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Carded: The Elder Scrolls: Legends Is A F2P CCG

With the announcement of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, an upcoming free-to-play strategy card game set in the Elder Scrolls universe, Bethesda’s quest to become Blizzard continues in earnest. They clearly want a piece of that Hearthstone pie. At this rate we’ll see Bethesda announce a MOBA, perhaps named Heroes Of The Scrolls, at E3 next year.

Details of The Elder Scrolls: Legends are thin on the ground, but there is an ostentatious announcement trailer with zero gameplay, if that’s your thing. It shows a series of characters straight off a set of Magic: The Gathering cards, each with an obvious elemental attributes. Death, fire, water, magic, etc. Your standard CCG card types.

It’s not clear how long the game’s been on the cards, but it might explain more of Bethesda’s scrap with Mojang over the CCG name Scrolls.

Whether Bethesda can replicate Hearthstone’s success with The Elder Scrolls’ more po-faced, high fantasy texture will be interesting to see. It hasn’t worked out too well for The Elder Scrolls Online, so far, but with a free to play model and a well designed card game, you never know. The latter being the most important part, and currently the most nebulous. Legends will be out on PC and iPad “later this year”.

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