Cart Life Creator’s New Game Bringing Sweet Typedreams

Dream a little typo for me.

I don’t know what is happening, but I think that’s okay. Cart Life creator Richard Hofmeier’s Typedreams [official site] is too much of a beautiful soap bubble dream to question. Information about the upcoming game is scarce. The web page is mostly a conglomeration of Victorian-style art fused with some glitchy, gloriously pink GIFs. But it looks like the plot has something to do with the world’s two fastest typists falling passionately in love just as a new century is born. How eccentrically romantic!

Typedreams will likely challenge your touch typing skills, if a certain screenshot is anything to go by. Things like errors, accuracy, word-per-minute, and so forth will be recorded and tabulated. For what purpose, of course, we’re still not really sure yet. Interestingly, and somewhat unsurprisingly, it would appear as though you’ll need to compete against other lightning-quick typists. People with names like Edward Fisk ‘The Shorthand’ Underhill and Ron ‘The Typewriter’ Mingo. Maybe. I could be misreading the screenshots. I hope not. Typists with MMA-style nicknames sound awesome.

More importantly, though, this is a Hofmeier game. And that is probably what makes it most interesting to me. Even if you’re not familiar with his name, you’re probably acquainted with his game Cart Life, which was utterly soul-crushing. I am hoping Typedreams will be a little bit more cheerful than that, but I’m willing to bet many, many bottlecaps that it will still tug on the heartstrings.


  1. padger says:

    Weirdly, I feel like typing games are one of the great lost genres. There are some true classics out there.

  2. welverin says:

    Whelp, this is a game I would fail utterly at.

  3. ikazrima says:

    Typer Shark Deluxe!

  4. TimePointFive says:

    I wish he’d fix Cart Life. Does anyone know if there’s been any bugs squashed since he released the source code?

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      We all wish he’d fix Cart Life – it’s far too good of a game to have such crippling bugs in its final release – but I am pretty confident that’s not going to happen at this point.

      Someone told me that the open source code *had* been used to make a fixed version, but I’ve yet to find it, so this may be hearsay (I”m gonna check with my source when I get the chance). The issue is that it’s not on github, which is where it’s going to need to be for people to actually find a fixed version. It’s worth noting that the nature of AGS is that any substantial patches break previous save games, but I think we’re all okay with that in order to have a working Cart Life for posterity (and also, for me to finally finish any character other than Andrus, which has so far proved impossible despite starting half a dozen Melanie playthroughs across multiple versions).

  5. alms says:

    I never managed to play much of Cart Life because of bugs, and it was kind of sad he decided to pull it from Steam instead of fixing it. Whatever the case, ooking forward to a new game of his.