New Treatment: Worms World Party Remastered In July

You've got Worms again.

Which Worms game is your favourite? Over the last twenty years, creators Team17 have released more than twenty Worms games and spin-offs, but most folks I’ve known seem to favour either 1999’s Worms Armageddon or 2001’s Worms World Party (boy, the series peaked a while ago, huh?). If you’re in the latter camp, good news: your favourite Worms game is being revamped!

Team17 have announced Worms World Party Remastered [Steam page], which is WWWP prettied-up with support for modern Steam bits. It’s due to launch on July 8th.

Worms World Party Remastered will run in 1080p at 60fps (can you imagine! oh, the torment we’ve endured with low-def, low-fps Worms!) and boasts “enhanced sound effects”, controller support, Steam leaderboards, and… you know, it’s WWP but a bit newer. See for yourself:

It’ll be on GOG too, though presumably without the Steam stuff.

Poor old Team17. They knew someone who had a really good idea twenty years ago and have been adrift ever since. The series’ move to 3D was rubbish (as were most games eager to jump into 3D, to be fair), and their refusal to make anything but Worms games leads to everything new being judged against older, better games. Their recent non-Worm games have been things like Superfrog HD, a bad remake of their 1993 platformer, and Flockers, which they called an “explosive new IP” but turned out to be a Lemmings rip-off set in the Worms universe. I can only imagine the owner of Team17, who I believe to be named Ian17, suffered a nasty knock on the head in 2002 and time has never rolled on for him since. Or all this nostalgia-mining earns them enough money to keep on trucking. Probably that, actually. It has let them make a move into publishing some interesting indie games too.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    Worms 2. Armageddon was just a cut-down re-release of it, damnit. *shakes fist*

    • Kuhaa says:

      My uncle brought me a pirated copy of Armageddon in 1999 after he had visited St. Petersburg and it was pretty much all I played as a kid until WWP came out. However, a friend of mine at the time claimed that in Worms 2 there was a blue grenade which had been removed in Armageddon. Now that I think of it, I never even found out what a blue grenade was supposes to do. Was it a homing grenade? Did something like that actually exist in Worms 2? WWP didn’t have a blue grenade either as far as I remember! What’s up with that?

      • Gilead says:

        I remember a blue grenade — I think it was actually a cluster bomb where the little clusters homed in.

        • Kuhaa says:

          That would make sense. How it worked bugged me for years, thank you for freeing me of that burden!

      • LionsPhil says:

        Worms 2 also had a more capable editor, so you could do thinks like make the bazooka doing a massive blast radius to clear out terrain, but very little actual damage, and save these as presets.

        (And intro videos, as with 1 but with those vital years of gained prerendered-3D experience and tooling, which I think were gone from Armageddon, unless my mind is playing tricks. Looks like those came back in later releases.)

        • Faxmachinen says:

          I liked Armageddon best because it would run in native resolution where Worms 2 wouldn’t. There was also a great 3rd party editor called The Fiddler that would let you make your own weapons, though apparently it doesn’t work with newer WA versions.

    • Gilly says:

      Worms 2 actually gave you a menu to tweak all the weapons in almost all of their stats.
      I missed that in all subsequent entries in the series.

  2. Gilead says:

    Worms Armageddon is already on Steam and works perfectly at high resolutions, so I’m not massively excited by the prospect of World Party, which was just Armageddon with a tiny amount of extra content. Still, I’ll probably pick it up anyway when it’s on sale.

    • Herzog says:

      I bought Worms Armageddon a while ago to play from my sofa. As you said resolution wise it is fine, but I realized there was no gamepad support. I am in for a remastered classic worms!

      • KesMonkey says:

        Worms Reloaded is an updated version of Worms Armageddon with controller support. It’s on Steam, ans it’s on sale at 75% off.

        • AlexW says:

          Do not buy Worms Reloaded, it is a terrible idea. Suffer through mouse and keyboard, because Armageddon is better in every way – most notably in speed. Reloaded takes upwards of half a minute to switch from one player to the next as turns switch, and has awful awful lag so when you’re Skype-battling friends you have to wait ages even to find out how the turn ended. Worse, it often deducts the lost time from your turn, so you have to frantically try to pull some sort of a shot out.

          It also has a pitiful number of worms supported (no 32-worm frenzy carpeting an entire tiny island, but not even eight-worm teams), little customisation, and an overpowering stench of “Team17 ran out of ideas.” At least with a re-released version of an old game like Armageddon it’s still the classic you know and love.

  3. NathaI3 says:

    Worms World Party was the peak of the series in my opinion – the community was amazing at the time. The turn based nature made it perfect for my shitty dial-up 56k internet, so Worms was my first ever experience of online play… And I had to quit every other game so my father could make a phone call!

  4. MykulJaxin says:

    World Party is my favorite. I fondly remember that after getting a new family computer as a youth, I tried to reinstall onto the new machine. Things seemed to go fine until I launched the game, at which point the computer formatted itself. I never figured out why it would do that, but needless to say I couldn’t play Worms anymore.

  5. Kefren says:

    My favourite was the original Worms. I never found that it had as much character once it went cartoony – I always returned to the original blocky pixels for my fix. “Exciting!”

    I remember back when Team17 was 17 Bit Software, and I used to order floppy disks of demos off them for my Amiga. Once they got into games their high points for me were Worms, Alien Breed, Superfrog and Project X.

    • Rizlar says:

      Yes! Worms Reunited was best Worms. That intro video alone. I played a lot of Armageddon too but it was never quite the same. Sorry, I’m probably one of these terrible ‘young people’ but I spent so many happy hours playing the original Worms demo with my cousins as a kid.

    • Janichsan says:

      I think the best one was the Director’s Cut on Amiga. Most of the improvements and new features Worms 2 had, but the original pixel graphics style.

  6. kingfelix says:

    My favorite memory of playing Worms Armageddon was as a drinking game. If one of your worms gets killed, you have to take a shot. If you suicide any of your worms, you’ve gotta take 2 shots for each. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how I survived that night and even less sure how I didn’t get turned off of alcohol forever…

    • kael13 says:

      Hmm.. That’s actually quite a good drinking game. Maybe give the worms a little extra health so you aren’t smashed within the hour…

  7. jimangi says:

    I would fight anyone who says that the 3D Worms games were bad but I’d never get to leave. Either way you’re all wrong!
    PCGamer gave Worms 3D 90%, you know. It said so on the box.
    Worms Forts Under Siege was weird though.

  8. Sin Vega says:

    Director’s Cut on the Amiga. Basically the original, but with all the options and extra bits that should have been in it to begin with.

  9. The_Sleeve says:

    So, have they fixed the AI? I bought Worms Armageddon when it came out in 1999, and even though it was a lot of fun to play with friends, playing against the computer was just painful. The AI was only coded to use a certain subset of the available weapons (it was completely incapable of using some weapons/items and would simply skip a turn if it had no other options), and it would either be utterly incapable of hitting you (on low difficulty) or absurdly accurate, bordering on cheating (on higher difficulty). It effectively ruined the game for me.

  10. airknots says:

    What’s your favorite Worms game? Mine is Open Warfare 2 on the DS. Also Armageddon, probably just because of nostalgia. The pirated copy someone gave me only had 1 map.

    • The First Door says:

      Open Warfare 2 was really, really good from what I remember. I remember enjoying some of the silly little mini games it had which took advantage of the DS’s microphone and touchscreen, too.

      • airknots says:

        Yup, that’s the one. The mini-games for the DS was really fun. Also loved the level design of the missions.

  11. Oasx says:

    It is sad to think that one of the top game developers for the Amiga, has been stuck in a rut for so long.

  12. Asurmen says:

    My favourite memory of Worms is coming up with the concept a year or two before with my brother, using Lemmings 2.

  13. The First Door says:

    So, as someone who only owned Worms 2 back in the day, and owns Worms 2: Armageddon on a living room box thing… which is better? The old Armageddon, or Worms World Party? I really miss some of the older, sillier weapons which they seemed to have taken out of the newer ones, so the more weapons the better!

    Any thoughts, hive-mind?

  14. ohms says:

    This won’t do anything for me unless it has many of the features Worms Armageddon has been adding over the last 16 years or so. If it’s compatible with Armageddon’s huge levels I’m there!

  15. ansionnach says:

    Think I preferred QBasic Gorillas.