. For a port! Even if we assume a similar price point for BB2, I find that very expensive when on top of a €30.00 or so game.

    3/ I, for one, like to own the entirety of my games. It does not matter that I might never play a halfling team, I want to be sure I can at any time. Still assuming the unlikely €3.00 a team, and the whole 23 teams + Bretonnians, that’s more than €65.00 for the whole lot, game plus all the teams! For a game that might have new graphics and – hopefully – new AI, but which rules, fluff, game balance and so on are 100% based on a 2007 game, that’s STIFF.

    Honestly, I think that Cyanide is deluded. Obviously, I might have to eat my words if the game is absolutely perfect, the online leagues full to the brim, and the AI realistically challenging, but seriously, who believes that will be the case?