Bike Wot Goes Fast: MotoGP 15 Out Now

Do you go half as fast when you're only on one wheel?

I wince every time I see a motorbike game. One of my earliest assignments for The Distinguished Competition back in my magazine days was to review Moto Something 3, which I reluctantly agreed to do despite zero motorbike knowledge beyond that you burn your leg if you try to climb off the wrong side. In desperation about how to meet the wordcount, I opened the article with a made-up nonsense rhyme about motorbikes, reasoning that the extra linebreaks would fill more space. The editor questioned my sanity but left it in, to my horror. And so even just reading the name ‘MotoGP 15‘ has me consumed by self-loathing. Let’s see if I can find catharsis by posting about it, what with it being out today and everything.

Did you like it? If you pause and go through it frame by frame, I’m pretty sure you can see a motorbike at one point.

Here’s another one with a bit more in-game footage, showing off how it recreates recent real-life races:

And here are some important motorbike facts:

Motorbikes have two wheels and go quite fast.

Sometimes they are noisy.

You have to put on a lot of cowskin if you want to ride on one.

Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider rides a motorbike.

Wrek-Gar in Transformers turned into a sort of square, spiky, rubbish motorbike.

The Motorbike was invented by Ian Motorbike in 1492.

I would almost certainly die if I tried to ride a motorbike.

MotoGP15 is out now. I’m really sorry.


  1. arioch says:

    I’m looking forward to this articles reappearance in this week’s RPS Sunday Papers writing round up… :)

  2. nothingfaced says:

    I never learn. I bought all the MotoGP games.

    Milestone – They never finished MotoGP14. That was riddled with silly bugs such as being unable to quit the game from the campaign. You had to kill it from task manager. Console influence of course but Milestone piss me off so that’s it for me.

    • Mud says:

      Same as me, got them all … including this one and knowing they never fix the bugs.
      One pro however, now you can quit to desktop the normal way lol

      • Guvornator says:

        I tried MotoGP 14 and the handling was very strange – the bikes were incredibly nimble, almost like F-Zero. A shame, as Milesone’s Superbike games were splendid, and Screamer was magnificent, and still fun today.

        • Mud says:

          MotoGP 15 has better physics than 14, it’s comparable with Ride.

    • Taliessyn says:

      As someone who commutes on a motorbike every day, and as an avid simulation fan, there is only one option for those looking for any semblance of the realistic crashy nature of bikes.

  3. Barberetti says:

    “One of my earliest assignments for The Distinguished Competition back in my magazine days was to review Moto Something 3”

    Moto Racer 3 I’m guessing? never played it, but the first one was great.

    • Jekhar says:

      Yep, the first one was sublime. Silky smooth framerates even back then, barreling along a twisting track only inches away from certain doom, nailing the lenght of that wheelie (=turbo) just right to take the next corner. That game plus Motorhead and the first two Wipeouts were my arcade racing heaven back then. Strangely i never got around to try it’s sequels.

  4. aircool says:

    Can’t remember whether it was the first MotoGP or the second where you could cover your bike in made up sponsor names. Cue lots of Penis Oil and ItchiFani sponsorship.

  5. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    “The Motorbike was invented by Ian Motorbike in 1492.”

    Dude was a genious, so ahead of times it’s wheelie incredible.

  6. SuicideKing says:

    Best motorbike games are the arcade ones.

  7. P.Funk says:

    Back over in the realms of cars wot go fast its been confirmed in a interview that Reiza studios, makers of Game Stock Car Extreme, will be releasing a new version today, apparently including more free content (a car and a track apparently) and will also be unveiling their first crowdfunding campaign to support work that will be based on their other announcement, their licensing of the code for the engine they’ve been using (yes, so far its all be modding work effectively) which should lead them towards some new phase of development before closing down GSCE development some time in the future.

    I only mention it here because I’ve found RPS’ coverage of GSCE rather poor compared to all the other sims that have been getting mention around here. GSCE is considered by many to be best of the bunch but since its not as pretty as the newer engines it gets missed by the Journos wot don’t sim, Tim Stone excepted.

  8. Spinkick says:

    Where are the reviews for this game?

    Also, is this like the old xbox 360 moto gp games? And the original xbox? Those were a lot of fun online

  9. FluffyFreak says:

    MotoGP suits are usually made of Kangaroo hide, some cow, but mostly kangaroo.