Crouch-Run Through The Jungle: Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

We’re still combing through the assorted reveals from last night’s PC Gaming Show By PC Gamers For PC Gamers Master Race Master Race No Normals Allowed Alright, but one immediate attention-grabber is the follow up to brutalist WW2 multiplayer shooter Rising Storm (née Red Orchestra). It’s left me all nostalgic – not because the trailer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [official site] has a Creedence soundtrack and a style lifted from the only bits dudebros remember from Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon et al, but because this used to be how it went before Modern Warfare was a twinkle in an executive’s eye. There’d be a popular World War 2 shooter, and then once its devs got the itch for something a bit less fusty, they’d excitedly go do Vietnam next.

No release date and few concrete details as yet, but here’s some blurb from Tripwire boss John Gibson: “We’re bringing our gritty and realistic military shooter gameplay forward to a time when assault rifles ruled the ground, choppers ruled the skies, and every tunnel could hide an ambush,” said Tripwire Interactive President, John Gibson, “The iconic setting of Vietnam opens up so many opportunities for exciting asymmetrical gameplay.” And here’s the all important trailer:

Ah, good memories of blasting Fortune Son while playing Battlefield Vietnam with erstwhile Future Publishing colleagues back in the day.

Movie tropes or no, this is surely an ambitious project for Tripwire and co-dev Anti-Matter games. The move to some relatively modern war machines is a big leap for a series that chases lo-fi realism, plus Vietnam involved profoundly asymmetrical armies and a dramatically more tricksy environment. The big question, of course, is if they’re going to let you have in-game radio when you’re in a helicopter. Surely they wouldn’t license Run Through The Jungle for a mere trailer?

I also wonder if, given the trailer’s populist approach, Rising Storm 2 might allow itself to be just a tiny bit more accessible this time around. How would you feel about that, eh?


  1. turth says:

    Oh look another Vietnam game that’s about America vs North Vietnam instead of anything else (the French-Indochina War, AVRN, the ANZACS, and South Korea).


    • Wowbagger says:

      Or America VS the Vietcong really. I agree though, dien bien phu would make an exciting FPS map.

  2. Dorga says:

    More accessible? I sincerly hope it isn’t! Plenty of accessible shooters out there. Less buggy, that would be nice.
    Super stoked btw, I’ll get this as soon as it’s out, and then it will freeze mid match all the time, erasing my progress, but I will still play tens of hours because it’s just that good.

    • SlimShanks says:

      I think that accessibility is great in Red Orchestra/Rising Storm. The fact they have an arcade mode is a step above what I would expect of them. And yes, less bugs. Please lord answer my prayers and let my bipod not glitch out all the damn time…

      • Catweasel says:

        I feel like having such drastically different modes really splits up the playerbase of an already fairly niche title though. It certainly felt like it did with regular RO2.

        • wengart says:

          The 3 different game modes hardly split the community up. During free weekends you see a pretty even split between Classic, Realism, and Action. Although Classic has slightly fewer servers up.

          During the normal day to day you have most everyone playing Realism, no Action servers (at least nothing popular enough to maintain more than a handful of players), and I think there is one Classic server that runs at pretty full population (ierno, I haven’t played classic in ages).

          As long as you want to play Realism you have plenty of server options.

  3. Scumbag says:

    “plus Vietnam involved profoundly asymmetrical armies and a dramatically more tricksy environment.”

    They kinda had that with the first Rising Storm with the Japanese vs the Americans. Bolt actions and quirky automatics vs lots of semi-autos, BARs and large capacity magazine automatics.

    • SlimShanks says:

      They also had that with Red Orchestra. The Germans and Russians were far from evenly matched, hence why the campaign favours germans since both sides get equal respawns. This new game could be a lot more asymmetrical though.

      • wengart says:

        The Soviets and Germans are pretty evenly matched. Germans have a slight advantaged in range firepower with a single STG per team, and the MP40 being a more stable firing platform than the Soviet SMGs.

        The Soviets on the other hand have unparalleled firepower up close with their SMGs and the SVT40 is hands down the best rifle in the game.

        • SlimShanks says:

          I find it interesting that you don’t mention LMG’s. The MG34 is incredible, and makes a big difference in a game. So does the standard rifle round of the germans, which does more damage and punches through almost anything. They get way better uniforms (in terms of visibility mostly, but also style), including a helmet which though it is thin does in fact protect somewhat from shrapnel and will stop a bullet at low speed. They can also throw grenades farther, which can be a huge advantage, although I think russian nades might do more damage, not really sure.
          In my 254 hours of play, I have found that these things make a moderate difference, and tripwire seems to know this seeing as the maps have the Russians with more tickets outside of campaign mode. I would say the Russians should get maybe an extra 10 percent tickets.

  4. klops says:

    There was also a RO2 Mod “In Country” which stopped being a mod-in-works and was going to be a game, not a mod. Then nothing has been heard from the devs in a long time and now Tripwire is announcing an official sequel for RS.

    Hopefully “you can prone there” easier than in RO2 during its first couple years.

  5. Curry the Great says:

    Those choppers fly terribly slow. And a bunch of the effects look pretty bad.

    The fun and feel of Red Orchestra 1 has not been equalled by RO2 or Rising Storm, I think. They went a weird way of trying to appeal to larger audience (probably wanted to release on consoles too because of the semi-working xbox controls, 1 button to do everything etc.), by having simpler controls and an incredibly dumb unlock system (unlocking fancy weapons in a supposed realistic shooter. This system was of course half-assed cause it pissed everyone off, but too much effort was spent on it to cancel it (it was bugged, I shot about 6 people with my k98 and it went to level 100, after the rollback that supposedly fixed everything). Then the tank part of the game is bad due to a focus on precises interiors that about 2 people care about for 5 seconds, a bad damage model that took hundreds of hours to research but in the end came up with a roll-the-dice-for-penetration system. 1 tank per month was promised, but impossible to deliver because dumb interiors and animations took too long to make.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, tanking is boring, unrealistic and buggy.

    I don’t have much faith in Tripwire anymore.

    • klops says:

      Graphics has never been the selling point with Red Orchestras.

      I do agree with the weird emphasis with tank interiors. Sure, it’s cool and all but apparently makes vehicle making intensively laborous. Also the developer-made maps were so small that there were usually a couple of “tracks” that the tanks could proceed on in the maps. Eventually the situation got better but their official vehicle policy certainly wasn’t very successful.

      Then again, I’ve +200 hours played so they did many, many things right as well.

      • Curry the Great says:

        Yeah I’m highlighting the negative points, but it really irked me they never really expanded on Red Orchestra 1 and what made it so fun. I have like a thousand hours on RO2 and Rising Storm, but I as a realism-oriented shooter the priorities were always wrong and never adjusted for the better. My money is on Squad now. This game? Meh. Vietnam is fun. But I bet it’ll be really limited, the helicopters only on-rails, the squad system as bad as it always is, no local voip like every shooter should have by now, small maps, on-rails stuff. The only realism will be no crosshairs and that you die pretty quickly.

        • Vin_Howard says:

          I don’t see why you would think the helicopters will be “on-rails.” I think you’re being cynical for cynical’s sake at this point.

          Also, RO2 is my favorite shooter, a middle ground between super stupid Battlefield and bash-your-face-against-the-keyboard Arma.

          But then again, I hate realism games; all they end up as in the end are incredibly unintuitive games. What I like, on the other hand, are highly tactical games. For example, BF2: Project Reality is an incredibly gamey and unrealistic game; but it is also a highly tactical game, and I love it as a result.

  6. Midnight on the Firing Line says:

    This is nothing to do with In Country Vietnam a mod for RO2 that went as a stand alone game on UE4, this is by the Rising Storm 2 team.

    The In Country Vietnam team are still active, they are in the transition phase from mod to stand alone so have been quiet over the last 4 months or so. I fully expect to see more when they are ready.

    • klops says:

      Thanks for the info. Then there’s two sameyish (?) Vietnam games in the making. Interesting.

  7. FieldyGB says:

    YES! looks pony but who cares, it will be great fun!

  8. richard says:

    Perfect headline. At some point RPS should run a piece on their top 50 bestest best headlines of the last 142 years.

    • richard says:

      Ahhhh… well that teaches me to post before watching the video and hearing the reverb drenched creedance guitars. It was delivered on a platter. Still, a top 50 would be cool.

  9. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Wow this is unexpected and exciting news. Exciting in that bit nervous + bit looking forward to it way. Rising Storm is an absolute grower of a game, other multiplayer shooters have come and gone but the hours I put into it and RO2 have grown and grown over the years. Makes other pew-pews feel like kids games (except Splatoon which is just pure pleasure centre heroin for all ages). Bit worried giving everyone automatic weapons will spoil the feel a bit, although it is already the game for crouching in the undergrowth and ambushing people vietcong style. It will be interesting to see if it can be different enough to RS without venturing into Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Vietnam expansion territory (Which was brilliant, but already exists).

  10. SpaceVelociraptor says:

    They could license Run Through the Jungle for just the trailer. Because CCR chose a shitty record company, it costs like 10 bucks to license their songs, which is why you find them all over the place in ads and such.

  11. Chaz says:

    Going to be a very one sided game.

    America brings on immense fire power.
    Vietcong go under ground.
    America brings on B52’s and bombs the shit out of them.
    End of game.

    • SlimShanks says:

      Hmm, this is awkward… I’m… I’m sorry to have to break this to you but… America lost that war. The imbalance should be that Charlie gets twice as many players on their team.

      • lurkalisk says:

        The North Vietnamese had no real advantage in any sense (and they admitted as much themselves) They were even outnumbered 2 to 1 by the US (5 to 1 in all). If the game features a victory condition like “keep the game going so long that everyone gets fed up and leaves”, then we might have something approaching reality.

    • klops says:

      Definitely! Same problem as with the original Rising Storm. After the naval bombardments, carpet bombings done by B-17s and eventually after the Fat Man and the Little Boy the FPS turned very one sided.

  12. vahnn says:

    Rising Storm with player helicopters? I don’t think so.

  13. SlimShanks says:

    Oh right, about that header…
    The numbers Mason! What do they mean!