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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Summer Serenade

That Aren't On Steam

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It is the Steam summer sales! Honestly, why are you even reading this? It’s an explosion of discounts over there. If it’s not on offer, it will probably soon be. But just in case you were bored, or just in the mood to do some window shopping, we’ve got some bargains in the bucket for you. (You can thank welverin for this week’s bucket plushie!)

Lost Constellation
Pay what you want
Is it still a bargain if you’re the one dictating the price? The short answer: depends on you. (Yes, I know. Total cop-out. But, let’s go with that.) Lost Constellation comes from the same universe as the much-anticipated Night in the Woods, a game about the end of the world, talking animals, and pizza. It’s an experiment of sorts. A tangent, says the developers. A side story. A way for them to explore the universe, and for us to experience a wintry ghost story/

To The Moon Comic
While we’re on the subject of things-that-are-relevant-to-great-indie-games-but-are-not-sequels-or-the-like-man-this-is-getting-long, here’s something that is free, off-beat but beautiful. To The Moon was Freebird Games’ absolutely heartbreaking sojourn into an old man’s mind, and this comic is dedicated to one of its more light-hearted characters. Although I’m generally predisposed towards anything that involves a plush platypus, this free comic series is kinda interesting in that you’ll be able to submit your ideas in order to influence how the tale progresses. Too cute for words.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
It’s funny how the Internet changes its mind, sometimes. One day, a game is the best thing in the world. The next, it’s a humdrum piece of triple-A mediocrity. People seem rather divided on Dragon Age: Inquisition, including its portrayal of diversity. But for all of its slumps, its bugs, and even the vast emptiness of its virtual country, I find it hard to dislike the game. It’s rather earnest. And it feels like it wants to be much, much more than it really is. It wants sweeping drama. It wants epic relationships. And to an extent? Dragon Age: Inquisition succeeds. But that’s just me. If you’re curious about where you might fall on the spectrum, the game’s going for pretty cheap right now.

Child of Light
Speaking of earnest, Child of Light is another game that’s both an RPG and perhaps more concerned with emotion and relationships than combat stats. That said, a lot of the reviews felt that it fell awkwardly between two stalls; offering a gorgeous storybook world to explore, with a story like a children’s fable, but combined then with a combat system that was a little too fiddly and involved for those who might have enjoyed it best. Maybe Child of Light is a game best played alongside a little one?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – $9.99/£6.42/€8.87
I’m fascinated with Final Fantasy XIV, and possibly for all the wrong reasons. It was the little-big game that could, and then it became the little big-game that could not. Then, after much effort, it became the little-big game that sorta could and now, everyone is posting strange screenshots from their adventures. (P.S: As it is Amazon, be sure you have all the proper whatnots in place when you’re trying to pick it up.)

Sunset – $9.99/£7.49/€8.87
Tale of Tales was probably the company that got me hooked on the idea of indie games. Their work is often surreal, sometimes wonky, but always deliberate in the pursuit of their artistic vision. Sunset continues this trend, albeit with the appearance of a slightly higher budget. In case you missed the memo, it’s a first-person game about both war and domesticity, life and death, being a diligent housekeeper and an incorrigible snoop.

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