YouTube Gaming Announced, Launching This Summer

Yep, that's a livestream. Now in moody grey!

When all the websites got together for their spring barbecue last month, so I’m told, YouTube had a little too much to drink and caused a scene. “Who’s beer is that?” the website would ask, teetering over the booze table. “BIG DADDY VIDEO’S BEER!” It claimed everything it saw – the barbecue, the grass, the jazz quartet – and even kicked Buzzfeed out the paddling pool. Except. When it claimed dominion over a gaming PC in the lounge, Twitch stared it down. “Don’t you know who I am?” roared Big Daddy Video and Twitch twatted it. Out cold. One punch. So I’m told.

Perhaps in retaliation, YouTube yesterday announced YouTube Gaming to shore up and bring together gaming videos and livestreams and whatnot. Streaming might be less awful, for starters.

YouTube Gaming will bring a new dedicated website as well as an app. Unlike YouTube’s usual system of scattering game videos all over the place, it’ll give individual games hub pages. A screenshot shows game pages will bring together info about the game, live streams, official videos, let’s plays, reviews, popular videos, and videos from folks you subscribe to. If you want to watch stuff about a specific game, there you go. Tell it which games you’re into, and it’ll bring videos to you.

Back to that true (so I’m told) story from the barbecue: YouTube are also improving their livestreaming offering, which is currently far worse than Twitch, Hitbox, and other dedicated streaming sites. You’ll no longer need to schedule streams ahead of time, and they say it’ll have lower chat latency and offer moderation. Good, good.

YouTube Gaming is due to launch this summer, initially in the USA and UK. No Oceans, Google.

In closing, I’d like to briefly highlight this hilarious line from this official blog post:

“And when you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing ‘call’ will show you ‘Call of Duty’ and not ‘Call Me Maybe.'”

You’ll be able to search with confidence that autocomplete will never even suggest the existence of pop music. It’s a confidence I know I’ve lacked in my life. Between that and the dark grey interface, you can be sure that it’ll take video games very seriously. You’re so silly, Big Daddy Video.

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  1. manio22 says:

    First steam now youtube. Not that i am complaining, more games in more places means more ready fun…i think…

  2. Viroso says:

    Now I had to listen to Call Me Maybe again and it’ll be stuck in my head for days.

  3. Crafter says:

    I would be curious to learn why is this only launching in the US & UK ?
    Media copyrights are a total nightmare to handle for any company but does it also apply to gaming ? It seems even sillier than for movies or music.

    • mavrik says:

      Considering it doesn’t affect Twitch, it’s probably one of the standard Google retardisms (like launching G+ app for months with US only and then wondering why noone uses it).

      They’ll probably roll over for every Nintendo and Konami there the first second they send a peep anyway, so I see little reason why anyone would be dumb enough to switch away from Twitch.

      • TechnicalBen says:

        While there are no “oceans” on the internet there are language barriers (translation for each language of help files or search results or just page buttons) and hardware barriers (local servers with the routing/peering/etc).

        As a good example, translation can be a minefield and even break things if not tested (see latest iPhone bug).

        • MaXimillion says:

          A ton of online services are available (mostly) globally despite being English-only. Language is not a good reason to restrict a service like this geographically.

          • jrodman says:

            Don’t you know that English is illegal outside of the US & the UK? It’s not worth the risk, man.

          • jrodman says:

            A bit more on-topic, Google is pretty tedious for often showing their site in Danish or whatever even when your browser is configured to prefer English. There are well-defined standards for this crap, and Google knows about them. They just think it’s “better” to guess based on your ip address or whatever. Sigh.

          • Don Reba says:

            Using Google while traveling can be a nightmare. Ok, so I don’t understand the language of the country I’m in, but suddenly my search engine becomes incomprehensible, and my email is blocked.

        • mavrik says:

          What does translation have to do with anything? Pretty much the whole Europe is playing games and watching Twitch streams in english. Why the heck would you translate anything and block english-speaking people from other countries?!

          This is about as retarded as preventing people from buying games in English in non-English countries. Noone does that, where does this “translation” meme come from?

    • ThTa says:

      Maybe they just really want their service to fail? Google seems to really enjoy shooting themselves in the foot, and killing any new product’s potential to gain traction.

      Very few people are going to put their content somewhere with such a limited level of distribution coverage. Let alone how many content creators are excluded by this decision outright. Not when there are existing alternatives that don’t have these ridiculous limitations.

      There’s really no reason for Google not to wait and have a simultaneous launch world wide (if there was anything preventing them from doing so in the first place) other than their obsession with endless betas and region locks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw in an invite system for the first six-twelve months, too.

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Call me dudey, I like this.

  5. Tayh says:

    If you want people to get a bad first impression of your new feature, exclusive releases are a good way to do it.

  6. int says:

    What is with the ugly little obsession with seeing an ugly little face of an ugly little person playing an ugly little game. It really makes me feel like an ugly little being in an ugly little world, complaining like an ugly little churl.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      That’s because the ugly little children aren’t allowed since around ~’01 because ugly pedos and terrorists. Breaking the ugly concept of friendship. Instead they find one-way internet friends who play games and discuss them with their ugly screens and the ugly little kids pretend the ugly tuber on the screen is talking directly to his ugly little face.

      • int says:

        I feel ugly.

        • Press X to Gary Busey says:

          *the ugly little children aren’t allowed to go *outside to play…
          My ugly typing skills made me miss ugly words. :/

  7. edwardh says:

    Considering Google has been incapable of making Youtube videos cache properly for years now, I certainly hope people won’t use THIS piece of crap.
    With Youtube and all the content already on there, it’s too late to turn back. But with this, people at least have a chance of refusing to use it. Maybe a bit like Google+.

    • malkav11 says:

      One could wish people would refuse to use social media altogether, but if they must G+ is far and away the best designed, so it’s a pity it’s never gotten the sort of traction that, e.g., the abomination that is Facebook has. (Though, to be fair to Facebook, at least it’s not Myspace.).

      Also, Youtube has its issues (most notably the stupidity of their approach to copyright) but as far as I can tell it’s currently the best overall video hosting service, certainly for the purposes of Let’s Play videos, since its limitations (speed, video quality, mandatory video length limits, etc) have mostly been addressed over the years and services like Viddler and have disappeared up their own rectums. (Also there’s more extension support for things like blocking horribly spammy video ads and the godawful comment section.)

      “Youtube Gaming”, on the other hand, seems both unnecessary and kind of dimly implemented. But we’ll see. Things may improve over time.

  8. Blad the impaler says:

    Finally! The joy of watching someone else play your favourite games paired with the rank acidity of YouTube’s infamous peanut gallery. Should be fun.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      In some ways, Twitch chat is even worse. That’s just what you get with the unmoderated internet; the loudest and stupidest quickly create a toxic environment that nobody else wants to enter.

      • Blad the impaler says:

        In some ways, sure. But not in more ways than YouTube comment sections. IMHO it is literally the most vile aspect of the Internet.

        But, I suppose, at the end of the day, it will attract many of the same people you see on Twitch.

        • jrodman says:

          I think it’s worse than that. Google seems genetically incapable of solving problems with humans. They believe that algorithms are the only valid way to attack problems. For this reason I don’t believe they will ever be able to reduce the toxicity of their commons.

  9. MrNash says:

    Still don’t much care for live streams outside of watching a bit of LCS, but nice to see more competition entering the market. =)

  10. airmikee says:

    I think I watched maybe a total of three hours of streaming games when Steam launched their service. I haven’t really been back to visit it since then, mostly because I’ve been playing video games instead of watching other people play video games. It’s an important distinction, and one that gets too easily lost in the intertubez these days, but one that has led me to great happiness and self satisfaction.

    With as much money as google makes these days, I’m surprised they didn’t just buyout Twitch. Their innovation lately hasn’t been anything more than, “Let’s just do what everyone else is doing.”

    • malkav11 says:

      That’s because someone else got there first. Amazon, IIRC.

  11. Catweasel says:

    ContentID is gonna make this a mess, I think. It’s bad enough already, and I can see it being just as overzealous with games.

  12. SaintAn says:

    Hopefully the rivalry will force both to improve and do better by their users.

  13. Jalan says:

    Seems like something Google might be shutting down 3 years from now but interesting all the same.

  14. Radiant says:

    This needs irc style chat thats not tied into youtube comments like twitch has.
    These ascii hitlers arent going to post themselves.

    Also when twitch and youtube eventually switch these things off a lot of kids got to go back to school.

  15. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Hmmm, as long as the app doesn’t cause any performance issues, like Xsplit, I may give it a try. Otherwise ill stick with OBS and Twitch.