Planet Coaster: Frontier’s Theme Park Management Sim

Before Frontier Developments became famous for Elite again, they mostly made rollercoaster and zoo tycoon games like RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Kinectimals. They haven’t stopped making those, and at E3 have announced… something other than a PC release of Xbox exclusive murdercoaster sim Screamride. That’s what I would’ve liked to hear: that I’d soon be building coasters intended to thrill and/or murder every rider. Oh well!

Still, I’ll make do with what they actually announced. Planet Coaster [official site] is a rollercoaster-building theme park management sim (no, nothing to do with pubs [jokes]) coming in 2016.

And that’s about as much as I know. The blurb on its site says about the same:

“We’re giving you the best-ever design tools, crafting the most sophisticated management simulation, and bringing your parks to life with crowds you’ll love to thrill. Planet Coaster will give you total freedom to make your park unique, and a connected global village where you can share your creativity with the world.”

I imagine this is what became of Coaster Park Tycoon, aye?

I couldn’t tell you whether this trailer is in-engine or uses game assets or what:

Normally I wouldn’t mention pre-order stuff because pre-ordering is kinda guff, but I’ll point out Planet Coaster’s because Frontier have picked up a few weird tricks from Elite’s Kickstarter. £20 would get you a copy of the game and £50 gets you beta access too, which are pretty normal I suppose. Then there are loads of tiers of Kickstarter-y stuff which doesn’t even come with a copy of the game. For £25 you can have a t-shirt, festival band and special forum access, or for £40 you can design and name a group of visitors to appear in-game. £100 lets you become a member of park staff, and for £500 you can make a foundation stone that’ll appear at everyone’s park entrance. Maybe this is the world we live in now.


  1. AriochRN says:

    £500 for a foundation stone? Only if I could have the following text:

    Elite Dangerous Offline Mode
    “Cheers for the money!”
    RIP 2012-2014

    oh, the bitterness, it never fades…

    • Cinek says:

      :D Sounds like a brilliant idea!

    • oyog says:

      Quick, start a Kickstarter!

      • AriochRN says:

        …and if it was successful, I could wait until a few weeks before the game was due to release…

        …then change the text to “Braben Rulez, Elite Online FTW!”

        Sick burn, or whatever the young folk say.

  2. Zankman says:

    Well, the trailer looks nice and cheerful!

  3. sonofsanta says:

    As someone who dearly wishes RCT3 had been less of a buggy mess so it could have been played without The Fear*, I am happy about this. Theme park management games are an itch never fully scratched for me.

    *of CTD, obv.

  4. cpy says:

    And for 9.99 you can cry about never finished game, because that’s apparently the thing today.

  5. BTAxis says:

    I wonder if the park guests will actually feel like going on any of the rides in this game.

  6. Zaxwerks says:

    I really enjoyed RCT3, it’ll be interesting how this differentiates itself from Rollercoaster Tycoon World. The two phrases on their website that are slightly “concerning” are:

    When talking about creating you own character You will always attend your own parks. Your attendance in other parks will vary.


    ” and connecting you to a global village where the world can share your creativity.”

    As long as it doesn’t pull an “elite” and is online only it’ll buy it, but I’m probably not going to preorder.

    • frightlever says:

      It’ll be online only. Why would it not be? They got away with it once, why stop now?

  7. anHorse says:

    I don’t care about Elite being online only but it would be nice for it to get some actual content before they release new games.

    It still resembles a proof of concept alpha

    • Cinek says:

      Online-only concept of a concept.

    • Synesthesia says:

      It’s amazing how hard they dropped the ball. The engine is utterly fantastic, but they can’t design a single good mission to save their life.

      • FriendlyFire says:

        Just like they largely didn’t want to design the universe, they don’t actually want to design missions. They want to procedurally generate them, so they can just sit back and watch. Unfortunately, we don’t have algorithms for making good stories.

  8. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    While this certainly seems more high-budget, so far I’m much more interested in Parkitect!

  9. Skabooga says:

    That header image is strikingly reminiscent of Cedar Point’s Corkscrew: link to

    So, at least whoever is making the game is a roller coaster enthusiast.