The Oculus E3 Press Conference

New branding fun

Either smartly getting in ahead of the crowd or showing up embarrassingly early to the party we have Oculus and their E3 press conference which is taking place today (Thursday 11 June).

Their VR-focused shenanigans will be livestreamed from 10am-12pm PST which I’m pretty sure is 6-8pm in Britainland. I’ll pop the Twitch stream here so you can OBSERVE:

Watch live video from oculus on

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any highlights. Currently the only pre pre E3 highlight is a branding change. If you’re interested in branding (which I am) it’s a nice switch from their pretty “meh” eye logo to a squished O meant to evoke the Rift hardware as seen from the front. It’s the design in the header image. Obviously if Oculus switches to a rhombus or some other shaped goggle in the future that’s going to cause all manner of problems.


  1. Not_Id says:

    That new Oculus logo reminds me of Bender.

    • Radthor Dax says:

      That’d be an epic customisation! Paint ’em metallic grey, with the eyes in front.

      • Horg says:

        We’ll build our own VR goggles! With blackjack, and hookers! In fact, forget the goggles!

  2. Cinek says:

    I liked an eye more. This one is… meh. Seen dozens of logos in that style at my sisters art school. Average student work for the time when he got drunk 6 days a week and finally roommate reminded him about the assignment for Monday.

  3. Mr Wonderstuff says:

    I prefer the previous logo…yes eyes are a tired cliche but I felt the execution was refined, clear and had the nice blue accent colour. It also sat well with the typography (the new version is not nearly as well considered – the two look at odds with each other). And yes it is my job ;-)

    • SanguineAngel says:

      it also made a lot of sense, given the product.

    • King_Rocket says:

      I didn’t even realise it was the new logo until it was pointed out, I just thought it was just a twitch no signal icon.

    • gorzan says:

      Well, it’s actually my job too (Kind of, I’m currently finishing my masters degree and working on my first actual, non-assignment branding gig) and I’d say they work very well toguether! Clean, simple and modern, with shapes related to one another, I mean, you can perfectly see the relationship between the perfectly geometric “o” and the simbol.
      An even without taking into account the wordmark, the logo itself is, as far as I’m concerned, a great step ahead. The previous one, while perfectly functional and well executed (wich, let’s face it, is more than we generally get with game-related marks), was simply boring, too obvious. We’re talking about a new technology, unexplored technological frontiers, maybe even the birth of a new medium (of course I’m talking about what oculus would want to sell, not my actual opinion). Are we going to sell such a pioneering product with an obvious, boring identity? I don’t think that’s really appropiate! Beyond any personal taste, I can’t think any way on wich the previous logo was actually more suitable for this product, really.

      • Hedgeclipper says:

        Are we looking at the same thing? Granted I’m no expert but the one above … well to me it just whimpers bland…. bland, dull, boring with everything that anyone might object to filed off. The sort of yawning minimalism of a million other “out consultants spent 15 weeks designing the curve on the O to cause the least offence” over-engineered exercises in corporate branding. Not that I’d expect much else with the amount of money on the line but I’m really not seeing “unexplored technological frontiers” in there.

        • gorzan says:

          Well, I’d think this is more of a problem with how you’re looking at it than the mark itself. Were you’re seeing “everything that anyone might object to” I see refinement, it is the purpose of his sort of minimalist design to strip everything, until you have the bare minimum elements needed to convey what you want to. Here, that was done masterfully, I don’t doubt through an excruciatingly long process, with hundreds of iterations. There certainly are many examples out there of poor minimalism, this isn’t one of them, really. There are many examples too of misusing minimalism for brands wich would benefit from a less abstract treatment, but this isn’t the case either.
          Because, you’ll see, up to this point we’ve been led to relates two different kinds of aesthetics with the future relating to technollogy. One of these is the more kitschy approach you can generally see in older sci-fi, the other camp would be the sleek, minimalistic interpretation of the future, more prevalent today (The most clear example that comes to me right n ow would be J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek). The first camp is great when creating fiction, because it’s full of charm and texture, and because when it’s in a comic or a movie it doesn’t really need to really work practically, but for real life applications, the second option is the only viable one. The prime example of using this sort of aesthetics would be Apple. As much as I loathe them as a company, as much as I find their products grossly overpriced and as much as I think they’ve been dropping the ball design-wise lately (Took them long enough to realize helvetica just doesn’t work for UI design), there’s no denying, they wrote the book on designing to make technology seem new and advanced. Following their footsteps when designing for this kind of technology is certainly the smart thing to do.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      While I originally really like the old logo, I’m quite pleased they changed it since I started noticing it everywhere that had anything to do with eyeballs — possibly even in the same proportions. It’s not my job, so feel free to call me out on this, but I would guess that an important part of branding is to be differentiable, so the “cliché” thing seems significant to me even if they did it best. As long as they don’t stick the “oculus” inside the racetrack logo once they start making standalone gaming hardware…

      Also, I hope that first “o” is still upper-case outside the logo. Looks like that’s the case in their legal text, at least. Actually, I think they should just get rid of that “o” altogether and change their name to “Ooculus” with the pair of “o”s fused for the logo. Together with the other Oculus Face™ (silent “ahhhhh”), they could get a good run of TV commercials out of it! (non-sarcastic except the last two sentences)

  4. jacobvandy says:

    Spending that Facebook money well, I see.

  5. ButterflyRogers says:

    Simple sells

  6. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    You fools! The logo is clearly Baby Park.

  7. Skid says:

    They lost me at, comes with a free XBox controller, here is a guy from XBox.

    • Continuity says:

      Whats wrong with that? xbox controllers are decent. I have two.

  8. John O says:

    Windows integration, play XbOne games on a 2d screen in a virtual room… lolz

  9. Sakkura says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake, why do they have to force us to waste money on an Xbox One controller? That’s total BS, all it does is amp up the price of the Oculus Rift for no benefit whatsoever.

  10. morbiusnl says:

    yes, use the presentation to show an 5 month old trailer.

  11. SupahSpankeh says:

    This looks like shit.

    I mean, Eve Valkyrie demo reel which is pre-rendered or scripted and has been out for months. XBONE controller? No news about tracking ala Vive? Despite the advantage of poaching Valve engineers and the bucks from FB and MS (the latter _will_ be paying for the privilege, or selling controllers at a slight loss) this still looks like the second place VR kit. And it’s launching 2-4 months after Vive.

    I have no idea how they’ve managed to bork it, but it is borked. They’ve got nothing. A few indie looking games, an old showreel, and an XBONE controller. Good grief.

    Can’t believe I thought my DK2 was a product from a winning company. I’ll be pre-ordering a Vive ASAP. 200p difference ont he display, but the environment and hardware is lightyears ahead.

    • SupahSpankeh says:

      OK, that controller looks pretty good.

      Wonder how Valve will respond.

  12. Cinek says:

    So… Oculus Home is where the Facebook comes in.

    Seems like basically Facebook wants to create it’s own Steam supported by Oculus and integrated with Facebook itself. Adverts in VR between gaming…. just as I was afraid…. though at least it’s something related to gaming – always could be worse.

  13. Moorkh says:

    Oh, wow. I was looking forward to this up to that conference.
    Here I was hoping for virtual reality. And then they go and turn it into a videogame console. So glad I’ve not invested any money in this…