ACE Team’s The Deadly Tower Of Monsters Announced

I like that I can never guess what ACE Team’s next game will even be, let alone look like. What might the folks behind Zeno Clash, and Abyss Odyssey, and Rock of Ages make next? A clip art second-person murder mystery. A monster movie fight up a vast tower with hokey physical special effects. A pixel art Batman FPS.

Ooh! The middle one! It’s the middle one! The monster movie action with hokey physical special effects is The Deadly Tower of Monsters [official site], announced last night for release this autumn. Come see some cracking fake stop motion animation in the first trailer.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is… you know, I’m not entirely sure – which is another thing I like about ACE Team’s game. Hero Dick Starspeed and his crew are marooned on a planet and their only way off is at the top of a colossal tower filled with dinosaurs, nuclear ants, robotic monkeys, UFOs and so on. These enemies are rendered in beautiful fake stop motion, or look like men in suits, or are clearly on strings, or are a furry glove on a stick which peeks into frame. You can always rely on ACE Team for a weird and wonderful art style.

As for the game, well, you explore the tower and fight the monsters, yeah? While suffering commentary from the director. What a weird thing. Have a look:


  1. G-Lord says:

    Love ACE Team, so this will be a must buy for me. Zeno Clash is still my favorite though.

  2. Prince says:

    My favourite developer, bar none. Games should be weirder.

  3. Philomelle says:

    As interesting as this looks, I’d like them to actually finish Abyss Odyssey first. Shipping it with minimal content and a promise that they’ll totally add all this other content in the future, then ditching it two months later doesn’t fly.

    I would understand if AO felt even vaguely complete, but you can unlock all of its content in a single weekend and the ending is a cliffhanger. I’ll consider buying their newer games, but they need to honor that promise first.

    • LTK says:

      To be fair, the roster of characters received one large update and the final boss fight has been updated three times, the third of which added the Titan as a second enemy. They had planned to add the new content over the course of months rather than weeks, but they underestimated how willing the players were to defeat the warlock over and over again to reach the new milestone. They were expecting most people to play enough to finish the game a few times with each character and then leave it

      Progression to the next milestone is halfway complete, and we don’t know if this is going to be another boss fight tweak, a roster update, or even the ending, but there’s definitely still stuff in the works.

      • Philomelle says:

        I know all that, seeing as I bought Abyss Odyssey on release and played it religiously for some time.

        I also know that progression to the next milestone has been “halfway complete” for over half a year now.

        Their reason behind why they didn’t expect the current situation is, frankly, bonkers. The game has so little content that you can see everything by playing it about 9 times, 3 times as each character. The reason why people ended up grinding the Warlock for unlocks was precisely because of that. They ran out of things to do and following up on the developer’s promise of bringing more things if people keep playing was the only way to turn the game into something fulfilling.

        Let’s not forget that the game’s netcode is still broken too much to allow for co-op or pvp, and the Warlock’s Diary is still impossible to complete due to the Creature having a bugged drop rate six months later.

      • LTK says:

        I don’t agree with the assertion that the only thing making the game worthwhile is having more stuff added to it. Granted, I only purchased the game when the third seal was already in place, so I don’t have a good idea of what it was like when it was released. However, the aspect of the game I enjoy most is improving my combat skills and learning how to tackle various enemies. According to Steam I’ve put 33 hours into the game and I have a pretty good handle on some normal-special combos, but timing blocks is something I only just learned to do halfway competently.

        Sure, I’ve seen all the characters and how they fight but laying eyes on the new things isn’t the point. As a procedural death labyrinth AO is on the easy side, given your ever-increasing health pool you do eventually beat the warlock if you just keep trying, but I consider mastery of the game to be the true goal instead of just checking the unlocks off the list.

        I got AO exactly one month ago and at that point the seal on the book just ticked over to 1/3rd broken, and two days ago it reached the point where it was halfway broken. I don’t know how long the seal has been unbroken before this but I really doubt that nothing has changed for six months as you’re saying.

        • Philomelle says:

          I have 45 hours in the game; the only things I have left are grinding La Pincoya to maximum level and unlocking the special boss (which can be done by simply logging in with Zeno Clash 2 in your Steam library). In the last week I played it, I could murder the Warlock twice in an hour (once on Nightmare), which I would say is about as close to mastery as one can get.

          Here is the thing: the game hasn’t been updated for over six months. The current seal has been hanging there since Halloween and the completely broken netcode that forbids multiplayer has been there even longer. Between that and the most updated topic on the Steam community being “Is this game dead or what?”, I’m afraid you’ll have to take those doubts and shove them somewhere warm and comfortable.

          Given that the developers swore up and down that the game is so sparse on content because they’re planning huge piles of unlockable content, but then never delivered any of that content, I would think it’s completely fair of me to not be interested in supporting their future endeavors. After all, they never quite finished their last one.

  4. LTK says:

    Even with no expectations about ACE Team’s next game, this was not what I was expecting.

  5. Terragot says:

    If last generations of games over-indulgence was Bloom, it seems this generations is Chromatic Aberration.