Rats, They’re Back: New Warhammer Vermintide Trailer

Here’s a trailer you may have missed among the bigger news of E3 2015, but fans of anthropomorphised rat slaughter will nevertheless want to check out. This short Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide [official site] trailer shows off the variety of environments you’ll be trudging through with friends once the co-op FPS releases this autumn.

This co-op survive-em-up (think Left 4 Dead) looks pretty fun, and the art style and atmosphere is convincingly Warhammer. Cleaving Skaven beasts apart results in a satisfying amount of gore, which bodes well considering you’ll be chased by quite a few, if the trailer’s anything to go by.

The trailer ends with a glimpse of a larger scale Skaven pursuer. Maybe a Rat Ogre? My knowledge of Warhammer is weak and rusty, so you’re probably a better judge than I. A bit of enemy variety is a good sign though. I wonder if we’ll see more powerful, individual enemies like Skaven verminlords or assassins. Wouldn’t that be nice.


  1. Dilapinated says:

    Skaven? Pfft, if you believe in ‘Skaven’ I’ve got a lovely patch of land in Mordheim to sell you.

    • Dilapinated says:

      (On a more serious note yes that looks verymuch like a Rat Ogre to me. Also this looks pretty great?)

    • plugav says:

      An army of “Skaven” advancing on our positions? Nonsense! Surely those are just hairy goblins.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Nobody show this to Kieron.

  3. HyenaGrin says:

    Fatshark has wildly misjudged which side I would want to play on, in this game. =(

    • Sian says:

      Well, L4D had a mode where you could play zombies, so maybe this will too?

      But yes, I’d prefer playing Skaven butchering humans too.

  4. Cocoarico says:

    It seems that G-Dubs new ip approach is to throw it at any game studio that has a cool idea, even if it’s recycled. That may sound negative but it’s spawned alot of great games.

    Not to mention a new coop game in the vein of left for dead, fighting against man-rats? I’ve always been more into the 40k realm but for a new l4d experience I will happily throw my money at the screen.

  5. Reapy says:

    Almost seemed interested then the fatshark logo popped up.

  6. EhexT says:

    Left 4 Rats.
    Killing Rats 2. Rat Floor 2?

  7. Loken Mordeus says:

    Man this looks so much fun. As an avid tabletop gamer all these new games coming out that aren’t cheap mobile or such makes me a very happy man.