There’s A New Soma Trailer, Because E3

It’s practically against the law for developers not to release a new trailer during E3. Even if we’ve already played and seen enough of the game to guarantee our purchase already. Soma [official site] devs Frictional Games have dodged their jail time by releasing this video of their upcoming underwater horror adventure ahead of its September 22nd release date.

Frictional also attended the PC Gaming Love-In event at E3, where they showed off a scant few moments of new gameplay. Though brief, it’s quite an effective sequence. More effective than the E3 trailer, even if the latter nicely showcases a bunch of the game’s environments. Trouble is, I’m already sold, I just need it to be September already.

But there’s no way I’m wishing my summer away, so I guess this new footage will have to do for now. Having said that, if we see any more there’s a risk of the game losing its mystery. Tricksy.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    That is a really effective bit of voiceover. Not what I expected from a horror game.

  2. Tinotoin says:

    As much as I’m excited for this game, I really need to be honest with myself and remember that I live alone and am a big jessie, and so probably won’t get very far before having to have a lie down with the lights on – maybe put on some Kate Bush…

  3. meepmeep says:

    Even if we’ve already played and seen enough of the game to guarantee our purchase already

    If by “purchase” you mean, “watching other people’s Let’s Play’s on youtube in short bursts from behind the sofa due to being a massive girly wuss” then I’m right with you.

  4. vahnn says:

    I swear I’ve seen this trailer well before E3…

  5. Grey_Ghost says:

    Wait M17+… Nudity… huh?