Best Steam Summer Sale Deals: Day 4

As the chaos spreads throughout Steamville, wallets and bank vaults spread upon and fed upon by the roving packs of deals, the floating Seattle shudders as it rotates to face a new threat. A colossal rumbling fills the air as over the horizon rises a geometric shape of horrifying, ridiculous proportions. Three prongs jut out from the surface of an oblong, miles wide and covered in blue and red markings in a sickening combination. The Third Epact has arrived.

What are the best Steam Summer Sale deals? Each day for the duration of the sale, we’ll be offering our picks – based on price, what we like, and what we think more people should play. Read on for the five best deals from day 4 of the sale.

You know the score by now: timed deals only unless you’re on the deliberate wallet-emptying manoeuvre. More excitingly: E3 starts today! Whether you’re on the stay-up-til 4 plan like yours truly or the idea of corporate processed hype leaves you cold (or both), chances are the timing of conferences and announcements will have some effect on what’s on deal and when. Sequels to Dishonored, Doom, Watch_Dogs and many others are expected and may or may not have associated discounts for their previous iterations.

GOG’s sale is also ongoing, including some pretty cheap bundles of more than four games, if you’re just looking for a chunk of stuff to play. Currently there’s a bunch of adventure games and some weird Interplay games up for grabs. GOG’s also running a spend more, get more promotion that unlocks games ‘for free’ as you buy. Sim City 2000, STALKER: Clear Sky and Xenonauts are the three and all come highly recommended.

And now, Deals 2 – Hell On Steam:

5. Grim Fandango Remastered

50% off: $7.49 / £5.49 / €7.49, Store page

HD remake of one of the best adventure games ever made. The tale of Manny Calevera and his four year journey through the land of the dead is in fact authoritatively exactly the fifth best adventure of all time. If you disagree we’ll set John on you with a copy of Myst. Wonderful art and writing combine with, well, just alright puzzles and incredible world building in one of classic Lucas’ best works. The HD edition makes sure it runs at a reasonable resolution and on your modern hardware. Alec gave musings on release in January.

4. Transistor

75% off: $4.99 / £3.74 / €4.74, Store page

Follow up to Bastion, though unrelated plotwise, Transistor is so very rare in having both an in-depth, interesting and highly customisable combat system coupled with some of the best art ever seen in games. The cyber-world it builds is odd but colourful in the extreme and sets the scene for an intriguing story of conspiracy and computer viruses. The music is another home run too. Dearly departed Nathan gave full account of all its best bits in his review.

3. Far Cry 4

50% off: $29.99 / £22.49 / €29.99, Store page

Ubisoft’s latest ubi-game of tower climbing, animal skinning, world exploring, jeep-driving adventure in mountainous (and imaginary) Kyrat. For another tenner/equivelents you can also grab the franchise pack which contains the previous three games in the series and spin-off Blood Dragon. They’ve all been similar but each has its fervent supports to decry the rest. Graham and John were both fans, calling it the best(est best) co-op of last year, John giving it a three-part diary and one-part video on all the ways to muck about in it. Graham also reviewed it.

2. Endless Legend

50% off: $17.49 / £13.49 / €14.99, Store page

The hottest kids on the PC block right now are Amplitude with their interconnected universe of RPGs and strategies, and Endless Legend is their best game. A civ-like with new ideas lavished on it like it’s never known human kindness. An incredibly weird set of unique races with their own goals, tactics and abilities set out to conquer the sci-fantasy world by trade, war and diplomacy. It was our game of the year 2015 and naturally its best 4X. Adam would dare to go so far to say it is the eighth best strategy game of all time. He’s sadly mad, you see.

1. Alien: Isolation

75% off: $12.49 / £7.99 / €12.49, Store page

The highly anticipated horror game based on the long-running and variable franchise was a storming success. Hunted by the titular beast you play Amanda Ripley as she attempts escape of the space station she’s foolishly ended up on. It’s pure terror and we were so scared we gave it the title of best horror game of 2015. We just didn’t want it to eat us, but Adam and co also thing it is that good, as he spoke to in his original review and follow-up focusing on the alien itself. While we haven’t taken the time for best horror games yet, Alec was impressed enough to name it 20th on his FPS list.

No specific recommendations from the comments yesterday, but it was correctly pointed out that both Little Inferno and Gods Will Be Watching are in the price-of-a-coffee range and interesting enough to be worth playing, even if they turn out not to be specifically to your taste. The former is about burning all your toys while the latter is a very odd survival/adventure combo.

Short detour today, through this:


Top comments

  1. malkav11 says:

    Although it's not a huge discount, Invisible Inc is reputedly very good and it's one of the flash sales (from the previous set, so get a move on). That set of deals also includes 70% off Super Time Force Ultra, 60% off Road Redemption (Early Access, but looks great and is purportedly in the polishing stage rather than the "half-done" stage), 75% off Apotheon, and 75% off the Platinum-made Legend of Korra game (which I had heard was meh, but Steam reviews seem pleased with). Also 80% off Blackguards 2, which I could swear just came out a month or two ago, though it doesn't seem clear that it's any good and such a drastic discount this early might indicate it isn't?

    Finally, the current set of Flash Deals includes Bully for $3. Bully is a strong contender for being the best Rockstar game ever made (some might say Red Dead Redemption or GTA V, but I haven't played nearly enough of those to say for sure if I would agree) and remains the only one I've ever finished. So that's a pretty darn good value.
  1. VLTIONIS says:

    The Warhammer flash sale is bollocks. Most of it is still general sale price!

    • shadybearfaced says:

      Also Warhammer Armageddon is still inexplicably $40.

      I’m guessing Slitherine basically forgot about that game at this point, but I still haven’t :(

      • PhilBowles says:

        Despite the title, the ‘Warhammer Franchise Sale’ seems to be restricted to Relic games.

    • KDR_11k says:

      The prices can lag a bit, sometimes it takes a while before the flash/daily price is applied.

    • malkav11 says:

      It’s not a Warhammer flash sale at all – it’s a Warhammer 40K sale. There’s not a single fantasy one in the bunch. And it’s not a franchise sale, it’s a Relic 40K sale with Kill Team randomly appended for some reason.

      I’d be interested in discounts on Armageddon and DLC, or a better discount on Warhammer Quest & DLC (because I’d rather play it on PC but I’m not paying frigging $15, much less $30, for the complete version of a fairly shallow game I already bought on iOS). Or hell, maybe even Mordheim, although it’s in early access and RPS articles about it haven’t exactly been promising. But I’ve already long since owned all those Relic 40K games, and Kill Team looks pretty bad.

      • VLTIONIS says:

        I guess one could hope that the IP goes on a daily sale, but it seems unlikely at this point.

        I want the 3 expansions for DoW1, though inexplicably Winter Assault is 66% off while the other two remain at a baffling 50% discount

      • qrter says:

        Supposedly Slitherine have stated that they won’t be doing any sales (summer or otherwise) on Armageddon until at least a year after release.

        It’s a pity, I am interested in that game, but the price is a bit steep. I’m guessing that even if they did a very modest reduction, like 10 or 15%, they’d end up selling quite a few copies.

        • malkav11 says:

          As long as they plan on doing them eventually, and to a meaningful degree, that’s fair enough. I can wait for a price I’m willing to pay. Especially with my thousands of other games.

          • mark.barbara says:

            After one too many beers I ended up picking it up at full price with the DLC (Don’t drink and steam children!)…. and …. it was one of my better drunken purchases. The patches sorted out quite a few of the initial issues and now it is actually really fun and pretty challenging. By all means, wait for a discount and get it then, but if you are a fan of the IP in general, it is a really good addition to your library. There is also easily 40- 80 hours of play if you want to run through things on 2 levels of difficulty (once to get used to the game and do some stomping, and another to give yourself a really punishing time.

  2. snowgim says:

    Darn, I already own all of those. except Endless Dungeon.

    Nice to see the usually overpriced Call of Duty series getting into the Daily Sale spirit and dropping more than 50% off… to 51% off.

    • snowgim says:

      *Endless Legend.
      Freudian slip… I think I’m more interested in Dungeon of the Endless.

    • malkav11 says:

      And still being overpriced, because of course none of them are going for less than $40 list price, even the ones four or five games back in the franchise.

      • Det. Bullock says:

        To be fair: all the WWII ones are bundled toghether for about 20 Euros, which is shockingly low for Activision (a fiver for each game/expansion), a pity I’ve not enough money in my pre-paid card and I’m on a budget a bit too tight at the moment.
        Well, at least I have RTCW for my nazi-killing fix for now, though I almost forgot how I hated those effing zombies and I still have to get to the ubersoldats.

  3. Stupoider says:

    If you have any love for 4x, get Endless Legend.
    If you have any love for awesome fantasy settings, get Endless Legend.

    • malkav11 says:

      I love both of those things. I’m finding Endless Legend pretty opaque, to be honest. I want to love it but it’s just not doing much for me.

      Dungeon of the Endless, on the other hand, is fantastic.

      • PhilBowles says:

        Endless Legend has been heavily overhyped to get another strategy game studio’s name out there – yes, it’s a pretty strong game for what’s more or less a first effort (Endless Space being a mediocre clone of many games that went before; whatever else you can say about EL, it does try to be original), but such things as ranking it as one of the top strategy games ever are absurd. Its combat system is crude and tedious, it’s overly-focused on combat and unit stat upgrades over more balanced strategic play, and its tech system is pretty basic. Looking at the expansion, that seems to be all about new item drops to customise units, and unique military units – nothing to change any of this core gameplay.

    • aircool says:

      I enjoyed both Endless Space and Endless Legend. I would have like Dungeon Of The Endless as well, but I couldn’t work out what was going on due to the crappy graphics.

  4. Philomelle says:

    “Purchases made in this region will only receive the Russian language.”

    Ubisoft, darlings, just because I’m Russian, doesn’t mean I want to play everything in Russian. You’ve been doing this nonsense since Watch_Dogs (but only for your AAA games somehow, not little gems like Grow Home and Chronicles: China) and all it does is making me either not buy your games, or engage in bizarre trading rituals where friends gift me your games on Steam, then I gift them games on Humble in order to circumvent the dumb new gifting policies.

    /grumble grumble

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      While this is all ridiculous, I’d assume there was some sort of fan-made English patch/hack you could apply? Might be a bit dodgy, but worth googling for.

      Unless you have and there isn’t, in which case oh dear.

      • Philomelle says:

        Unfortunately, there isn’t. There are English hacks for EA games (yes, I had to hack Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Mass Effect 3, Inquisition and all the other recent EA games just to experience them in English), but people so far only found out how to change subtitle and menu languages in Ubisoft games. Voice acting will still be in Russian, which isn’t exactly inspiring due to Russian VAs’ incompetence.

        At least in Ubisoft’s case, I can still obtain the English version by trading with a friend from an English-speaking region. EA’s Origin client forces the IP address’s region upon the game’s activation regardless of where the key comes from, so I’ve been forced to language-hack all their recent games.

        • malkav11 says:

          Would it work to use a proxy to pretend to be in the US (or Britain or wherever) when you activate it?

    • LionsPhil says:

      I assume their idea is to thwart non-Russian people trying to get cheap Russian copies through proxies, gifting or other such shenanigans by cursing them with foreign languages.

      Enforcing regional pricing is, of course, far more important than giving a good experience to legitimate paying customers.

      • Philomelle says:

        The stupid thing is that my work provides me with enough income to afford western prices, so I would be absolutely okay with buying the game at English region pricing in exchange for receiving English language. But apparently my willingness to give Ubisoft money in exchange for video games I want to play is less important than their efforts to combat key re-sellers.

        And then they’re surprised why people who do play their games, exhibit barely any goodwill in their general direction.

  5. Suits says:

    Good deal on the How To Survive flash sale

  6. fish99 says:

    I really enjoyed FC4, and found it a lot more consistent experience that the sometimes great, sometimes dreadful FC3, but …. £22 isn’t much of a deal TBH.

    I’m tempted by H1Z1 today. The BR especially looks like a ton of fun, and I’m guessing they’ll leave it in early access for a long time yet since it’s selling well and eventually destined to be free-to-play.

  7. caff says:

    My two top picks would be Left 4 Dead 2, followed by Alien Isolation.

    There is also Aliens: Colonial Marines at 75% off BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. funkmesideways says:

    Picked up original COD as playing through MoH:AA purchased for £1.29 from GOG summer sale has had me craving for more pre health-regen FPS

  9. montorsi says:

    I always meant to play Grim Fandango way back when, and seeing as how it’s the only of the five I don’t have on Steam…. maybe I should get on that.

  10. malkav11 says:

    Although it’s not a huge discount, Invisible Inc is reputedly very good and it’s one of the flash sales (from the previous set, so get a move on). That set of deals also includes 70% off Super Time Force Ultra, 60% off Road Redemption (Early Access, but looks great and is purportedly in the polishing stage rather than the “half-done” stage), 75% off Apotheon, and 75% off the Platinum-made Legend of Korra game (which I had heard was meh, but Steam reviews seem pleased with). Also 80% off Blackguards 2, which I could swear just came out a month or two ago, though it doesn’t seem clear that it’s any good and such a drastic discount this early might indicate it isn’t?

    Finally, the current set of Flash Deals includes Bully for $3. Bully is a strong contender for being the best Rockstar game ever made (some might say Red Dead Redemption or GTA V, but I haven’t played nearly enough of those to say for sure if I would agree) and remains the only one I’ve ever finished. So that’s a pretty darn good value.

    • Tacroy says:

      From what I understand, Legend of Korra is considered “meh” because it’s meh for a Platinum game, not because it’s a meh game on its own.

      I watched TotalBiscuit’s WTF is of it, and I thought the gameplay looked fairly interesting even while he was saying it’s not as good as anything he’d expect from Platinum.

      I guess I’ll see for myself now that it’s on sale.

      • malkav11 says:

        It seems like a great price. I’m skipping it because I don’t have the technical proficiency to really enjoy Platinum’s gameplay strengths and I’m a long way off from getting around to watching Korra (I haven’t even finished Avatar yet), but I’m sure it’ll be discounted again after I do.

    • Crafty_Banana says:

      For what it’s worth, I picked up Blackguards 2 having not played the previous game, and have been pleasantly surprised by the hour or two I’ve spent with it. It’s enjoyably written, and battles have been fun. My biggest complaint has been that there are so many character options, and no easy way to tell what’s important, so it’s hard not to feel like I’m building a horribly sub-optimal character I’m going to have to scrap half way through the game.

  11. Carra says:

    Finished Alien: Isolation today and it’s excellent. It really feels like a successor to the original Alien. Go get it now if you love Alien (and who doesn’t?).

  12. Distec says:

    I really would not mind getting some of the older Call of Duty games, pre-Modern Warfare. But I see that series still refuses to move into an acceptable price range. The first game for 10 bucks, made in 2003? Come on.

    Still, good purchases elsewhere. Wolfenstein TNO, Invisible Inc, Black Mesa, the Metro games, and a few others have made this worthwhile so far. Plus an assortment of smaller titles in the $1-3 range. How could one not like Turbo Dismount, for example?

    Arguably some of these could be found for a better price elsewhere, although I don’t mind paying a few bucks more for some of these. As far as one stop shopping goes, can’t complain. The community unlocks seem pretty garbage in general though.

  13. Scrofa says:

    Finally Transistor sale, I’ve been looking forward to buy this game for some time now. A shame that it wasn’t on GOG sale.

  14. airmikee says:

    $22.19 for Civ:BE and Starships bundled together? Color me interested.

  15. melnificent says:

    On sale but NOT on the front page there are some great deals. Part nostalgia and part indie but intriguing make up my little list of must-haves for under £1

    Toki Tori for 34p.
    Speedball 2 HD 69p.
    Uplink 89p
    McPixel 59p
    Defcon 89p
    VVVVVV 99p
    Overlord 87p

  16. aircool says:

    Does the Far Cry franchise still use UPlay?

    • Ejia says:

      Yes, which is why I’m staying away. Fool me once, Ubisoft.

      I still have my physical copy of the first Far Cry, all four (or was it five) CDs. Ahh, a simpler time.

    • Kreeth says:

      I was wondering this – I got a free Far Cry 4 key when I put my machine together just before Christmas, but I’d rather not redeem it than have to use Uplay. Shame.

      Oh well, it’s not as if I don’t have enough of a backlog to get through anyway.

      • fish99 says:

        I don’t really get the hate for UPlay. I mean it launches when I click it and it fires up the game when I tell it to. It doesn’t really need to do anything else.

  17. mgardner says:

    You can pick up Blackguards 2 for -75%, which is $8.74. OR you can pick up the Blackguards Franchise Pack for -85%, which is $8.24. The Franchise Pack includes Blackguards Deluxe Edition, Blackguards Untold Legends, and Blackguards 2. Whaaa?

    • malkav11 says:

      I guess they’ll pay you 50 cents to take the first one off their hands?

  18. Frank says:

    Survivalist is an excellent game, down from $5 to $3 for the next 14 hrs