Ghosts And Gravestones: New Perception Gameplay Video

The Deep End Games have released a new video of their Kickstarter baby Perception, a survival horror game starring a blind girl who must navigate a haunted house using echolocation. The new gameplay trailer comes just a few days before the end of the Kickstarter, with 10% of the goal amount still to be obtained. In the video we get to see more ghostly goings on, plus an indication that hearing may not always be believing.

I’ve already mentioned how much I love the overall premise and aesthetic in this game, and this video continues to deliver on the atmosphere. The blind protagonist idea is something that’s had a bit of a surge recently, with Beyond Eyes by Tiger & Squid and Blind by Tiny Bull Studios also in development [don’t forget The Devil’s Tuning Fork -ed]. While Beyond Eyes looks more fluffy than scary, Blind is a VR-exclusive horror game with a very similar premise to Perception. All are well worth a look.

Should The Deep End Games get hold of the full $150,000 in the next few days, they plan to release the game around this time next year. If you’re interested in helping the developers hit their goal, pledging $20 (£13) will get you a copy of the game at launch. Check out the new video and see what you think.


  1. 12inchPlasticToy says:

    After Amnesia and Among The Sleep, this calls for a karaoke adaptation of Metallica’s One:
    Game devs! Have taken my sight!
    Taken my fists!
    Taken my hatchet!
    Taken my age!
    Taken my torch!
    Taken my guns!
    Left me with legs to flee!

    Is there a horror game out there where the protagonist is deaf?

    • Ross Angus says:

      If I find a particular game scary, turning off the sound removes 90% of the horror. It might be quite the challenge!

  2. Iain_1986 says:

    Their budget for Design/Writing is more than their art and code budget combined.

    Their project breakdowns for budget are just ridiculous.

    Their team is already around 12 people (so thats barely even a salary of $10k each, not including any building, rent, dev tools etc)….and not one of those people is credited as a programmer.

  3. Jackablade says:

    I realise their sonar effect needs to be pretty unrealistic to function properly as a game mechanic, but it seems like they could make it a smidgen more realistic than the way it’s working here and still made it a functional albeit probably fairly different game. Making objects occlude the sound to form large shadows and having sound that doesn’t emanate from to protagonist result in unclear images for example.

  4. Cinek says:

    The way that supposed “echolocation” in this game works makes absolutely no sense. It’s more like a weird floating lightbulb that somehow doesn’t even cast shadows. Funny enough – I think that more accurate implementation of echolocation would add value to the game and make it more scary.

    • Nixitur says:

      Weeell, I think that might make things a bit too tedious. Any sound source would only illuminate what is actually in line of sight of that source and you’d only get a glimpse at what any object is.
      Which sounds fine until you realize that you’d have to walk around every single object to really see what it is.

      • Jackablade says:

        I reckon the way I’d do it would be to shoot rays straight out from the player. Anything the collide with gets illuminated but nothing else does. Rays are blocked by objects creating in effect big solid shadows. The player then remembers the position of things for a few seconds before it gradually fades or blurs out to blackness again – long enough to overlay a few pings to get a good sense of the immediate surroundings.