Hell’s Bells, It’s Another Mad Max Trailer

I’m a sucker for game footage set to an AC/DC soundtrack. I used to watch this obscure channel on Sky, Game Network, which would often take out of context gameplay footage and set it to completely unrelated, often tonally opposite, music. They had Kameo: Elements of Power set to AC/DC’s Are You Ready and it worked fantastically. Shame the game ended up being terrible. Hopefully Mad Max [official site] won’t suffer the same fate, despite the new E3 trailer having AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells as its soundtrack.

The trailer introduces you to the villain of the game, a wasteland warlord by the name of Scrotus. First name Scabrous, naturally. He seems to be as unpleasant as his name suggests, which will make tracking him down across the desolate Australian outback to kill him and his “war boys” that much more satisfying. Honestly, what sort of parents would name a kid Scabrous Scrotus? No wonder he became a murderous tyrant.

Mad Max is out relatively soon, which is probably why we’re seeing so many new trailers for the game of late. You’ll be able to pave your own fury road on September 4th when the game releases.


  1. bit.bat says:

    After watching Fury Road I am quite excited for this game. It’s a perfect time for them to market this game, I hope it delivers.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Movie tie in…… I’m not hopeful.

      • Turkey says:

        The game’s ties to Fury Road are pretty loose. I think this is more of an Arkham situation.

        • MrFinnishDude says:

          I couldnt have thought of a better way to say that

        • w0bbl3r says:

          No I believe it’s a direct tie-in to fury road, since the main villain is the third son of the main villain from the movie.
          And the gang you are fighting are the same gang from the movie. But apparently with this guy leading them now that you killed his old man. And since Max killed his old man in the movie, this is why he has such a hard-on for you in the game.
          Or so it would seem.

      • kadeton says:

        Can’t be a movie tie-in – the movie’s lead character doesn’t even seem to be in it.

        • lorddon says:

          It’s one of those expanded stories about the sidekick they like to do sometimes.

    • horrorgasm says:

      I don’t know about “perfect time to market this game”.

      Probably would have been better for them to release the thing while the movie is still out and the excitement from seeing it is still fresh in people’s minds instead of thinking “that was great, now I really want to play that game, but oh look it’s not out for 2 more months…”

  2. stonetoes says:

    So to get the “Ripper” version of your car you have to preorder? Which, according to the official site, has a speed of “8” compared to speeds of “4” for the other two cars? That would suck royally, but then maybe it only has that speed because of the listed upgrades, which I guess you can buy yourself later. But then maybe you can’t. Guh.

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      So to summarise: something! maybe?

    • w0bbl3r says:

      There is one main reason why any Mad Max fan won’t bother about this pre-order content bull-poop; It’s not the V8 interceptor.
      If it ain’t the V8, it ain’t Max’s car.
      I don’t even like how they have all these stupid upgrades for the car that make it look like a wasteland gangbangers car. Having spikes and skulls all over it, just isn’t the V8.
      I want the V8. As it was.
      Might not have had the speed of some of the crazy buggies with nitrous oxide, but with that turbo going it could beat anything on a long haul (if it had fuel, of course, which it usually didn’t).
      But then again, I grew up watching the original 2 movies on betamax video, so I am an OLD Mad Max fan in every sense of the word.
      Yes, I am that old that I used to use betamax.

      • jonahcutter says:

        Yeah, at least according to the trailers so far, it doesn’t actually look like it plays much like the Mad Max from the first three films (I’ve yet to see the third).

        The MM movies were never about elaborate melee combat with mma moves, building a “magnum opus” car, huge explosions every time you shoot a car with a gun, rockets and other weapons attached to cars, and the plethora of giant spikes and blades on things. Those things occasionally appeared, but they also stood out when they did. Things in the films were generally much more stripped down and low-fi. Lots of exposed chassis and engines, roll-cages, mesh, etc. Even when there was some over-the-top car with a jet engine, it was generally still was pretty barebones about it. This all looks a bit more cartoonish.

        It does look like it will be a lot of fun. But outside of the surface aesthetic, it doesn’t look like it will summon up what most ardent fans of the earlier films will probably think of as Mad Max. As one of those fans, that’s been my impression of the trailers so far (and I’m still getting the game).

        And I will be very happy to be proven wrong. Please, prove me wrong Avalanche.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Sounds like you might not like Fury Road much then either as that show is 80% car chase.

  3. Cerzi says:

    Unfortunately there’s just no way this is going to be as amazing as the movie.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Alas, I fear you may be right. If the film had been merely MEDIOCRE, it would be a very appealing looking game right now, but unfortunately it’s been massively upstaged by its own inspiration.

      I still think it could very well be a great game, but I get the feeling that the massive success of the movie might ironically work against it!

  4. KastaRules says:

    Fireballs. Fireballs everywhere. I swear I saw flames coming out a burping mouth at some point.

  5. SMGreer says:

    I think if this had come out before Fury Road it would have looked (almost) like the perfect Mad Max game but now, it looks fun but lacking in scale or ingenuity. Fury Road was packed to the rafters with cool and novel ideas to liven up the vehicular carnage so it’s sad to see them lacking here.

    Not really the game’s fault but it can’t help be drawn into an unfair comparison.

  6. XhomeB says:

    I’ve seen approximately 9 minutes of “leaked” footage and it seems like one of those “Ubisoft open world” kind of games. The map is *riddled* with points of interest and they insist on bombarding the player with “quests” like “destroy 10 of these trucks”, “find 20 of these” etc. Not what I expect from such a desolate world or the universe itself.

  7. Humppakummitus says:

    I think this’ll be a game in which a man who was reduced to one basic instinct, survival, is trying to build the ultimate car with his sidekick, Chumbucket.

  8. Carlos Danger says:

    I am a little surprised it wasn’t Lorde singing it.

  9. gunny1993 says:



    ^^ my prediction for this game

  10. Cockles says:

    One of the main strengths of the film was to give the finger to prevailing Hollywood stereotypes, techniques and expected wisdom. Unfortunately this looks nowhere near as brave.

  11. Synesthesia says:

    looks MEDIOCRE indeed. Movie set too hight aline.

  12. dangerlift says:

    First impressions – “Crikey! His voice actor doesn’t sound like some bloody yank trying to talk around gob full of Vegemite!”