Tanks, Memories, Etc: Rebellion Bring Back Battlezone

I didn’t know Sniper Elite devs and 2000AD owners Rebellion had the Battlezone [official site] rights these days – seems it’s passed through more hands than a brown envelope at FIFA HQ. Anyway, the olden tank battles game is coming back, back, back for the umpteenth time, now as a VR-focused game based on the original 80s Atari game rather than on Activision’s 90s FPS/RTS mash-up. “The father of VR gaming has returned,” they say. Sadly I can’t see it in gogglevision from the discomfort of this slowly-collapsing Ikea chair, but the trailer tries to give us some sense of what fractal spaceships launching themselves directly at your eyeballs might be like.

Quite like the look of that, though it might be exhaustingly intense in gogglevision. This uses the latest version Rebellion’s proprietary Asura engine, originally created for 2003’s tepid Dredd vs Death but still going strong for a gazillion Sniper Elite/Zombie Army games. It’s going for that whole Tron thing here, albeit with textures rather than darkspace.

No release date as yet, but it’s confirmed for PC. Whether it’ll support any VR headsets is as yet unspecified, which at a guess is because yer Valves and Oculuses are still being coy about details for now, but it is billed as “designed for the next wave of virtual reality devices.” PS4folk will be able to use their Laurence Fishburnes with it, however.

Oh look here’s a quote:

“When the original Battlezone came out in 1980 – long before we were developing games – Chris and I were among the many who made up its loyal arcade following,” said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley. “When we acquired the Battlezone rights two years ago we almost had to pinch ourselves! It really was a dream come true, so it’s our aim to deliver the same revolutionary thrill of the original for a whole new generation. We want to use VR to truly capture the imagination of today’s gamers, just as the original Battlezone captured ours.”

It’s being shown off at E3, so expect more footage and maybe VR wordfeels soon. More details on the official site.


  1. Kollega says:

    This is all well and good, Rebellion, but when are you going to give us the proper continuation of Evil Genius? Eh? Eh?

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Yet another Battlezone remake and it’s not the one from 1998. What the fuck exactly?

    • hollowroom says:

      EXACTLY GODDAMMIT. The ONE reboot I’m actually interested in and it seems to have been forgotten.

    • Wertymk says:

      Yeah this has to be one of the stupidest ideas for a remake. “Hey let’s make a Battlezone game but not the one everyone wants, let’s base it on the atari game no one cares about!”

      • hollowroom says:

        One thing I thought when playing activisions Battlefield games was – this would be even better if the world was more populated / busy. With the tech now it would be class.

    • egattocs says:

      Bionite Origins appears to have some potential as a successor, though it has gone quiet on all fronts except Facebook for some reason: link to facebook.com

    • C0nt1nu1ty says:

      I second this grumping! Where is my 60s tinged RTS/FPS/Tank Sumulator?

    • Syra says:

      Yup WTF, and also WHY?!

      Heart skipped beat when I saw ‘Battlezone’ up there in the banner, pretty crestfallen now. The way the tank moves in strafe is slightly reminiscent of the later (better) game though.

  3. kipue says:

    Oooh that’s the game that did put my 3DFX to its paces…
    And no, it’s not the same at all, kind of sad

  4. KFee says:


  5. Colthor says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of TomyTronic’s 3D Sky Attack game.

  6. SomeDuder says:

    Damnit, don’t play with my heart, giving the article that kind of title! Noone cares about the weird Atari-version. I guess this will just be some kind of arena-shooter with a “ERMAGERD IT AM 3D” gimmick and thus be no fun after a week…

    Heck, I’d even be happy with a modernization of the 1998 Battlezone (And its sequel) a lá Gearbox did with Homeworld

  7. Cinek says:

    That’s a WRONG Battlezone to remake!

  8. EhexT says:

    Remake Battlezone. Check.
    Remake the wrong Battlezone. Check.

  9. Syra says:

    I approve of the RPS community deeply with all the above comments being exactly how I feel

  10. communisthamster says:

    Looks alright, I recognise some 3d-boids there, but the original battlezone is well overdue for a physicsy remake, the perpetually-stalling Bionite notwithstanding

  11. Simbosan says:

    It’s going to have to be pretty special to beat Tank Universal, another tron meets tank game. If you’ve not played it, it’s simply brilliant and cheap as chips

    • Madjack66 says:


      As the dev of TU1 it’s nice of you to say(!), though I’ll also be checking out this new BattleZone when it appears.

      BTW: TU2’s under development, KS preview page here if you want to get an idea of where it’s going
      link to kickstarter.com

  12. bill says:

    Geez Rebellion. Stop arsing around and make more Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper games!!!

  13. gio_gio613 says:

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