Every Game From E3 In One Place, With Videos And Commentary

E3 is in full swing. The announcements and press conferences are done, and attendees are getting down to the business of playing games, chugging energy drinks and wondering when it will all be over (TODAY, IT WILL ALL BE OVER TODAY). Pip is on-site but the rest of RPS stayed home, watching from afar. We’ve covered the showcase events, gathered all of the news and shouted CUPHEAD until our lungs burn.

Below, you’ll find details of every major PC game at the event, including those that were revealed for the first time. All of the trailers and videos are in one place, along with our thoughts about what we’ve seen.

Anno 2205

Ubisoft are taking their city-building series to the moon and we’ve already visited.


Alec: That I like science-fiction so much more than history is why I shall forever be an idiot, but it does mean that I’m rather looking forwards to this one.

Adam: I haven’t played an Anno game for ages but I want to play this Anno game. That has as much to do with Cities: Skylines rekindling my love of citybuilders as anything specific I’ve seen so far.


The cooperative exploration of Ashen might be the closest we get to a Team ICO game given Sony’s ownership of the resurfaced Last Guardian.

Adam: I love the faceless people and I love cooperative hand-holdy games (Team ICO created the genre, I believe; Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons reinvented it spectacularly), but I never want to see two characters pulling levers at opposite sides of a door again.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Dickens, Darwin and now Evie Frye, the first playable female character in a non-spinoff Assassin’s Creed game.

Alec: This must have taken them forever to animate! Anyway, let’s hope the Star Trek Movie theory continues to apply to AssCreed, and we get a goodie after Unity’s blehness. Blimey luvaduck knees up muvva brown who’s a pretty boy then.

Alice: As a Londonfolk, I now know the horror Parisians, Venetians, Damascans, and so many other poor people must have felt seeing Ubisoft make terrifying caricatures of their cities.


Bethesda’s free-to-play class-based multiplayer shooter, with art design by the remarkable Viktor Antonov of City 17 and Dunwall fame.

Alec: I don’t particularly want to play it, but I very much want to look at it.

Adam: Does this mean Antonov isn’t working on Dishonored 2? I am sad.


A VR-focused reboot of the original Atari tank-shooter.

Alec: A follow-up to Activision’s RTSy 90s Battlezones would have been far more interesting, but this might be a suitably dizzy, theme park ride-like showpiece for whatever facebox I end up with.

Alice: The FPS-RTS really was good, wasn’t it?

Adam: It really was. Does this have a Daft Punk soundtrack?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Set in 2065, the new Call of Duty contains lots of military robots. BOTBLOPS.

Alec: This actually looks like it might be fun. Have I crossed the Rubicon?

Alice: It does look pretty fun, and Call of Duty still has some of the best spectacle around.

Castle Crashers Remastered

While we wait to hear more about The Behemoth’s latest, a remaster of their multiplayer sidescrolling brawler isn’t unwelcome.

Alice: Not much to say about this, is there? The original was nice so I imagine this will be too but it’s more a happy side-effect of an Xbox One release than anything to get excited about? Okay, sure.



Alec: CUPHEAD CUPHEAD CUPHEAD CUPHEAD oh doing this isn’t going to be anywhere near as joyous when it’s out and it’s just OK, is it?

John: Gosh this just looks so beautiful. Max Fleischer lives. But dammit people, reveal something about the game.

Alice: John, that is the game. Notice the shooty shooty platforming. I am in favour of both that and this art style.

Adam: I hope it’s as hard as a Salford boozer.

Dark Souls 3

Miyazaki is back on board as director which means we should get the real thing rather than the efficient cover version of Dark Souls 2.

Alec: I’m the world’s leading authority on Souls games but I’m going to cruelly deny you my insight about this.

Alice: Goodness yes. Dark Souls Nites will return.

Adam: Return of the king.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The adventures of Adam Jensen continue in early 2016.

Alec: I sort of asked for this, but I wish it was a new character and much later in the timeline. But, let’s be honest, this is the only game other than XCOM 2 that I’m actively clearing my calendar for.

John: On the strength of their first game, and the assumption that they’ve surely learned their lesson with boss fights, then I can only look forward to this.

Adam: If the story is strong enough to justify the use of the term “Mechanical Apartheid”, Mankind Divided will be hugely significant. Sci-fi should deal with powerful, emotive issues but there are still doubts in some quarters as to whether games are the place to do that. Narrative Director Mary DeMerle has spoken to Destructoid, addressing the concerns: “When we make a decision like embracing that term, ‘mechanical Apartheid,’ we do it with a lot of thought and a lot of specific concern about how we’re doing it.” I want science fiction that is bold but, like District 9, Mankind Divided is likely to stumble on issues of tone if it treasures its action sequences too much. And unlike District 9, Deus Ex is likely to have fifteen or twenty hours of action sequences with unintentionally comedic corpse physics.

Dishonored 2

Now with two protagonists – Corvo and Emily Kaldwin, each with their own unique skills.

Alec: Former RPS contributor Cara Ellison did some writing for this, so if we’re lucky there might be dongs everywhere.

John: Dishonored was one of those games I so thoroughly enjoyed at the time, and then haven’t given a thought to since. Which is good enough for me. I hope it’s thoroughly enjoyable all over again.

Adam: I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Dishonored since I first played it. And I’ve replayed it twice. The DLC was superb, the trailer makes me think of The Metal Age. I’m excited.


Gore, chainsaws, strafing, snapmaps. Doom is coming.

John: I forget how much I’d love to play a game as immediate and brilliant and terrifying as the original Doom until I see footage like this and wonder how they’ll fuck it up.

Alec: THE COLOURS ARE ALL WRONG but I like that it’s fast. In the wake of Wolfenstein: The New Sequel being surprisingly ace, I’m willing to give Bethesda some benefit of the doubt here too. Part of me wants to roll my eyes at the OTT gore, but I suppose it’s Doom now trying to be like Doom seemed then. It’s just that it seems contrived rather than transgressive.

Jem: I wasn’t immediately sold on this, but then I heard the door-opening sound effect and now I’m sold on this.

Alice: I don’t care what it is or isn’t named, I simply want to do this face-shooting.

Adam: Cautiously optimistic. The melee attacks look like they might break the flow but I am ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence.


  1. XhomeB says:

    Very much looking forward to:
    Anno 2205 (this game won E3 for me),
    Doom (cautiously optimistic, though very worried about overly linear level design),
    Hitman (if it returns to the glorious freedom and map design of Blood Money, we’re in for a treat),
    MGSV (I’m actually in awe how “right” this game feels so far. Like, you really are THERE, infiltrating enemy camps/bases, choosing when and how to approach. Open maps providing lots of choices are a wonderful thing)
    Also, Gears of War remake, the PoE expansion, TW:Warhammer, potentially Dishonored 2, but we haven’t seen much of those. XCOM2 is a big “maybe” for me, because I really, really did not enjoy XCOM due to a myriad of stupid design decisions and omnipresent consolisation.
    No mention of Killer Instinct? WHY.

    By the way, the “Do I need to buy one of those ultra-widescreen monitors to fit the shoulders in?” part made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  2. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Pretty significant omission, IMO.

  3. Jenks says:

    “Jem: Garden Warfare 2 marks maybe the 12th shark jump for the Plants vs Zombies franchise. So sad.”


  4. durruti says:

    i’ve been waiting for footage of shadow warrior 2 ever since i had seen the announcement in an article here. they delivered at e3:

  5. Orix says:

    Am I the only one slightly excited by Ghost Recon:Wildlands?

    I’ve tried some of the older GR games, which were punishing tactical shooters, but not much fun. Wildlands’ multiple approach and open world take looks pretty neat, plus the fact its based in a sprawling (FUEL-esque in scale?) South America is also a huge selling point to me.

    Colour me intrigued.

    • XhomeB says:

      As a huge fan of the very first Ghost Recon, it really pains me to see what Ubisoft have done to this brand, slapping it onto pretty much everything and completely losing (the same sentiment applies to Rainbow Six). With that said, it does look good in its own right, and if it’s as open and liberating when it comes to achieving your objectives in many different ways as they claim it is, then consider me interested. “ArmA lite” might not be a bad thing. The question is, will they pull it off, and considering how repetitive and filled with mundane tasks Ubisoft’s open worlds seem to be, I’m not holding my breath.
      What I want to know is how co-op heavy it is. Can you lead your squad offline, do they allow you switch between soldiers on the fly? Going stealth with purely AI controlled partners might prove to be rather impossible, so I sincerely hope so.

      • Hedgeclipper says:

        Or even just let you leave the morons playing cards while you take one character to do the mission

  6. fahrenheit451 says:

    I will buy DOOM exclusively for the door sounds

  7. fahrenheit451 says:

    I’m just going to pretend No Man’s Sky is a giant walking simulator with spaceships and stop worrying about how much VIDEO GAME it has

  8. Behrditz says:

    “I’m just so very, very happy that someone’s finally doing Tzeentch in a Warhammer game. ”

    Warhammer online was entirely Tzeentch.

  9. JoeX111 says:

    Each entry needs

    John: I thoroughly hate everything.

    after it.

  10. Philopoemen says:

    PC-specific, SWTOR is getting a revamp, after their single player focus of the last few expansions, the next Knights of the Fallen Empire “promises a return to Bioware style storytelling”.

    It also has the best trailer for a free expansion I’ve seen:

  11. Synesthesia says:

    Firewatch, FF7(real tears were shed) and metal gear solid are all I need. I feel so warm inside. Looking forward to SOMA too.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Oh! Tacoma and the division are definitely going into the collection too. What a good year.

  12. Leafcutter says:

    I think ‘For Honor’ wins the best video.

  13. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Alec: £88 on Amazon. I’m not entirly sure what that is in real currency, but I reckon something can be worked out.

  14. Jason Moyer says:

    “Perhaps if they bug test this one it could be an improvement.”

    Played it on day 1 and it had maybe the fewest bugs of any game I’ve ever played. But LOL Obsidian anyway.

  15. Frank says:

    The Division sure has a nice gimmick going, making an MMO interesting with professional voice acting.

  16. Owl Mark says:

    Some game about aliens.