New Hunter Lennox Headlines Evolve’s Hunting Season 2

Like the great playable beasts found within the game, Evolve [official site] is transforming into its second form. A second season pass’s worth of DLC has been revealed, consisting of four additional hunters and one horrifying-looking monster. The first of these hunters is Lennox, the first female member of the Assault class, who fights in a battle suit she built out of scrap.

Lennox is due to arrive on June 23rd. You can buy her separately, or take a punt on the entire Hunting Season 2 pack, which will give you an exclusive extra skin for each of the hunters as well as the monster when they release. Each character will be delivered individually like this, with the whole gang convening by the start of next fiscal. That’s April 2016, which means we could be seeing quite a protracted release schedule for this pack. Considering how much DLC has been allegedly planned for the game, just how many years worth of content are we looking at here?

You can get a sneaky look at what to expect from the other characters in this teaser trailer for Hunting Season 2. It’s hard to make out much from the hunter silhouettes, but that monster looks like something out of Dead Space, which is never a bad thing if you ask me.

If you’re interested in checking out Lennox’s moveset, you’ll want to see this gameplay trailer. Try your best to ignore the bro-ness of the voice over and focus on Lennox’s Thunderstrike leap attack and her Plasma Lance. Lennox is such a badass she’s the only character not to suffer from knockback from heavy monster attacks which, along with her ability to leap to the front line, compliments her melee attacks nicely.


  1. Wisq says:

    “Hey, everyone else is doing ‘season passes’.”

    “What are those?”

    “It’s like pre-orders for DLC, except you bundle them all into one. They pay a lower price and get all the DLC for the game, present and future.”

    “But then we can’t sell them any more DLC. That doesn’t sound very good for business.”

    “Hmm. Yeah. … But wait, it’s a “season” pass, right? Maybe we can just make more than one season and keep charging them again and again for more seasons.”

    “That sounds deliciously exploitative! How long should a season last? Surely not a year, like television?”

    “No, of course not! We can just charge them for a new season every few months.”

    “I love it! Make it happen!”

    • Creeping Death says:

      They arent the first to do a second season pass of DLC.

      Dont give them that much credit.

      • Wisq says:

        Well, they’re the first I’ve heard of that have had a “season” be all of, what, 4 months?

        • jezcentral says:

          Well, if they have come out with all the stuff they said they would for the first season pass, what’s wrong with a second round? (Not joking, just curious. I’m sure they would love to do it for free, but economics can get in the way. I don’t own the game myself. The whole 4v1 idea never interested me).

  2. Nokturnal says:

    Just going to leave this link here:
    link to

    • Freud says:

      The business model turned me off right away. I may be a tit, but I will not let companies milk me.

    • po says:

      50% off on Steam, but I’m not going to touch it, when I’m seeing reviews complaining about major bugs not getting fixed, and PC releases lagging behind consoles. It should be the other way round (like for Warframe), because there’s no interference from Sony or MS to keep you from patching regularly on PC, so you can release a nice well tested update for the consoles that bundles all the hotfixes, while PC gets the hotfixes promptly.

      • best_jeppe says:

        FYI, PC is ahead of the consoles when it comes to features and patches. TurtleRock are doing the exact thing you were describing. They are implementing balance and code-changes first on PC in Peace meal as soon as they are ready and on console they deliver them in big blocks with an intervall of a month or two. So the PC-version is certainly not behind.

        When it comes to bugs I have had very few and I have played for about 50 hours at this Point since release (I have 2 Children = very Little playtime). I have Heard that there have been some graphical artifacts bug that have come recently but that apparently is because something Nvidia did with their Drivers and thus is nothing that TurtleRock can fix.

        I have been lurking on the official forum a bit and from my point of view the guys and gals at TurtleRock genuinely do care about their Community and playerbase and are doing Everything they can to accomodate them to the best of their abilites.They are squashing bugs as fast as they can.

        Overall I Think this game is one of the games that have gotten most of the undeservable amount of flak in recent times. Sure, you can complain about the DLC-strategy and that it is a bit pricey…but keep in mind the majority of players that I have played with/against uses some of the first Tier 3 Hunters that came with the game. The higher the Tier-hunter the more complex they are to play. So the Tier 1 Hunters are the easiest to play and get a grip on and the Tier 4 Hunters (which you have to buy) are the most complex to play and use and thus not favorable for everyone.

        The game is continuesly getting rebalanced as well through a micropatch-system so the developers are continuesly tweaking the balance to get it just right and to great effect I Think. So don’t base your opinion on misconceptions please.

    • OmNomNom says:

      Shit. That’s worldwide? Worse than i thought. It really does have Titanfall disease.

      • scannerbarkly says:

        There will actually be a lot more people than that playing Titanfall right now tbh.

    • theslap says:

      lol so Evolve is equivalent to: link to

      • LexW1 says:

        Nah, cook serve delicious is actually fairly even with the odd significant up or down, whereas Evolve is just one loooooong downhill slope.

        I almost feel sorry for it. Almost.

      • heretic says:

        Cook Serve Delicious has 12% more players right now!

      • vorador says:

        Apples to oranges. Cook Serve Delicious is a small game made by a one man team for casual playing, while Evolve….is a full feature release by a big studio. Well, more like “DLC’d featured”.

        It’s a TItanfall level of flop.

    • heretic says:

      I hope T2 or whoever decided on the release model really learn from this… but unlikely given they’re still releasing this crap!

      Sounds like they should just cut their loses and pull the plug on this one.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Don’t be silly. The lesson is obviously that the developer should be shut down, and the next game should be more like Call of Duty.

  3. Shockeh says:

    They think anyone else is still playing Evolve, after the utter shitstorm that was the release model. That is *adorable*.

  4. anHorse says:

    This is actually more expensive than most f2p shooters in terms of unlocking characters

    (and often ingame money to eventually grind out the new characters at no cash cost)

  5. peterako1989 says:

    now only to find someone to play with

  6. theslap says:

    Not sure why RPS is even posting about this flop of a game….

    • DarkFenix says:


    • WhiteHawke says:

      Playing this game with friends has been the most fun I’ve had in gaming in the past several years, although I recognize that it is definitely not for everyone. It is not popular at all on pc, but if you can get 4 other people to play with it doesn’t matter that the community is fairly dead. TRS actually made a lot of money on this game (because of console sales), so there is going to be a sequel.

      • best_jeppe says:

        I agree although I have mainly been playing with randoms because I like to play as the Monster :) And I have personally up to this point never had any real problem finding a game when playing Hunt. Usually I find a game within 10 – 20 seconds. So the playerbase might be small but there have been enough people to play for me at least.

    • Aetylus says:

      This game has always received strangely large amounts of love from RPS… more here: link to

      • heretic says:

        I missed those initially but yeah they don’t read very well.

        I think it’s more that somehow 2K/T2’s hype machine is really taking over the press, so every outlet HAS to speak about it or miss out on the revenue the hype generates – so you end up with a slew of articles some which sound like promotional material even though I trust RPS for it not to be.

        Would be great if some outlets ran nothing but negative articles about the shitty release model though and sink this one fast for its sins :)

      • heretic says:

        Also I should add, Pip does make an effort to learn and specialise in games (see her MOBA / eSport coverage), so the article you linked is her doing just that – and she mentions it at the start of the article no less!

        It makes sense as the game could have potentially been very popular competitively so we could have seen a lot more coverage on RPS if that had been the case. It’s just unfortunate that in the process it sounds a bit promotional for a game with a terrible release model. Live and learn I guess.

  7. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Dawn of War 3 features Tau! Wait.. what?

  8. plugav says:

    Annie Lennox’s career has sure taken an odd turn…

  9. best_jeppe says:

    So I feel I have to balance up all the negativity that this game is getting in this commentary-thread.

    I played the Alpha and didn’t like the game. I gave it another shoot with the Beta and didn’t like it….at first. My opinion changed when I realized that I couldn’t play this like a mindless shooter aka CoD, Titanfall or Battlefield. You actually have to know what role each class has and play according to your class. You have to work together and coordinate to be successfull against a skilled monster. And even within each class the hunters play a bit differently. For instance, the Tier 1 medic Val plays differently compared to the Tier 2 Hunter Lazarus. As the player you have to know this and adjust your gamestyle accordingly. Same thing goes for the Monsters. All the monsters play completely differently so you cant play the Kraken as you play the Goliath for instance. And the same goes for all the monsters. You have to know your monster if you are going to win. Also, the Tier 1 Hunters are easier to play compared to the Tier 2 Hunters and so on. So the Tier 4 hunters are the most complicated to play. Same thing goes for monsters. Goliath is the easiest monster to play and the Tier 4 monster Behemoth the hardest.

    Evolve is actually quite a deep game, very strategic and it demands a lot of the player. And with that in mind this game isn’t that mainstream at all but actually quite hardcore and thus doesn’t appeal to that many people. At the Surface you it just looks like you are running after the monster to try to Catch up to it and the monster is just fleeing to eat and stage up until they can destroy the Power relay but it’s way more to it than that. Since the maps have their weak and strong Points depending on if you are playing hunter or monster….and the weak and the strong Points also differs a lot between the monsters. An area in a map that is a good Place to fight as the Goliath might be a really bad Place for a Wraith for instance. And you as the monster/hunters have to know this.

    There are also buffs litered around the map in the form of Elite Creatures that you can kill and gain an advantage for a set amount of time. Some of this Elite Creatures spawn at random but the more powerful buffs usually spawn at the same locations every time. Knowing thoose locations can be a huge advantage for you, both in aquiring the buff and where the Monster might go. Because if you are running straight after the monster you are simply playing the game wrong. You as the Hunter or more importantly the Trapper have to predict where the monster is going and what he might do depending on which monster he plays and try to dome him.

    Now, regarding the DLC-issue that most people have gotten hanged up on I don’t Think it really is that bad. First of all, all the upcoming maps and modes for the game will be and have to this point been free (2 maps and 1 mode has been released thus far) so the playerbase won’t be split up. Regarding buying hunters/monsters I can agree that it is a bit pricey but you really don’t need thoose new hunters and monsters. As I said earlier, the higher the Tier of hunter/monster the harder they are to play because they usually have abilities that you really have to know how to use. And in most games that I have played after the release of the Tier 4 hunters/monster people have in the majority of cases favored the hunters from the first 3 Tiers that came with the game. Other than that there are cosmetic skins you can buy which doesn’t really effect the gameplay so thats no issue either.

    TurtleRock could have choosen to split up the playerbase instead like with CoD, Battlefield and the like and made you buy the maps which would have been a far worse strategy. I Think TurtleRock choose the lesser of 2 evils to be honest. And the people at TurtleRock genuienly does seem to care about the game and their playerbase. They have been very Active at the forums and answering questions about balance, taking feedback and incorporating it into the game, providing statistics when asked for it and so on. TurtleRock are doing a really good job in my opinion and I am not sad that I have given them my Money.

    I feel this game is one of the games that have gotten the most undeservedly amount of flak in recent times and I Think that is a bit sad. Hopefully the next game will be just as good or better and marketed a bit better as well. I would urge people to try the game out at some point. Hopefully they will have a free weekend soon.

    • po says:

      I think I’ll stick to Warframe. Less repetition, more classes to play, and I pay what I think the game is worth.

    • Applecrow says:

      It did get a sh!tstorm of flak due to PR mistakes, Media and review sites and streamers playing it for an hour then trashing it because it was boring and confusing for an ‘fps’. It still has problems with skill rankings.

      I loved this game and defended it left and right against screaming hordes. At its heart and soul its an amazing game.

      And then the balance patches came. And kept getting spread out and more convoluted, and breaking more things than they fixed.

      A more perfect storm in gaming history could not have devastated a great game as much as this one.

      I still want people to try it….but I do have to advise waiting for more balance.

  10. theslap says:

    That was my point!

  11. deanimate says:

    This is easily the best game to come out in years and years. There is so much depth and nuance to the gameplay. If you want something far far deeper than the usual cod crap then give this a go.