This Week In Witcher 3 Freebies: Coat And A Quest

Blending in nicely, Geralt. No one will know you're a tourist, I'm sure.

Do you ever worry Geralt seems a bit too into the fashion of the places he visits? He cottons onto a local look and adopts it himself, which I’d say is worse than a tourist wearing an ‘I ♥ Skellige’ t-shirt. He wants everyone to know he totally gets the culture, yeah? The sort of arse who’d swan around Paris wearing black and smoking Marlboros, nodding at passers-by in the market like “Yeah, we Parisians get this.”

This time, he’s dressing up as one of Skellige’s own sons in the latest round of free little add-ons for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [official site] as he undertakes a new Skelligen quest.

The Skellige Set, as you’ll see up top, is sold by the armourer at Kaer Trolde. As ever with these add-ons, the armour will scale to your level a little. He also sells some pretty nice horse gear, with both good stats and a nice chainmail flair. It’s a sensible outfit for a horse in battle.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the new quest, Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted, yet. CD Projekt say it “will take you from an Ard Skellig town on a monster hunt to track down whatever attacked a horrified Skelliger. It’s a monster hunt like no other – will you survive?” I’ll probably return to the autosave/quicksave point until I do survive, in all honesty.

These are the eleventh and twelfth of the sixteen planned free bits of ‘DLC.’ To download them, follow the usual method.


  1. PsychoWedge says:

    All the armours and still no storage chest/bartender…

    • akstro says:

      It’s quite extraordinary that a RPG in 2015 launches without a storage chest. I mean, at some point someone must have asked if it should be in the game and they deliberately didn’t put it in the game and AFAIK neither have they commented if it will be at any point. We also have no idea when the modkit is going to be released so someone can do the work for them.

      • Wulfram says:

        DA:I didn’t have a storage chest at release either.

        To be honest I think 90% of the stuff I tend to put in storage chests never comes out again, so I guess game designers reckon I should just sell it.

        • Zenicetus says:

          I think that’s the answer… there actually isn’t that much we really need to hold in inventory (unless you’re a hoarder), so they didn’t include it.

          I was able to get the largest capacity saddlebags fairly early; somewhere around level 20. That’s enough to hold a complete alternate set of armor and swords, if you’re trying to decide between the 4 Witcher sets for example. If you do any crafting, you’ll want to keep about 5 of every herb and monster part and sell off the rest for cash. So the crafting mats aren’t a major weight burden either. I sold every letter and book after reading it to the book shop guy in Novigrad, so I knew where they were if I ever needed them again. That cleans up the inventory so I can access potions without scrolling. I just never had a problem with weight, other than the need to periodically visit the right merchants/crafters to sell off the extra.

          This also ties into the way they’ve made the Witcher armor and weapon sets the most desirable items in the game. There isn’t a need to collect and hoard all those other armors and weapons you find, unless you just want a different look.

          • lordcooper says:

            As a counterpoint, I finished the game around level 20 in my first playthrough. I wanted to carry all the witcher gear with me, as I didn’t know which would end up being better in its upgraded forms. I wanted multiple choices of weapon to deal with different types of enemy and varying combat situations.

          • lordcooper says:

            There is also the thematic problem of me being gifted (for example) a sword that has been in someone’s family for generations and then having to sell it because I can’t spare the extra weight.

          • Zenicetus says:

            Okay, I can understand not wanting to give away a quest-reward sword for roleplaying reasons. Still, a Witcher’s gotta be a practical monster killer, and those gift swords just never matched what I was either carrying or about to craft, as part of the Witcher gear sets.

            I think I did use some non-set swords earlier on, to plug the gaps when leveling seemed slow. But they were just filler. The synergy of the Witcher armor/sword sets with the way the skill tree is laid out, was just too attractive to me. Especially at higher levels. I’m at level 35, still haven’t quite finished the main plot line, and I just never saw any armor or weapon drops that could compete with the three sets of Witcher gear I’ve been crafting (Griffon, then Cat, and finally mastercrafted Wolf that I’m wearing now).

          • paddymaxson says:

            I know it’s no real answer but there is a mod that ups what saddlebags add to your weight limit, I found saddlebags * 1.5 to be enough to carry round all 4 sets of witcher gear….And yeah, I kept hold of Winter’s Blade until I accidentally dismantled it while dismantling the results of clearing a few consecutive contracts for dimetrium….

            My real issue with Winter’s blade was that I went through the game doing quests in level order where possible (even if this was less efficient – though I stopped clearing the map of question marks in Skellige because it was 80% smugglers caches surrounded by drowners) and by the time I got it, it was laughably underpowered compared to the crafted witcher gear I had acquired.

            It would’ve been nice to get more gear that was actually useful compared to even 2nd tier witcher crafted gear, maybe if rare and interesting named items scaled with level? There’s definitely a level scaling mechanic in game for gear, so it’s not like it’s impossible

    • lucasdigital says:

      You should be able to drop stuff into unguarded chests, there are plenty in Kaer Morhen. *As far as I can tell* chest contents are not flushed or reset.

      * I’ve not tested it but I see my forced item drops when I revisit places*

      • jonahcutter says:

        I’ve dropped things on the ground and they’re still there after many many hours of play and multiple location changes/fast travels.

        I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, but so far nothing I’ve dropped has despawned.

        • Minglefingler says:

          It will do eventually, I had a lot of stuff dropped at a village and after staying there for around a week (real world time with longish play sessions every day) it vanished.

    • golem09 says:

      To be honest, I’m a little suprised the saddlebags you get for your horse aren’t some sort of storage chest. Instead they increase your normal inventory. Weird. Got saddlebags as a mod in Skyrim and loved it, and how it made me depend on my horse. But then again on that playthrough I bascially played Geralt, complete with alchemistic mutations and made my own potion/meditation mod.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I only have the +70 saddle bags. I carry all four witcher sets and ~10 of each crafting material which still gives me 40-50kg of leeway.

      Your saddle bags are the storage chest.

    • Rumpelstilskin says:

      Might in fact be deliberate. Witchers are not supposed to hoard things; they carry everything they need.

      • hungrycookpot says:

        And I would totally play that way, except for when the first witchers armor was an ingredient in another recipe early on. I’ve held onto that damn armor the whole game in the expectation that it would be a common occurrence.

    • Rumpelstilskin says:

      ..although even if it was, looks like they are backing out on it:

    • Rumpelstilskin says:

      link didn’t work
      link to!

    • vahnn says:

      You can put your stuff in any chest/box in the game and it will stay there. I’ve been keeping stuff in a box in Keira’s place in Velen since about 12 hours into the game, I’m now at about 90 hours, it’s still there. Plus there’s a guy in the secret mage club (forget the name of that section of town) who sells really high capacity saddlebags for about 900. I want to say it’s +70 weight, but it might be +100.

      Besides that, sell off all junk armor, keep 10-15 of each crafting material/monster parts and sell the rest, and stock up on repair kits instead of carrying backup swords (like I used to do, silly habit!)

      Even hauling 2 extra swords and a full set of Bear armor and a couple crossbows that I can’t use for a few levels, I still have 82kg of extra carrying space, and I haven’t been selling off excess crafting materials or books lately!

      • popej says:


        • popej says:

          Stupid phone, screen was jumping all over the place. I meant to say:

          How do you put stuff in a chest, I didn’t think there was an option to?


  2. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    I pity poor Roach to carry all this heavy load

  3. thebigJ_A says:

    Why is it not on Steam??

    • 7hink says:

      I had the same thing as well with the last few DLCs. You can try to look them up via a regular browser. That worked fine for me.

  4. Bernardo says:

    “Do you ever worry Geralt seems a bit too into the fashion of the places he visits?”

    soo…Geralt and Gerald?
    link to

  5. Hunchback says:

    I wish i could play this for more than 20 minutes without it randomly crashing.

    Actually, i wish they would stop making free DLCs and try to fix the game crashing for such a huge specter of pc builds… It’s quite strange, if you hit google for “the witcher 3 crash” you find hundreds of reports and weird “solutions” that only seem to work for 1 person. And that’s on a AA title coming from a studio with an excellent record and obviously talented people… I am puzzled.

    • Cinek says:

      There’s a problem with W3 crashing? First time I heard about it. For both: me and my friends it’s super-stable – never had any crash what so ever. Quite the opposite to Witcher 1 which after all these years still crashes every 5 minutes for me (but somehow works just fine for most of my friends…).

    • Rumpelstilskin says:

      Apparently those are nvidia driver crashes. And yeah, lots of people have them (myself included)

    • schlusenbach says:

      All freezes/crashes stopped after I set the game to fullscreen instead of windowed. Might help?

    • Hunchback says:

      I have an AMD card, and it still crashes. It’s a weird “crash”, as you i get dumped to the desktop and the game keeps running (the sound) but it’s not responding. Tried tons of different settings, according to various forums and guides. Nothing really works.
      Also, the crashes are not COMPLETELY random, as in, there’s always some kind of event that triggers them, like inspecting an object, passing a dialogue option, opening a chest, things like that. However, it’s impossible to reproduce since when you reload it doesn’t crash at the same spot. And it’s almost always around 20 minutes.

      Then some people, like Cinek, have 0 problems…that’s why i am quite puzzled, as the reasons and “solutions” seem SO varied that the problem must be something very deep, if it can affect so many different setups and they can’t fix it yet. Must be something wrong with the way the game talks with the video drivers, i suppose, but still no fix = wtf?

      • Rumpelstilskin says:

        do you use some temperature monitor, like Precision X or MSI Afterburner?

        • Hunchback says:

          Yeah, temp is ok… ::S

          • Rumpelstilskin says:

            I mean that for me I think it crashes more when I use the monitor. Without it it would just occasionally BSD due to genuine overheating, but not as often.

      • Slazer says:

        Somebody mentioned it already, but check if you are really in fullscreen mode.

        I had the same crashes as long as I was playing in borderless window

    • neems says:

      I’ve had lots and lots of crashes, exactly as you describe – game shuts down, but the sound / dialogue continues for a while. Every single one of them has been accompanied by ‘The device driver has stopped responding and recovered’, which to my admittedly inexpert eye is a problem with the Nvidia drivers. I updated to the more recent ones, still the same problem. Went back to 350.12 and so far it’s been absolutely flawless (fingers crossed).

      I forgot the golden rule, which is to never update my GPU drivers unless I absolutely have to.

    • Hunchback says:

      We seem to have found a solution, together with Mr Rixter: Using the AMD Catalyst Control Center, the OverDrive section, i’ve set the GPU clock to 800mhz, which is the stock setting for my ancient 7850. Also set the maximum power to +20%. It was set to 1100mhz, probably by the manufacturers. Apparently that made it unstable and… crashing.

      I played about 1h straight last night, not a single crash. No noticeable hit on FPS from the lowering of the clock. Can’t be 100% sure a crash will not happen, but so far it’s been fine.

      So there, hope that helps people with AMD cards (probably can be applied to NVIDIA too) – Lower your overclock to stock settings.

  6. timmyvos says:

    Marlboros!? A real pseudo-Parisien would not let that decadent American filth touch their mouths! Nothing but pure, French Gauloises (Bleu, obviously!) for them!