The 25 Best Co-Op Games Ever Made

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Sometimes you need a hand to hold, so we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best co-op games to play on PC with a headset-wearing friend or a muted stranger.

Whether solving puzzles, sneaking, shooting zombies or stabbing mythical creatures in the face, the existence of another player adds an element of unpredictability. The reality of your co-op partner constantly alerting the guards is drowned out by the experience in your head – the synchronised stealth takedowns, the perfectly executed plan – but both success and failure are more compelling when you can take credit for the former and blame someone else for the latter.

There is a co-op game for every duo and our selection includes a variety of the most bestest. Don’t worry if your favourite co-op game doesn’t feature – it just means you’re wrong. All mortals are, on occasion.

Or it might mean that the game didn’t meet our criteria. We’ve excluded competitive multiplayer games that require cooperation, for example, so you won’t find Dota 2 in the list. However, anything that has a co-op mode counts, even if it’s a game chiefly thought of as being about its singleplayer or competitive modes.

Now take my hand and together we’ll go on a magical journey through the land of correct opinions.






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  1. Robin says:

    Wot, no Chariot?

    • heretic says:

      Wot indeed!

      I was looking for it, especially after Quinns’ cogwatch made me get it :)

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      And no Rayman!? Or Ibb and Obb?! Many (most?) of the games you listed can’t even be played together on one computer!

      (I just looked at the list of games in the tags and jumped right down to comment. That’s the right way to approach list articles like this, isn’t it?)

      • Ross Angus says:

        I know nothing about co-op in either of these games. Please explain why they should be included, like the nice man suggested you should.

        • Flit says:

          I can vouch for ibb&obb! It’s a cute sidescroller stuffed to the brim with clever jumping/gravity puzzles, and a great example of a co-op game where you really do cooperate the whole time. The netcode is really good, I had no trouble playing with a friend across the globe.

  2. drumcan says:

    This is a great selection!

    A quick note on Payday 2 though, as I’ve been playing a lot of it lately: it’s not in fact possible to stealth each and every heist. Maybe it was at some point, but a lot of heists have been added since, some loud only, some stealth only, most of them offering a choice of approach.

    Just want to make sure people don’t buy it expecting a challenging, satisfying co-op stealth game. It can be that under the right circumstances, but chances are you’ll have a lot more fun shooting cops than sneaking around guards.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      You’re right, actually, it never was possible to stealth each and every heist. Rats has been in the game since launch, as has Firestarter (which, yes, it *is* possible to stealth day 1 of that job, but it’s a horrendous waste of time for anyone who isn’t just out to prove they can do it).

      These days though, the game has got so many jobs, a few that are stealth-only and a few that are loud-only, while the majority you can take either way. There’s a fair bit there for stealthy people, but IMO, the game is wasted on those that don’t enjoy the wave-shooter aspect of it. The shooting really is some of the best available, and the movement is nice; it’s not that slightly-aggravatingly-slow movement of Planetside 2 or Battlefield, while not exactly being Quake either. It’s hits a sweet spot that I really like.

    • DiePingu says:

      To be honest, having played (a lot) of Payday I was surprised they didn’t rank it higher. Although it is predominantly a wave shooter once things go loud I’ve found there is a lot more variety in team roles than in say borderlands 1 / 2. Though that might be because I always play with the same group of 4 friends and we have basically specialised down into team roles (Sniper / Medic, Fast Stealthy Lockpick guy, Explosives and Big Gun Guy, Maximum Armour Walking Tank Guy) rather than playing with randoms.

    • Fellhuhn says:

      Payday 2’s stealth is quite broken. First of there is this really really bad network code. If you are not the hosting player you are often seen by guards before you even get a notice (and that with a concealment maxxed) while the hosting player can run past guards right in front of them. Even the position of corpeses isn’t synced. So if you are not the hosting player and think the corpse (or loot) is lying in a safe spot: wrong. Only what the host is seeing matters. Sometimes there are differences of > 10 meters…

      Besides that there is this great logic: If no civilian/guard can call the police you can do whatever you want. Nowadays you see a lot of people “stealthing” any bank heist by storming in with rocket launchers and grenades killing everyone before they can call for help (you only have to place one jammer to deactivate the cameras (and get the camera guy quick enough))…

      It would be really great if there were more heists like Shadow Raid (which can be done stealthy solo wihtout any skills).

  3. OneCardLarry says:

    Portal 2, yes, Minecraft, yes, Payday 2 uh-huh, L4D2, absolutely, GTA V, well you would, wouldn’t you?

    Where is Hidden and Dangerous?

    • OneCardLarry says:

      ofc I shouldn’t just leave that there. H&D is the game my gaming friends talk about more than any other. Even given the time we put into the L4Ds, BF1942, Counterstrike, even co-op DOOM and Quake. The freedom to mess things up was enormous and exciting. The atmosphere was fab, the fact that the different weather effects actually affected the game was brilliant and the one-more-go factor hasn’t been surpassed (in a FPS). Even when the last go ended because of my inherent inability to throw a grenade through a door or because the water clipped through the boat and wiped the team – even the bugs were entertaining :)

      • Jonnyuk77 says:

        I’d like to add…

        STOP! Look, when you come in the room I’m to the right of the door opposite, don’t shoot me.. You got that? I’m to the right of the door.

        Yup, got it, opening door now… Ahhh, a German!

        Start the level again… I said I was by the door…

        H&D for the win. Whoop!

        • casusbelli says:

          I have very fond memories of Hidden and Dangerous too, especially the sequel. Playing coop and deathmatch until 5 in the morning with my friends is something I think will never be surpassed. Does anyone know if there is a way to play Hidden and Dangerous 2 Multiplayer on Windows Vista/7/8? I remember there being a problem that I never managed to solve.

          • thor1917 says:


            I played it with my friends (a 10 dudes Lan Party) last November. You must mark the Windows XP compatibility option in the shortcut propierties :)

            Good luck!

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        Also: H&D is free. That’s worth at least eleven points when doing the arcane calculus to decide what to play on co-op nights with >2 people.

    • Cinek says:

      I don’t know what GTA V is doing so high up the list, it’s absolutely awful game for coop. Constant problems with connection, synchronization, endless loading screens, or at a very least – loading screens that take X minutes, loading screens to the loading screens, loading screen to the “do you want to quit” menu. Sorry, but this game is almost unplayable. I’m running it on an SSD and fiber connection and yet – I cannot recall any other game that would have so many problems running coop multiplayer experience.

      • SavageTech says:

        Agreed. GTAV is a blast when you’re actually playing it with friends, but getting to that point requires nothing less than a blood sacrifice to the dark lord Beelzebub. I’ve tried to play it with several of my friends, but we’ve given up on it at this point because we get ~15 minutes of fun for ~45 minutes of dicking about in menus and watching load screens. Driving around in the open world and antagonizing other players is about the only thing you can do that doesn’t force you to interact with the horrid multiplayer lobby system, and even that gets old pretty quickly.

        It’s a damn shame. There’s definitely a lot of promise in the actual gameplay, but it’s hard to enjoy when you have to brave a hellish menu purgatory just to get there.

  4. Not_Id says:

    Before I read this I’ll post my fave and see where it places if at all: Left 4 Dead. Both of ’em.

    • Not_Id says:

      Of course L4D would be there!

      I was going to say that Portal 2 shouldn’t really be number 1 as most (I did) probably bought it for the sp, but then I thunked about it and let it go. Because it’s such a fucking brilliant game!

    • Brosecutor says:

      Went into this article thinking “If L4D doesn’t make the Top Three, I will incite a thunderous riot in my basement”. Good thing I didn’t have to.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      L4D on third place surprises me. I never liked L4D much. For every mediocre aspect of L4D there is a co-op zombie game that does it better: Killing Floor has more interesting guns and zombies. Dead Island has a more open and detailed and pretty world. Half-Life 2 (with the Synergy mod for co-op) has a more interesting story and is a better corridor shooter.

      • malkav11 says:

        Left 4 Dead 2 is more flavorful than the first game, but yeah, both of them are so lightweight and repetitive as to be ultimately quite disposable. Plus everyone seems to play them for the (competitive) versus mode, not the coop. Any of the games you mention have much more satisfying setups and far more longevity. And of course, in a lot of ways Payday and sequel are an evolution from the ideas of Left 4 Dead but again, far more robust in terms of content, systems, and long-term reward. Though I suppose by the same token they’re also less accessible.

  5. Procrastination Giant says:

    Game #26: Orcs Must Die 2! I’m actually somewhat surprised that it didn’t make the list. The co-op mode might not be perfect, but i had a whale of a time playing it in coop. Same can be said about Monaco, so let’s make that #27, shall we? But yeah, Portal 2 definitely deserves the top spot, no complaints there.

    • KoenigNord says:

      I was wondering the same about OMD. Neither is Sanctum or any other tower defence game with focus on coop on the list. I would add at least one of those with reference to the others.

      • Cederic says:

        I concur. A friend and I blasted through Borderlands and Borderlands 2, play a few competitive multiplayer games together for but sheer relaxation Sanctum 2 just drew us in and didn’t let go.

        More recently Iron Brigade has been causing arguments, but mainly of the “You can’t possibly assault Mars in that hat!” variety.

        Unashamed excessive firepower matched by an unfair swarm of viciousness in a FPTDS (first person tower defence shooter) is just jolly good fun.

  6. unraveler says:


    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Ooh, good call!

    • Premium User Badge

      Skabooga says:

      Most definitely, Magicka has that special dynamic where everyone can genuinely be trying to help, and that results in everyone catching on fire or someone being exploded by a stray lightning bolt. It converts real cooperation into hilarious mishaps in a way that doesn’t seem mean-spirited.

      • Cinek says:

        Oh yea… mishaps… this game can be really hilarious. I got all my macro keys loaded with different spells, the amount of times I killed my friends while running super-long-super-powerful spell combination is impossible to count, hehehe

  7. axfelix says:

    It’s a credit to you guys that I reasonably expected Magicka to show up even as I clicked through to #1… But for some reason I can’t imagine, it’s not there.

  8. AriochRN says:

    Although an oldie, Project Eden is still worth a play. The four player co-op interaction based puzzle solving first/third person shooter genre isn’t exactly bursting with examples I suppose.

  9. Text_Fish says:

    You clearly haven’t played System Shock 2 COOP. It’s forgivable for such an old game, but if you enjoy COOP then you really must, and then amend this list accordingly.

    • KoenigNord says:

      Or Baldurs Gate 2, which I played talking over my house phone back than with a friend overseas

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Oh yes, System Shock 2 co-op was the best.

      “Any time now, Custard…”
      “Do you have any idea how thick the firewalls are on this terminal?”
      “Don’t care. They’re still coming. Six bullets left.”
      “Hack failed. Restarting.”
      “I don’t mean to rush you, but… Four bullets. Make that three.”
      “One for the money, two for the show… Gah. The only node left is protected.”
      “Last bullet… I’m down to my wrench.”
      “EASY MONEY! Ammunition, Nanites, and cyber modules all around!”

  10. HallowedError says:

    Magicka is probably the biggest game you missed. My friends and I have lost hours to that game. I’ll have to check some of these out.

  11. wavedash says:

    Was BattleBlock Theater considered for this list?

    Also, was Path of Exile considered either alongside or in place of Diablo 3? The fact that you can actually build a damageless, dedicated support character is a step up from Diablo in my eyes. Plus, there’s a lot of resource management in end-game mapping that requires cooperation; pooling maps, for example.

    • Viroso says:

      I am surprised Battleblock didn’t make it. Battleblock and Monaco. Two of the best co-op experiences I’ve had. God damn, BBT is just so good.

    • fulcrum89 says:

      There are fairly widely used ZDPS support class builds for the Monk, Witch Doctor, Crusader, and it has also been done to great effect with the Wizard and Barbarian at different points in the game’s history. The support Witch Doctor is one of the most sought after classes for pushing the highest levels of greater rifts and is practically considered mandatory if you want your team to be competitive at the highest levels.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Henke says:

    My Top 10 PC Online Co-op games:
    1. Trine 2
    2. Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light
    3. Portal 2
    4. Dead Island
    5. L4D
    6. GTA V
    7. Lost Planet 2
    8. Monaco
    9. FEAR 3
    10. Hammerwatch

  13. Petethegoat says:

    There’s a lot of games this list misses, but it’s unforgivable that Sven Coop is excluded.

    Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, some of the Lego games should probably turn up.

    And Serious Sam. How could you possibly forget that. Maybe also Risk of Rain, and System Shock 2, and Guardian of Light as others have mentioned.

    Disappointing list, needs serious revision.

    • Jonnyuk77 says:

      Dungeon Siege! Just for the griefing was joyous. The way your entire inventory dropped when you died and everyone picked up all your gold and kit… then gave it back.. if they didn’t need it was bliss.

      I remember someone playing a wizard who took such a huff at the way the loot was being divvied up he refused to take anything after a while and walked his character around without any shoes on to show how poor she was… oh, happy LAN times.

    • malkav11 says:

      Dungeon Siege III, I suppose. There are some weird aspects of how they put the coop together but the combat’s some of the most satisfying I’ve encountered in an ARPG, the stiff challenge is much more surmountable with a friend or three than a rubbish AI companion, and the writing, story, dialogue and so on are all fantastic. The previous two Dungeon Siege games would need to be good games to be good coop games.

  14. Axyl says:

    Terraria, Magicka, Trine 1 and 2.

    The list is great, but it really REALLY is missing these 3 games.

    Also, PAYDAY 2 is only more focused on shooting cops in the face if you go loud. Many veteran players favour Stealth over Loud wherever possible. :)

    • Cederic says:

      Terraria is splendidly good fun with a friend or two.

    • MaXimillion says:

      Yeah, Terraria just being listed as a ‘2D Minecraft’ is really disappointing, since it’s a much better game (although a worse sandbox) than Minecraft

  15. Enzo says:

    Did everyone suddenly forget about the awesome Dying Light?

    • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

      What’s that, a theme park?

      • fish99 says:

        I dunno why you’d call Dying Light a theme park since there’s few set pieces to see and the fun is the combat and parkour. Honestly there’s a hundred other games that deserve that tag more.

    • malkav11 says:

      Dying Light is a great game but it doesn’t seem particularly well suited to coop. There’s a few hours of gameplay before that function even unlocks, and after that there’s no narrative reason for coop partners to be there and there’s not a lot of scope for different builds and gameplay roles since you all have the same fairly limited skill trees to go up. Dead Island may not be as good overall, but it’s definitely built around coop from the start, and every one of the four (five in Riptide) characters has a different emphasis and some presence in the story.

      I mean, I’m sure it’s still fun. But one of the 25 best coop games ever? I can’t see it.

  16. Petuko says:

    Alien Swarm! Original and the new one are both absolutely fantastic. Monaco is also fab, and Vagante is a very promising up-and-comer.

    Omitting Sven Coop is a cardinal sin though. Shame on you.

  17. amateurviking says:

    Couple of other mentions for them but Baldur’s Gate(s) and Neverwinter Nights(es) were both improved immeasurably for me playing through them with a good buddy that lives on another continent (and BG2 is probably my favourite single player game ever ever [ever!]). Good memories of both and I’d recommend them to anyone for some Co-op role playing.

    You need to use a VLAN like tuungle to get the non enhanced BGs talking to one another over the internet, and i think they may have shut down the servers for NWN, so you might need it for them too.

  18. johann tor says:

    Where is Bubble Bobble? Some excellent co-op gaming there!

  19. Cederic says:

    This one might surprise you but Magic the Gathering as a co-operative two players vs two enemy AI players in the Magic 2012/2013/2014 incarnations was an excellent way of just having a good online chat with a friend while cursing at the comical random deck selections leaving two experienced Magic players getting utterly shafted by the AI.

    It’s gaming as a social activity, which is fun.

    Btw, you clearly chose to exclude MMOs. Ever since you needed 30 people for an all-night corpse run on EQ they’ve set the standard for serious co-operative challenges.

  20. Laurentius says:

    No Starlancer, are you kidding me ?

    Whole campagin to play in co-op of this great space-sim ! Hello ?

  21. Havalynii says:

    Wow, I have got to say that Rainbow Six 3 (particularly with the Ordnance or Project VI mods) should absolutely be high on this list.

  22. Phenomen says:

    I would add:

    Rayman Legends
    Dead Island
    Battleblocks Theater
    Trine series
    ibb & obb
    Renegade Ops
    Abyss Odyssey
    Guild Wars 1
    The Crew

  23. Bourne says:

    Magicka was quite a delightful game and wonderfully chaotic. Monaco was also great.
    Does anyone have experience with Clandestine? It’s only early access right now but it looks like a potentially very interesting coop

  24. Jimbo says:

    Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 / Faces of War / Men of War top this list for me. I’m counting them as one because they’re all more or less the same game.

    Commandos 1 is also excellent, though hard as fuck.

    • Shakes999 says:

      There are few things more pathetic than watching me flail through commandos. I’m not sure I even beat the first level.

    • Wowbagger says:

      I didn’t know you could play commandos 1 co-op, great game though.

  25. Sacarathe says:

    Many of the games in this list are just cheap thrills. Can’t find any which passed the 50 hours mark for me. Very poor list RPS.

  26. Christo4 says:

    If there is dark souls prepare to die, why is there no dark souls 2? Imo from playing both multiplayer a lot, actually the second one is a bit better, if anything because of the netcode being superior.

  27. Myrdinn says:

    Baldur’s Gate 2 should be on top of this (and every other) list

    some others you overlooked:
    -System Shock 2
    -Neverwinter Nights (2)
    -Dying Light
    -Icewind Dale 2
    -Half-Life (Sven Coop)

    Also, Dark Souls 2? It’s not like you can sit down with your friends and go ‘hey, let’s play some dark souls together!’, playing with friends is such a hassle in DS..

    • Kitsunin says:

      Yeah, I can appreciate that it’s a great game which incorporates co-op.

      But its presence in a co-op best-of list is utterly useless. You look through a list of co-op games so you can pick one to play with friends, but you can’t do that with DS, so why is it even there?

      • fish99 says:

        Yeah I don’t consider Dark Souls or GTAV co-op games really.

      • malkav11 says:

        Exactly. The multiplayer in Souls games is an interesting system that’s yet to be emulated much outside of that particular series, but it’s deliberately set up to frustrate attempts to play specifically with friends and even playing with strangers is limited and random.

  28. CMaster says:

    The best coop experinece I’ve had in years was Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

    Inventive, interesting puzzles, that you had to work together to solve. Varied challenges, two character both comparable in effectiveness but distinct in roles. It was absolutley amazing. It should be in the top 5, not the >26. Certaily well ahead of “weak coop” games like Borderlands 2 (which I also loved, but the coop is an aside, not core to the expereince)

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      Guardian of Light is a great little coop game for sure. I might not call it top 5 myself, but I would definitely have it on this list somewhere. I’m with ya on the Borderlands 2 thing too. It’s a great game that can be played cooperatively, rather than a great coop game.

      Also, Don’t Starve Together isn’t necessarily coop, is it? That’s like calling Elite: Dangerous or DayZ coop games. They can be, if you can hook up with people that don’t want to kill you.

  29. rapchee says:

    The Chaos Engine should be on the list because i played it a lot as a child (on my Amiga) and many details are etched in my memory, so of course it should be recognize for that feat
    also it has been remade and now i bought it (69 p until the 22nd!)

  30. LexW1 says:

    Diablo III and no Path of Exile? Bananas!

    Portal 2 co-op isn’t a patch on L4D.

    Also this list has convinced me that co-op games are really rubbish these days – we used to have far more co-op games, and they were more fun. Even Doom (the original) co-op is better than half the examples on this list. Let alone a thousand console classics (especially those by Treasure – Guardian Heroes and Gunstar Heroes for example).

    Guild Wars 1 also had far better 2 or 4 player co-op than most of these games (esp. with the expansions that gave heroes).

  31. LexW1 says:

    Another game that is better than almost all of these and missing from the list – Mass Effect 3. I mean, if we’re counting GTAV’s online mode (which, contrary to the assertion in the article, doesn’t have a lot of co-op activities), then ME3’s MP has to be included, and it’s just wildly better than a lot of this stuff (Viscera Clean Up Detail for god’s sake).

    Playing with strangers online, it’s great – playing with friends? It’s almost impossibly good. An absolutely huge rush, too, on the harder settings.

    • cqdemal says:

      Regarding GTA Online, it has all those missions and survival/horde mode and heists and daily objectives that encourage teaming up and whatever silly things you can make up while randomly bouncing around that incredible map. I’d say it has plenty of co-op things to do. Played it with three friends in private sessions for well over 200 hours and there was never a dull moment.

      • Cinek says:

        None of these are really designed for coop, unless by coop you mean “4-way” ;). They are just multiplayer activities, nothing really coop-related, and if you’d actually try playing it in a coop you’d know that it’s a true pain in the ass – randomly loosing connection between clients, randomly throwing people with others, randomly joining some servers you never wanted to join instead of keeping you in a private session, and so on, and so on…

    • brucethemoose says:

      ME3Coop should absolutely be on the list. I’ve had much more fun and sunk WAY more time there than, say, GTA or Borderlands.

  32. AndySchatz says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Surprised Monaco didn’t squeak on here given the reception at launch! sigh.

  33. crazyd says:

    I hope these shitty Cracked style multi-page lists of ranked nonsense aren’t going to become a regular feature. What a meaningless pile. Attempting to rate content like this is just stupid. Wanna run a special on some great co-op games you love? Great! But I don’t read click-baity upworthy type articles for a reason.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      You just comment on how you don’t read them. “I came here for the worm, not the hook!”

  34. elevown says:

    There’s a lot on this list that doesn’t deserve to be. Also- I assume since this is a PC site you mean top 25 ever PC co-op games? You should really specify that in the title- there are games like EDF that absolutely would be up near number 1 otherwise.

  35. fish99 says:

    Honestly I think Borderlands should be higher. It’s about as fun as co-op gets. Also since Diablo 3 is in there, I should mention that Diablo 2 is even better. Good list. Should probably have something from Techland in it though.

    I can understand the absence of System Shock 2 since most people don’t even know it has co-op, but it’s one of the best co-op experiences if you can get all the way through without your saves going wrong (tip make lots of saves).

    Portal 2 is excellent but limited replay value due to remembering all the puzzles.

    One new game to add to this list – ARK Survival Evolved. It’s pretty simple to set up your own passworded server and play some co-op.

  36. fish99 says:

    Holy **** I’ve just realize you missed Terraria which might well be the best co-op game ever.

    • Continuity says:

      Yeah, this list is bullshit. I’ve played 300+ hours of terraria in coop, its definitely No.1

  37. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I suppose I’ll name the coöperative game I’ve played the most with someone else: Peggle (various iterations)! Although it’s more of a competitive mode. Having Popcap make a new Peggle with a special mode for true coöperative gameplay would have been nice. Alas, Popcap.

  38. Premium User Badge

    Skabooga says:

    I’ll throw a shoutout to Transformice: it’s kind of a blend of cooperation and benign competition. 20-30 player controlled mice trying to traverse a platforming puzzle. While the cooperation of the mass will be needed to achieve your goal, there are also some subtle incentives to try and get there first. Hilarity ensues from the clash of these two motivations.

  39. OscarWilde1854 says:


    Sorry to yell… but I’m so sick of this site saying that… Seriously, you can’t play the campaign… can’t play ANY missions actually… you can basically walk around in the open world together.

    You can’t actually play “the game” with a friend at all.

    Is it fun sometimes? Sure for an hour or so.. and then you run out of actual coop content! This game would have benefit SO much from a model like Saints Row where you can just pop-in and pop-out, saving content for BOTH players, achievements for BOTH players, all missions available, side missions, huge open world.

    Far Cry 4 dropped the ball big time in my opinion and I hate how much praise they just keep on getting.

    • malkav11 says:

      You can do literally all the open world content, which represents the majority of the gameplay, for one, and two, it’s apparently the accepted wisdom that that’s the only good part of Far Cry games and nobody should ever play the campaign. Which is nonsense, but there you have it.

  40. sharkh20 says:

    Diablo 2>Diablo 3

    Also, Path of Exile>Diablo 3

  41. brotherthree says:

    Lots of these aren’t what I would consider actual coop games – if you can’t play the single player content with a friend involved, it’s not really coop – its just multiplayer.

    Some good ones on here regardless, but yeah. Skim off the multiplayer games, add in more of the true classic Coop that many people above have mentioned.

  42. charlie188 says:

    Just gonna put this out there and I guessing its only not on there because they haven’t played it. But helldivers is the best co op game I’ve played in years and should have been top 5 without a doubt.

  43. Olaf the Merchant says:

    Not a bad list- I agree with a number of choices, and have played extensively several titles on the list, and am even currently working thru Portal 2 with the bro a second time. Haven’t played them all of course, but, who has?

    Was a bit surprised how ‘recent’ all the titles are, but I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, as are all these ‘best of’ lists. I still have most my fondest memories about cooping early to late 90s games, which, thanks to my rosy-coloured goggles, always seem better than games presented on this particular list. :P

  44. thaquoth says:

    ArmA 3: Part of every Best Ever list*. Wait for it’s inclusion in “Best Music Game.”

    *deservedly, I might add.

  45. Gnoupi says:

    A bit surprised to not see Torchlight 2 mentioned, at the very least as an alternative to Diablo 3.

    With all the fuss that was made on D3 release about the always online mode, the lack of LAN, things which were not an issue in T2, it’s surprising that it got forgotten, apparently.

  46. Continuity says:

    Off the top of my head:

    Magicka, Trine 2, Monaco, Alien Swarm.

    But at least you got don’t starve together in there, some of your other choices however are VERY suspect.

  47. OmNomNom says:

    I actually found Portal 2 more entertaining in SP.
    The co-op was super short and the puzzles were too easy, many of them taking a couple of minutes to work out at most. A fun distraction for a few hours, but hardly the best co-op game ever made.
    Whilst not a bad list, it is full of games where while you play together, you hardly co-operate (Borderlands anyone xD).

    Also, where in hell is:
    System Shock 2
    Bubble Bobble
    Trine series
    Left 4 Dead
    Giants: Citizen Kabuto ( :D )

  48. burth says:

    Recommending Dead Island to people who enjoyed Borderlands 2 is just cruel. After putting about 100 hours into B2 and all its expansions (best coop experience ever), my group and I decided to give Dead Island a try. That game is an overlong, repetetive, boring and broken pile of garbage. By the end of the campaign all of us were experiencing regular crashes with the side-effect of not completing certain quests for the player. If that happens during a main quest (which it regularly did), the game will afterwards think that you have joined a game that is too high-level, and you will not gain any experience from the following quests. Also, you can no longer be the main host, unless you take the time to complete all of the quests that you “missed” on your own. By the end of the game this happened to each of us and I had to replay about 5 hours solo (and this game is already a chore in coop). As the icing on the cake, the game crashed during the final cinematic for three of us, forcing us to replay the final boss fight if we wanted to see the resolution of the story (not that there is anything particular interesting or entertaining about that) or get the achievement for finishingenduring all of the game. Nice fucking vacation, huh? (also yes, I guess the game is alright to look at and has a rather large world)

    Sorry for the rant, but I wish I had someone warn me off. So if you liked Borderlands 2, just play anything else afterwards. Monaco for example, which is absolutely great with four players. Or Mercenary Kings. Or Trine 2 (if you are only three people).

    • burth says:

      Or Hammerwatch, which received a rather large free second campaign last year and is on a Steam flash sale right now!

    • malkav11 says:

      By contrast, my friends and I absolutely loved Dead Island coop and sank 55 hours into that thing easily. We also very much enjoy Borderlands. And I think they are very similar in some respects although I think Dead Island’s combat is more satisfying and the weapon modification system made loot a bit more exciting (guns in Borderlands get quite samey after a while). Borderlands has much better writing and more interesting classes, though.

  49. Orix says:

    Wow, thanks comments! I had no idea System Shock 2 had multiplayer.

    Also to add to the list (probably numbers 75-100 are EVERY FECKING LEGO GAME EVER! (Local co-op only… but still!)

  50. Kuuppa says:

    Online co-op is no real co-op. It is just a pathetic shadow of the real fun which begins when several players meet in real life and start playing some multiplayer games. That is the ultimate form of multiplayer, the most social way of doing it.

    Also, there is not a single Worms game on the list. That is a crime agains humanity.

    • malkav11 says:

      It’s not as fun, sure, but it’s the easiest form of coop to arrange on PC and my most reliable coop partners all live hundreds or thousands of miles away. I really have no use for local-only coop because it just isn’t something I can get people to do.

    • MidianGTX says:

      Grade-A bull. I’m not 12 anymore. I don’t have slumber parties every weekend. My friends have grown up and spread out across the country, across the world. Online co-op is what brings us together and without the crappy single-screen restrictions.