When To Watch The Big E3 Press Event Streams

Sleep is for the weak and the uninformed and the sensible. Which is why I’ll be up until the stupid hours of the morning watching the E3 festivities play out like a parade of dreams (or a collection of marketing hoo-hah and 30sec reveal trailers, depending on your outlook). It all kicks off today, and you can see all of the big press conferences streaming over on Twitch or YouTube at the following times:

Microsoft: Monday 5:30pm BST

EA: Monday 9pm BST

Ubisoft: Monday 11pm BST

Square Enix: Tuesday 6pm BST

PC Gaming Show: Wednesday 1am BST

All of these press conferences are likely to contain PC-related news, but if you’re also interested in consoles, don’t miss the following:

Sony: Tuesday 2am BST

Nintendo: Tuesday 5pm BST

Expect to see a big emphasis on VR; Microsoft’s Phil Spencer had a cameo appearance on Oculus’ press conference stage last week, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the favour reciprocated.

EA will be showing us first footage of Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, plus maybe a reveal of the new Mass Effect game. Meanwhile, Ubisoft will be trying to persuade us that Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate isn’t just a dolled up version of Unity (I hope they succeed) and Square Enix will be pushing the imminent Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Heavensward. Then on Wednesday AMD and PC Gamer are hosting a PC love-in, during which we’re promised a few game reveals.

We’ll surely see a surprise or two too. Prepare a pot of coffee or two, this is going to be a fun week. Our roving reporter Pip is on the ground in LA as well.


  1. Sam says:

    I recommend YouTube for watching live. It was happy to stream Bethesda’s event at 1080p 60fps with no unsightly buffering, although there doesn’t seem to be a fullscreen option. Google are very good at servers. By far the best streaming experience I’ve seen compared to past events.

    • commentingaccount says:

      I’ve never had good luck with Youtube’s streams and E3… Try Twitch if it doesn’t work for you, folks.

  2. Kollega says:

    For everyone interested in open-world shooters that are not afraid to be fun and over-the-top: the Square Enix stream will contain the first unedited gameplay footage of Just Cause 3. I’ll definitely be watching that to see if my expectations for the game are reasonable or not, even though in my middle of nowhere, that part of the stream will start about 0:30 AM.

    • Kollega says:

      Also, only remembered that when I hit the “post” button: Roland Lesterlin will be taking suggestions for what to do in the game via Twitter and Twitch chat. So if you ever wanted to have a hand in a developer’s playthrough of getting in and out of ultra-sticky situation, this chance is as good as any.

      • Kollega says:

        * ultra-sticky situations, dammit. Like I wanted to say before I hit the “post” button too soon again: BREENG MIR ZE EDIT FUNKSCHEN!

  3. jrodman says:

    Am I particularly strange for not comprehending why you would want to watch them?

    • clippa says:

      Hehe, no, not at all.
      The novelty of seeing suit fillers awkwardly auditioning for a presenting job they never wanted wears off very quickly.
      I was a member of some godawful forum a few years ago where everyone was wetting their knickers for e3 so I stayed up and watched some streams to see what all the fuss was about. Total and utter waste of time.

      This is a good site that rounds up all the trailers so you can cherry pick the ones that grab you and scroll through all the guff until you get to the 5 second snippets of gameplay.

      link to e3recap.com

      Click “filters” at the top right and choose PC if that’s all you’re interested in.

  4. DanMan says:

    How is this in relation to GMT?