All Is Full Of Dad: Live-Action Dad By The Sword Trailer

Does the latest Dad By The Sword [official site] trailer tell us much new about the first-person dad-action-RPG? Nnnooot really (you get a nice look at your dad’s bejorted leg as he kicks a monster, mind). The trailer does, however, have the best live-action sequences since Roundabout. I never knew dad was such a versatile – and prevalent – element.

Released on Father’s Day, the trailer sees designer Chip Whiteman explaining the game’s profound story with his own dad playing an action hero. And a sword. And… he’s a very versatile actor, that there dad.

Dad By The Sword is a first-person roguelikelike action-RPG with swords and dads and treasure and kicking and dismemberment and smashing armour and procedurally-generated levels and permadeath. I’m getting a Dark Messiah of Might & Magic vibe from its man-kicking, head-lopping action and I’m up for that. Hurling bowling bowls at enemies to knock them down is a fine extension of goofy combat physics. The super-goofy narrator is great too. I like a lot about this game.

Rocketcat expect to release Dad By The Sword in late 2015 or early 2016. That’ll give you time to tidy up and get your dad’s favourite beer in.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    Dad Messiah Of Dork & Daggy.

  2. Jekhar says:

    Anyone thinking of Die by the Sword? Even the games title seems to be a pun on that one. Why is everyone referencing Dark Massiah instead? God, i’m getting old…

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Because the game looks little like Die By The Sword and a lot like Dark Messiah.

      The existence of a pun is not noteworthy. I would ban puns from RPS if I could. Editorial policy would insist we refer to this game as ‘Die By The Sword If You’re A Dad Who’s Not Good At Swordfighting’.

      • Jekhar says:

        Stop fighting and embrace your inner pun-iness. Only then can you realise your true puntential!

        • pepperfez says:

          You’re inviting severe punishment here, Jekhar.

          • Jekhar says:

            If punning is wrong, i don’t wanna be right! Let the world be my wit-ness!

          • solidsquid says:

            This is a matter of freedom of speech, a pundamental human right!

          • Unclepauly says:

            “We do not have a freedom of speech policy here. If we find your post offensive, or just don’t like it, it may get deleted. Complaining about it won’t change anything. We encourage you to disagree with us. However, we will not tolerate spitefulness or rudeness.”

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        The puns in the headlines and especially the pun threads in the comments section is one of the things I like most about RPS, so it’s good that you don’t run things here, Alice!

        I’m actually right now on a old-school drive and have downloaded the demo for Die by the Sword (and Rune and Severance: Blade of Darkness). I’ve played Dark Messiah lots of times and it’s as fun each time, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, there’s nothing like it. I might check this game out one day too.

    • terves says:

      The video made it seem like you do have analog control of your sword. That, and being able to apparently dismember enemies without killing them, makes it a lot more like DBTS than DMOM&M in my mind.

  3. draven says:

    Someone *needs* to make a F2P ripoff of this game and call it “Dad Buy The Sword” or the very fabric of reality will be torn

    • plugav says:

      The most realistic debit card mechanics in any video game to date!

  4. Neurotic says:

    Speaking as a Level 14 Dad myself, I approve.

  5. MadTinkerer says:

    So if the main boss comes up and claims to be the player’s Dad, the answer is “well yes, we all assumed that by now.”

  6. paddymaxson says:

    Can you put in your dadstats? My dad is a lot taller than most dads. In fact, I dare say at 6’7″ he would beat everyone else’s dad in a fight.