Gauge Fight: Street Fighter V Battle Systems

Unwrapping his birthday presents, M Bison was delighted that someone had bought him the purple Lava Lamp he wanted

The new Street Fighter V [official site] trailer is in two minds. It starts by introducing a few characters, which might lead you to believe you’re going to get some insights about the roster, but then it flips into explanations of the new V-Gauge and Critical Arts systems. The V-Gauge is a new addition to the series and sits alongside Street Fighter IV’s EX Gauge – it allows characters to perform unique counters and reversals, as well as “triggers” that are linked to character-specific abilities or buffs. Critical Arts are ultra-super-power combos. Ultra-super-power is also the title of the upcoming enhanced edition of Street Fighter V.

I won’t pretend that I’ll ever master Street Fighter V. The last thing I needed was more gauges to keep track of. Give me three special moves and one super-special move and I can just about manage to learn them and use them when they’re appropriate.

What about that picture of M Bison at the top of the post though? I’d love to be a Street Fighter V photographer, standing on the sideline and trying to get the most ridiculous shots possible. There are sections in the video that show what first-person Street Fighter might look like – Chun-Li kicking you square in the eyeball forever – and I’d love to have those kind of camera options during replays.

On a final note, there’s a 2009 live action Street Fighter film in which M Bison has a load of people decapitated and then leaves the heads on platters for Nash to discover. In that film, Bison is reimagined as “a blonde haired, blue eyed Irish immigrant to Thailand“.


  1. bcrowe says:

    First person Street Fighter you say? There’s a mod for that! link to

  2. mllory says:

    Great. Might just just have enough time to learn using an arcade stick until this comes out. Then again it might not be. After playing (and mostly sucking) on IV on a keyboard, I have to say that it is quite the arduous process learning the stick. A bit like learning a musical instrument, only more harsh in that if you mess the input just a tiny bit the result will be nothing like what you hoped for..

    • Bremze says:

      Hah, as someone learning guitar and stick over the past year, the stick lets me get away with sloppy inputs much more often.

      Honestly, sticks, pads and hitboxes and even keyboards all have their advantages and disadvantages, so stick(heh) to what is fun and works for you. I mean, Smug plays on a 360 controller using both the dpad and the sticks which is insane.

      • mllory says:

        I made the analogy to a music instrument from a very similar point of view :). Though admittedly I’ve practiced on guitar for a lot longer than a few days, so it might just be the starting pains of learning a new thing that coloured my opinion on the arcade stick.

        As for the different advantages – that’s true. The thing that caused me to try to switch to stick instead of the keyboard was the creeping suspicion that my inexpensive logitech keyboard was a bit inconsistent with the usb polling rate and makes the links harder than they should be. Wasn’t about to buy a gaming keyboard for a fighter so I just borrowed a stick and it does feel more reliable and quick.

  3. DanMan says:




  4. widardd says:

    UE4 looks amazing, I really hope this iteration works better with AMD cards!