Fiiight! Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Mode Now Going Down


Would you mind terribly if I told you about a game that’s out and you can play now? I realise this is the week for announcement and so very many trailers for games you won’t get to play for at least four months but, look, I’ll give this a try and well see how it goes.

Hearthstone‘s [official site] new Tavern Brawl mode opened this afternoon. It’s a grab bag of modes run under different rules, with new rules each week. This first hands players pre-built decks.

The decks are themed around Ragnaros vs. Nefarian, themed around the characters and packing a fair few fancy rare cards. Nefarian is stronger early on, while Ragnaros has a better late-game. Which deck you play is decided as random, which does upset folks complaining that Nefarian’s deck is stronger.

Tavern Brawl has just opened up in Europe, is due in Americas real soon. The mode will be available for a few days every week, closing down and reopening between types of Brawl.

“One week might feature preset decks, while another week could have you crafting a brand new Tavern Brawl deck following specific guidelines, while others might offer buffs to specific minion types,” Blizzard say.

It’ll run according to this schedule:

Europe: open Wednesday 5pm CEST, close Monday 6am CEST.
Americas: open Wednesday 10am PDT, close Monday 3am PDT
Taiwan/China: open Thursday 3am CST, close Monday 6am CST
Korea: Open Thursday 4am KST, close Monday 7am KST

The first few weeks of Tavern Brawl will give people a free card pack for their first win.


  1. overthere says:

    Been playing Hearthstone again after many months off and either I’ve suffered a serious loss of skills or the game just seems to have moved on. I used to be able to bimble along in casual games win some lose some, good sofa fun. No it always seems to start off as normal and then some random legendary pops out and another and game over. Anyone else finding that, or have I just lost what little skill I had?

    • Cockie says:

      Well, are you playing casual or ranked? Casual is anything but casual. I’m F2P, and my winrate in ranked is about 50%, as I would expect. Also, the other player having a legendary doesn’t mean the game’s over. Keep some removal!

    • Carra says:

      Some of the best decks such as face hunter contain almost no legendaries. Pick a good cheap deck and watch some streamers play it.

      • Kitsunin says:

        My issue with current Hearthstone isn’t Pay2Win or anything of the sort, it’s just how even trying to play the game super casually (in ranked, so the matchmaking isn’t balls awful) you get rocked over and over and over trying to learn on your own. If you want to have fun you’ve at least got to start by generally copying someone else’s deck…but then, that isn’t really fun to me.

        • Kitsunin says:

          To put it more precisely, it’s not so much that the matchmaking doesn’t give you a fair odds of winning, it’s just frustrating that every time you lose you can go and see it’s because the other guy netdecked. A lot of the fun of CCGs is feeling out the card collection until you find what works, but when you can’t play against people who aren’t doing the same, the fun gets sucked right out. Of course even if you just wanted to play a bunch with friends in order to do just that, you can’t because you won’t get any gold.

          • fiftywalrus says:

            I completely agree. Early on i net decked quite a lot. Understanding the various strategies behind the major decks does have a lot of value, but it got VERY boring. The game became more about staying up to date with the top decks than trying to solve for various strategies. I stopped playing every day and now only play a few days per month to get the card backs.

            Also, I refuse to net deck any more. I make every deck I play without caring or considering the meta. While I used to hit Rank 7 regularly, now with playing less time and less competent decks I maybe see 16 if I’m on a roll…

            The game has lost a lot for me, but the Tavern Brawl and the Solo Adventures are great content. I just wish they would explain the Win counter on the Tavern Brawl screen. It feels out of place and almost as an afterthought in the UI design.

          • Carra says:

            Well, the alternative is playing arena: a random deck each time you play.

    • overthere says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try ranked see if that’s going to give better matchmaking.

      This is my bimble game so I’m not going to be diving into optimised decks etc just want to mess around in the noob pool.

      I don’t just fold on seeing a legendary, it just seemed to have a different feel than before, with the sheer number I’m seeing in peoples decks and the level of impact.

  2. Lizergamid says:

    Meta is changing very quickly, that’s why. New cards, new combinations, new decks.

    Learn something new, maybe try: link to

  3. Cockie says:

    I like they’re doing this, it’s a lot of fun. :)

  4. PhilBowles says:

    If this is typical, it seems an entirely pointless mode – playing against someone random given a deck that plays exactly the same way it does when the computer plays it in the single-player Blackrock challenge. The difference is that you don’t get to choose your deck, but are given one deliberately underpowered compared with the opposing deck (both are Blackrock end bosses, but yours is from an earlier wing) so have no control over the outcome of the game beyond the luck of the draw.

    Sadly, it just demonstrates how shallow and dependent on randomness Hearthstone is compared with its inspirations, such as Magic. There just isn’t enough room for different strategic choices to significantly affect the outcome of games for exercises like this to be anything more than Yahtzee in card form.

  5. Morcane says:

    I like it. It’s like the single player Adventures transferred to multiplayer. It does need more though, like deck building brawls (aka ‘Challengestone’). Also, 1 challenge per period isn’t really enough. If all of the brawls are like this (play a few games, figure out the deck, and that’s it), you play a few games, figure it out and it’s done.

    And I still think a tournament mode would be ace. You could just pop in a tourney whenever you want, sounds like fun.

  6. Mitch.sp says:

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