Bethesda’s BattleCry Beta Beginning… Autumn

Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference kicked off the event with a strong showing, but despite Doom and Fallout flavoured highs, it wasn’t without its lulls. Namely, BattleCry [official site]. Which, from the looks of the E3 trailer (found below), seems about as generic and uninspiring as its name suggests.

The trailer serves to introduce the Han Republic, a new faction for the free-to-play class-based multiplayer shooter, who are decked out in lurid green coats and Eastern stereotypes. If there’s something here that tickles your fancy, you can sign up for the global beta which is taking place this autumn. Doing so before June 18th will give you “priority access” and an exclusive in-game item. Details on what that actually means will be coming at a later date.

It’s the first game from Bethesda’s BattleCry Studios.

BattleCry’s art style actually looks pretty good in still images (art direction is by Half-Life 2 and Dishonored chap Viktor Antonov), but there’s something about this game in motion that I find seriously jarring. Maybe it’s the pause-on-hit or the flashy cutty whizz bang effects, or the way everything feels weightless. Whatever it is, I am seriously jarred. Your mileage may vary, however, so have a look for yourselves at the trailer below.


  1. Dilapinated says:

    I can really see what you mean there. :/ As much as I want to like this, it looks.. Lifeless and uninspired, which spells doom in an already bloated genre.

  2. ggggggggggg says:

    that trailer was pretty bad but I found this earlier gameplay footage much more engaging link to

  3. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Ooo that must have been painful.

    The email goes around from Bethesda Head Office, everyone’s to send a team with their latest footage for E3 presentations.

    Battlecry studio’s pitches up, there’s a giant glass office with a huge screen. They sit outside while the Fallout presentation is in full swing, “You can build your own towns in Fallout now, that’s awesome”. Lots of clapping, shaking of hands, smiley faces exit.

    Next up, Doom. Giblets! BLOOD! EXPLOSIONS!! REALLY GOOD SHOTGUNNY SHOTGUNS! Lots of clapping, shaking of hands, smiley faces exit.

    Ok folks, your turn next, come on in and show us what you’ve got.


    • jasta85 says:

      least they didn’t show this after fallout, that would have been just saying that the game was dead on arrival

  4. Allenomura says:

    This video left me completely cold. They want people to test this? The unit designs seem interesting enough, but the game not one bit I just finished talking about my reaction to the conference last night, and I felt I’d touched on all things – and, I’d completely forgotten this Battlecry. Maybe the trailer just doesn’t do well enough at presenting the game beyond its set pieces.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I dont think its just the trailer. Those combat animations are…bad. I was never going to be interested in yet another online only, team based game. But with those animations and sound effects I wouldnt touch this even if it were a single player game.

  5. tangoliber says:

    I like the art style, and the jarriness (I’ll call it snappiness) of it. Sort of makes me think of Godhand, even though I haven’t seen that game in action in many years.

  6. yhancik says:

    Did they steal that title from Crytek?

  7. BigBlackAmericanMan says:

    It a world of call of duties, zombies, and toiken inspired fantasy games, you think something with samurais is generic? Give me whatever you’re smoking.

    • anHorse says:

      It’s the exact sword based class we’ve already seen in several other team based shooters, tf2 has one, Dirty Bomb had one in closed beta who will be released properly soon

      There’s no original idea there

    • noobule says:

      There’s a lot more to be boring and uninspired than what tropes your content utilises. We’ve seen time and time again you can take well-worn tropes/genres/whatever and use them in interesting ways. And by the same token, you can have a fresh concept and still be really uninteresting.

      Compare what TF2 did to FPS deathmatch that Brink didn’t, for example.

      What Company of Heroes did with both traditional RTS AND the WW2 theme.

      Look at all the pomp and great theming Bioshock had and it still really fell short of System Shock 2

  8. somnolentsurfer says:

    Oh, that’s sad. Antonov’s art was one of the main things that made Half Life 2 and Dishonored so great.

  9. Lytinwheedle says:

    Just because Bethesda is doing well doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes get the urge to publish another lemon like Rogue Warrior. Maybe the CEO’s kid sometimes gets to chose a game to publish.

    • roothorick says:

      Bethesda (and 2K, for that matter) set themselves apart from other superpubs by regularly taking chances on risky games. This approach has gained them some spectacular new IPs (hello, Dishonored?) but they have to eat the costs on some turds from time to time. A small price to pay — think about their reputation, compared to EA, Activision, Ubisoft et al.

      BattleCry (and to a lesser extent the new Doom — let’s face it, it’s built around what you could argue to be very dated game mechanics) are the risks they’re taking this time around.