The Truth Is In Here: 10 Mins Of Jabber-Free XCOM 2

things are looking up

It’s a good day for watching videos of exciting upcoming games that isn’t polluted by jibber-jabber. Getting to appreciate the sound design of No Man’s Sky was a fine thing, and now I can see some of my most-anticipated game this year, XCOM 2 [official site], without interruptions from interviewers and soundbyteers. This ten minutes of alien-bothering appears to offer a meaningful glimpse of how a mission can play out. It looks significantly more XCOMy than some of the talk about big changes – especially in terms of role-reversal – might have suggested but, I think, in a good way.

This is mostly stuff we’ve seen before, but now in one big, flowing clip without any disembodied voice. The footage comes directly from the Firaxis tap, so may well be scripted up the wazoo, but given XCOM 2 is only four months away at this point, I’m willing to believe that it’s fairly representative of what we’ll get.

A few random things I noticed:

Environments look much larger, but some of that may be down to e.g. lots of skyscrapers in the distance, providing a sense of scale and also more sense that you’re in a slice of the world rather than a special arena.

the music has become more action-y, with a bit less of the dark Tangerine Dream doom-synth of the first game.

A few more international accents in there? There’s even a “bugger” at one point.

It definitely seems more destruction-heavy. Maybe more bloody too.

More elaborate death animations for your guys.

It would not an inaccurate statement to say that am looking forwards to November.


  1. selbytiger says:

    But…but I LIKE Tangerine Dream doom-synth

    • Shadow says:

      So do I, and I do hope for some futuristic suspense tunes in XCOM 2, but at the same time it’s true it’s not Enemy Unknown anymore. The Enemy is quite Well-Known now.

      Still, yeah.

  2. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    I was one of those grognard X-COM fans who shat on every bit of news about XCOM, even months after its release. Maybe I was feeling burned by the FPS? I don’t know, I just had a chip on my shoulder about this being “NOT MY X-COM!”

    Turned out, I was so wrong. It’s a truly great game, and here I am now ridiculously excited for the sequel.

    • Tssha says:

      It’s a rare individual who can admit when they’re wrong.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Good for you! It is a fantastic game indeed. I started the long war yesterday, and man, it´s kicking my ASS. Anyone got any early game tips?

      • DarkFenix says:

        Hire lots of rookies, the RNG is going to chew them up in droves. At the very beginning one bad roll is going to result in a dead soldier. Don’t expect to complete every mission, it can be better to rescue your team rather than waste them against impossible odds. Terror missions will be borderline impossible, your job there at best is to reduce losses, you will never save everyone. Don’t worry too much about losing a nation or three, in Long War you can get them back later, better to prioritise your resources for the good ones.

      • Horg says:

        Starting country: either Brazil for Tac Rigging, Russia for more accurate Interceptors or Egypt for faster interceptor repair. Tac Rigging gives you an extra small item slot and plays really well for new players using the fairly fail safe early game strategy of hunker until you can grenade your way out of trouble. The air game will kick you ass sometimes even if you know how to game it well, so if you feel confident enough on the ground to go without Tac Rigging, take an air game bonus.

        Research: always go Xenobiology. Weapon Fragments then Laser guns. Xenobiology lets you trade Sectoid corpses to the council for scientists which you desperately need in the early game so you don’t fall behind on tech. You will get to Lasers slightly faster than going direclty through Weapon Fragments, and you desperately need Lasers.

        Base building: first month is all about building up your Interceptor fleet and getting an extra satellite to fill your starting uplink. Always prioritise Interceptors over satellites as they have to be defended at all times. Have two Interceptors on AP missiles to kill fighters (they have the purple outline in the geoscape) who will shoot down satellites and take almost no damage from standard missiles. Should you run low on Interceptors, you can abandon an attack if the UFO takes 50% damage or greater as it will abandon its mission and the satelite will be safe (it will start displaying yellow circles when you do enough damage). If you are doing well, get some extra Interceptors and put them in storage on another continent for repair rotation. You do not have to shoot down every UFO, but it helps to get as many as possible. Getting Laser guns for Interceptors should be a fairly high priority after you have them for your soldiers. Other than that, the OTS and Foundry are high priorities, as is digging for your first steam vent.

        Combat: grenades are vital in the first few months when you can’t really get into a fire fight. Always pack an AP grenade on rookies and if you get overwhelmed, hunker until you can grenade your way out of trouble. Support grenades are also really useful so always have a few flash bangs, a battle scanner and a med kit. HE isn’t reliable until you get a sapper grenadier, but then it becomes a very useful tool. Never run over watch, the aliens got pretty good at it in Long War and it tends to one shot you early on as you don’t get the DR from cover when running. Flash bangs and suppression now remove over watch so they become vital tools. Low cover isn’t that bad in Long War, hunkering in low gives more defense than standing in high so you can advance or retreat by hunker until you can fight. Never ever double move into un-scouted terrain, the best strategy for movement is to single move and over watch the entire squad. Sometimes you catch patrols with a mass over watch this way, then you can move to cover and fight.

        Promotions: early game priorities are Scouts for lightning reflexes which makes over watch much easier to deal with. Gunners for suppression. Rocketeers, although these guys suck early game they are very powerful when leveled up. Infantry, who are your primary killers with two shots per turn, but need levels to get accuracy up. All other classes are useful but more situational, and those 4 are your core of pretty much every team. For example, Snipers are best used on road way maps and Grenadiers are best in urban maps / council missions, Assaults in urban / UFO, medics in UFO / council, etc. You will get a feel for who works best in what arena.

        • DarkFenix says:

          It sounds like the mod has changed quite significantly since I last played it, time to patch it up and give it another spin by the looks of it.

      • king0zymandias says:

        Been waiting to play the mod, but apparently it’s still in beta. Always feel a little scared starting a game that’s still in active development. So how’s the mod faring in the bugs department? Anything game breaking?

        • Horg says:

          This mod will never be bug free, it changes so much in a game that was never intended to support modding that there will always be problems. It will only be out of beta when they are sick of adding things to it. That said, it plays fairly stable, it’s not entirely crash proof but very rarely does crash. In over 200 hours of Long War I have never hit a bug I would call game breaking (i.e. making it impossible to continue) but quite a few that range from hilarious to keyboard smashingly frustrating. Basically just like the base game : |. As an example, one of the changes that Long War made to alien movement was to randomise patrol paths. Sometimes the alien pods bug a bit and split up, which can cause activations to be split across the map. Every now and then you will think you cleared a pod, only to run into a straggler on over watch who was split up and didn’t join the fight. Not game breaking, just occasionally irritating. Definitely not irritating enough to stop me playing it though. You should try it out or watch some of the Beaglerush Iron Man impossible campaign on youtube to see what it’s like.

          • king0zymandias says:

            Thanks a lot for the info. I have seen what the mod is about, really love the idea. The only other thing I wish it added is action points, but I suppose that’s a dream that will remain as such. What really stopped me though was the big bold red disclaimer text on nexusmod warning me that it’s a beta. So I thought might as well wait a while. But since it is apparently stable enough I think I will try it as soon as I finish witcher.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            And that’s the very reason I won’t install the Long War.. I admire their efforts, but playing something that is so buggy.. and it IS, isn’t my idea of fun or an upgrade, the annoyances with the first are bad enough without building more in.

  3. Tssha says:

    The accents are indeed goodly, that was something that was dearly missing from XCOM.

    This looked like something run in the actual game engine. Obviously a prepared scenario, and who knows if someone fudged the dice, but at least it looks like the game runs well enough.

    And crikey…two soldiers dead for a statue…hey, at least we get to see the new face of the enemy. That’s worth two lives…right…?

    • Ringwraith says:

      Yeah, they mentioned accents are now selectable as well as languages, so you can change soldier’s nationalities and genders as you want.

      • Fiyenyaa says:

        Oh yes! I am actually most excited by that.
        I really liked that Enemy Within allowed you to put the language soldiers spoke with their nationality, but it only worked with a few of them (i.e. the languages the game had been localised into). I don’t care if it’s full on languages or accents, but I hope they get a nice wide spread.

        • IonTichy says:

          Most of the lines in the other languages made me laugh: “Cinq sur cinq” etc…they all sounded like auto-translated versions of the english lines albeit spoken by a native.

      • Carlos Danger says:

        But I suppose that the Advent models will be locked to a specific gender and nationalities as they did with Exalt.

    • Rizlar says:

      Yeah, it’s also nice how open they are about not initially realising the importance of accents to an international audience. Then they patched in the ability to choose different languages and now this. Cor blimey, luvaduck! Even if the accents turn out to be rubbish I love that it exists.

      It was pretty scripted, did seem a bit too easy to die! Will be interesting to see how much more fancy camerawork/semi-scripted vignettes there are in the actual game, since the levels will be procedurally generated and it looked a lot more involved with the shotgun soldier getting swatted around like that. Exciting stuff anyways. :D

    • Shadow says:

      I wonder to what extent they’ve worked to ensure accurate accents. I haven’t been able to watch the commentary-less video yet (I’m at work).

      By accents do you guys mean soldiers speaking English with a Hollywood-like accent related to their country of origin, or a full-on proper effort as in voice actors hired from the country in question to speak the native language in the correct accent? Could be anything from, say, a whole array of Latin American and Spanish voice actors to a handful of Spaniards voicing all the Spanish-speaking soldiers.

      • Muppetizer says:

        Firaxis did some amazing work with the accents/languages in Civ 5, here’s hoping they can send some money in that direction again.

  4. Horg says:

    Oh, was hoping for some new footage but this is just the E3 demo (which someone already posted I think) without the commentary. The commentary specifically said that parts of this mission were not representative of the final game and were altered to expedite the demo.

    If the cover destruction is representative of the final game then I hope that’s the first thing modders work on. One of the best changes that Long War made to XCOM was toning down the environmental damage on all weapons and giving specific weapon classes more cover damage than others. What I really want from Firaxis is a reveal of the mod tools.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Seemed to me like a basic tutorial. The CO talking all the time would be helluva annyoing in every mission.

      But besides that, I never thought I’d miss the downed UFO missions out in the woods. That city looks like its missing half of its textures.

    • Shadow says:

      More destructible cover forces you to keep moving, as opposed to finding a nice spot, taking cover and slugging it out like it’s WW1. I don’t see it as a negative change, necessarily. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the long run.

      Cover was quite brittle in the original games as well, as a side note.

  5. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    There are only three games I can’t wait to play: XCOM 2, Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain, and Persona 5. This video just reinforced the first one.

    • nearly says:

      Kind of an unexpectedly compelling looking update to the formula. Same with Persona 5 if that leaked video is anything to go on (and I assume it very much is).

      I love it when sequels don’t just iterate and actually update to do something different

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        Me too. I loved Persona 4 so much, but I definitely don’t want the same game. I’m looking forward to all the changes.

  6. aircool says:

    Shame you can’t import your own speech.

  7. Snark says:

    So much stuff spawning in and getting 1shot kills on the same turn. I hope this isn’t how the game will play.

    • Horg says:

      They already confirmed it wont be in the E3 commentary for this video.

    • DrollRemark says:

      Yeah I was assuming this was all done for dramatic effect, as that’s easily one of the cardinal sins of TBS. It ruined the last Fire Emblem.

    • KevinLew says:

      This is clearly a heavily scripted, staged demo. There’s so many things that don’t make sense such as reinforcements on *every* turn, and XCOM Rookies never missing a shot and one-hit killing everything. Not to mention the sheer stupidity of somebody with a gun would purposely run 10 squares forward, completely out of cover, to slash somebody with a sword.

      The point of the video was to show some of the new features, such as melee combat, the new hacking system, the ability to pick up and carry downed units, and destructible cover.

  8. Jane Doe says:

    “Jabber-free” video … starts with some dude talking for a minute.

    • Bull0 says:

      It’s gameplay footage that has previously only been available in a fully narrated format, whereas this just starts and ends with a word from Jake…

  9. vahnn says:

    I didn’t initially like XCOM (call me an X-COM traditionalist. Xenonauts was more my thing) but it grew on me. Never finished it, though. This is looking pretty damn rad so far, so I’m going to have to go back and finish XCOM now.

  10. neoncat says:

    I hope this ends up being less buggy than XCOM:EU. I can’t complete a campaign without five or six crash-to-desktop, not to mention all the crazy bugs like teleporting enemies and the inability to move through certain elevated areas. (Of course, I still completed classic ironman despite the bugs… it was so good when it worked.)

  11. RProxyOnly says:

    Don’t Firaxis read any forums?

    Still with that back and forth camera.. That was the biggest problem I had with the first one, spent more time fighting the camera than I did the enemy, and a lot of others did too going by the amount of requests for a camera mod.. that couldn’t actually be done properly because it was all hardcoded. I hope there’s an option to disable automatic camera movement because I can’t pay another xcom game like that.. I LOVE the first one but the constantly shifting camera saps my enthusiasm and annoys me to the point that I’m not buying the sequel if it does the same thing.

    Also it’s a shame they’ve changed Bradford’s voice and because of the setting I doubt we’ll get Vahlen or the engineer, I hope they at least get Mr Shadow from the situation room back, although in all fairness they did use him saying “Welcome back, Commander” for the announcement trailer. The music doesn’t seem to have the same punch or be as catchy as the first, either, I remember the music grabbed me straight away from the release trailer of the original, this one didn’t grab me at all.

    I know from the interviews they SEEM to be doing away with a lot of the tech research and development and they haven’t even mentioned base building and the fact that it’s now a mobile base worries me even more in that department.

    The trailer is nice but it’s not really a ‘gameplay’ trailer, it was already stated that it’s party CGI.. when the big beast arrives it won’t actually be able to knock you across the screen and there won’t be the air lift close shave, plus a lot of the turns they show you are truncated for emphasis, thank god at least the Snakeman won’t be able to grab AND strangle you in the same turn.

    I REALLY, REALLY want to love this but there are a lot of changes, and non-changes, that seem to remove a lot of what made the first one for me.. and I have to admit to being concerned considering that the first is a HUGE favourite of mine.

    Obviously I have to see.. but from what I’ve seen and heard, I’m just not getting in to it.

    I’m sad.

    • Rizlar says:

      You know you can just turn off the cinematic camera?

      • RProxyOnly says:

        Of course I know, but what has that to do with what I’ve written?

        • Rizlar says:

          Ah, apologies, thought you were talking about that. Reading it back I see what you were actually referring to.

          • RProxyOnly says:

            Apology accepted.. or my original lack of clarity admitted, whichever you would prefer. :)

  12. PancakeWizard says:

    I can’t muster excitement for it simply because it still calls itself ‘XCOM’. It just isn’t. It seems like the first one was priming us for a huge departure from the originals and now it’s just unrecognisable. A shame, because I’d love to see an XCOM:TFTD game with this level of polish and pacing.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      In what way is it so different from the first?
      Honest question, I haven’t played the originals.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        Difficult to put into words without waffling on for hours but: Tone, scope, plot (obviously), aesthetic (that one not a deal breaker by any means), strategy. – All vastly different.

        I love the new combat, and I actually like the cinematic camera (which puts me squarly in the minority), but there was just so much more to the original games. And this genetic alteration crap from the first game’s expansion and now this weird dystopia setting just seem so different from the original brand I wonder why they bothered using it (that’s rhetorical btw, I know why they used the brand, I’m just experated it’s been abandoned in all but name).

        • PancakeWizard says:

          PS> I liked the accents in this one, that’s the best new thing by far.

        • RProxyOnly says:

          I’m not keen on the dystopic tonal change either. I think the swords in a gunfight are stupid also.

      • HuddiBras says:

        I guess the main thing is that while X-Com: Ufo Defense feels like a being given a toolbox and expected to solve a problem, XCOM: Enemy Unknown feels like being given a disordered puzzle and told to slot the pieces together correctly.

        They’re both good games, and I enjoyed them both tremendously. But they’re also incredibly different games, for any pretense of similarity in theme.

        X:UD gives you full kit and inventory and as many rookies as you can reliably fill in a transport, and you can equip these terrible rookies with as much fidelity or randomness as you desire. Zerg Rush with 12 guys carrying nothing but high explosives? Sure. Re-enact any scene of storming a certain beach by giving everyone an assault rifle, a clip and a pat on the back before they walk face-first into plasma? Sure. Specifically selected roles with varying equipment? Sure, if you want.

        X:EU (and expansions) gives you 4-6 troops with sharply defined roles and capabilities and asks whether you want them to have [Grenandes] or [Medikits], and what tier of weaponry from [1-3]. Everyone has 1 grenade, more of they level up and get the specific assault perk that enables that, and they get one special item they can use 1 time, maybe 2. No loading people down with enough gear to mimic tanks, trading in mobility for offense. No equipping people with nothing but a sharp stick, trading offense for mobility.

        If someone gets shot in X:UD, a nearby rookie can rush forward and grab their equipment from the ground. If someone gets shot in X:EU, you lose that piece. No retries, no adapting strategy, no on-the-fly change of tactics. Should the person who was shot happen to also be the soldier with the medical kit, well, then you can watch them bleed out over 3 turns, medi-kit displayed on the ground, and no one able to interact with it because you didn’t indicate that the other 3-5 members of the squad should have access to the special ability [Heal] for this mission. Your mistake. You slotted a puzzle piece in wrong and pay the price.

        X:UD is a series of constant evaluations of your current approach, changing things around and adapting to what happens. Bring more explosives, be slower. More ammo, easier to hit. Less armor, more range More soldiers? Less money for interceptors . . .So on. X:EU is a constant series of tests to see if you’ve prepared the right piece at the right time. Have your still got your 1 grenade for the mission? Did you use the rocket launcher too early or too late? Should you have moved *then* fired instead of firing and being locked from moving? 3 Thin Men just spawned from the sky, did you remember to reload your Sniper last turn? So on, so on. If you do, then success! You get access to the next puzzle-piece question. If you don’t, you’ve failed and have little ability to influence the outcome because the sharply defined contours of the game make it easier to play and less fiddly, but also less interactive in general.

        So the pressure applied is different, and the way the game expects you to react to threats is different. I like both a lot, but I prefer the originals because while they offer more moments of individual annoyance (sorting out the ammo and grenades on 24 different rookies, aaargh) the newer XCOM feels like trying to second-guess a particularly devilish Tetris block dispenser (Oh, you activated an alien group at a bad time! Aliens get free movement! Aliens move next to your team! Alien turn! Your team dies from plasma to the back of the head because you moved a piece in the wrong place at the wrong time, retry mission). There’s less “game” in playing it because it quickly becomes apparent that there’s very, very few proper responses to the things you encounter that won’t result in being wiped off the map.

        • RProxyOnly says:

          I understand your point of view perfectly.

          I felt the same way about the Deus Ex reboot’s steamlining and basic shift of focus.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      TFTD is one of my favourite games of all time, and easily my fav X-Com game, but you know what? It was a HORRIBLE sequel. It changed almost nothing. I honestly disagree completely with the implication that if you make changes like these you should use an entirely new name. It still has a great deal in common with the classics.

      Either way, incase you hadn’t heard yet, Open X-Com is getting support for TFTD, so you’ll be able to play the classic with a bunch of usability improvements etc. Hopefully that cheers you up a bit.

  13. Tomhai says:

    I’v read quite a lot of reviews and comments about the new XCOM (and this upcoming XCOM2) and still dont understand if people are really comparing this to the original or is it just a game they lik.? I did play the new XCOM for about 10 missions. Did not feel at all like the original. More like a puzzle game. A good puzzle game but not my cup of tea. Now reading the previews, for some reason I get my hopes up again, that it’s the old XCOM. But looking from the video it seems something what you get if you put Call of Duty together with a squad based TBS. Like a scripted strategy game, or something. Where you go through the game mostly the way the designer intended. You are given one angle of approach – the corridor. Constantly shifting camera, a lot of awesome moments. The decisions you make are mostly about risking/sacrifising your characters’ lives.
    It does have it’s certain appeal and sure looks original (can not name anything like this), but the gameflow seems as different from original XCOM as Call of Duty is from Stalker. Or am I wrong? Is there really tactical depth somewhere I’ve missed. Can you really compere it to oroginal XCOM or Jagged alliance or Silent Storm?

    • no1funkydude says:

      Yeah there is definitely, especially if you play Enemy within and/or the Long War mod. The later addons add a lot more depth. Also if you’re a die hard original XCOM fan you need to make sure the gameplay settings are ramped up.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        See I’m a big XCOM of old fan, but what I find missing in the new ones has nothing to do with difficulty and everything to do with things I’ve outlined further up in the comments.

    • DullUserName says:

      I guess I’m comparing it to the original, although obviously I accept that Firaxis’ Xcom is its own game. I wasn’t expecting them to produce 90s X-Com with better graphics or Xenonauts, I realised they’d be updating the gameplay.

      I still think XCom is an excellent game compared with the original. I know what you mean about it seeming like a puzzle game at times in that you have a very set toolkit to use and get more guidance about how to deploy it, whereas the original was a bit more freeform and you had to find your own way a bit more. Despite this, I think the tactical depth is greater in this one, I am not one of those who thinks having more soldiers or time-units automatically makes tactical gameplay better. I love the soldier development in the new XCom, although high-level soldiers are arguably too overpowered. The strategic layer is seriously nerfed in the new iteration compared with the original but I don’t necessarily mind that as it could get tedious at times in the original and Firaxis were trying to open it up to a new audience.

      Basically, your enjoyment of it will depend on whether you are expecting a reskinned X-Com or whether you are happy with them making a game that is strongly inspired by X-Com, keeps most of the big themes but has significant gameplay differences.

  14. no1funkydude says:

    Do we have any idea what kind of specs we’ll need for this? I know i’ll be needing a new graphics card (current Radeon HD5550) but I don’t want to have to spank 200+ on that – then the game ontop.

    • Dev Martin says:

      There’s basically no chance it will require any more than a 750 Ti for like $100. Probably less.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      I play EW at 4k high on a 660, I don’t see any reason why I would have to upgrade for this.

  15. FoSmash says:

    The art is drastically different, but in a bad way. Looks much more run-of-the-mill now and less stylistic. Not nearly as dramatic as the first game, whose art drew you into the environments. For instance, the game is four months out so it’s safe to assume the art choices are finalised, but why are all the surfaces so pristine? It’s a city with people bustling about in it, even more so there seems to be a heavy military presence, meaning large rugged machines moving through environments not designed for them. Scratches abound!
    Voice acting still as bad as the first game, more accents yes but daft associations. For example the soldier with the Nigerian flag on her back has an obvious Jamaican accent. Surely that’s wrong. The English guy is the standard cockney, why? Always a cockney, it’s such a bad choice or better – the ‘easy’ choice. He’s English, lets make him cockney. Why can’t he be a Liverpuddlian, or even a regular Londoner? Far more likely.
    Massive fan of the first game and its addons, but not at all taken with this display.

    • Fredward says:

      The cities are alien honeypots. They’re supposedly these magnificent megacities that promise disease free existence and etc to lure humanity into easily accessible pockets. Dunno about the accents, or care terribly much.

      • Rizlar says:

        Yeah, one of the devs mentioned that those cities are meant to look a bit wrong, like the aliens have built something that is supposed to appeal to humans without actually understanding or consulting with any humans. I was also a bit concerned about the new higher fidelity style, but it seems like they have done a good job, showing restraint in detail and making everything feel full of life and energy. Hopefully there is a real range of environments in the game, some more down at heel slums and recognisable stuff as well.

        Didn’t notice the Jamaican Nigerian accent before. What the fuck is up with that?

    • PancakeWizard says:

      I didn’t really see a problem with the accents, but what we know of the plot so far I don’t know why an underground rebel organisation would feel the need to mark their soldiers with flags of origin. It makes sense in the original XCOM scenario, but not here.

      • Strangerator says:

        I could see a scenario where the alien takeover has meant a homogenization of human culture and dissolving of national borders, and the XCOM operatives wear flags to remember how things used to be.

        • Rizlar says:

          Or they are just wearing the holey, blood-stained pass-me-downs from the previous XCOM crew. :P

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I’m not even a particularly patriotic person, and I’d probably wear a saltire if I were fighting a bunch of aliens who’d come down out of nowhere and attempted to erase the entirety of human achievement in favour of some kind of hybridized ideal. It doesn’t necessarily seem like a very logical thing for them to do, but it definitely doesn’t stand out as unlikely either.

  16. Matfink says:

    Watched it until the snake tongue grab. Ridiculous :(

  17. Sunjammer says:

    I really don’t know about this one. The demo itself seems super staged (I have zero interest in scripty events with talky characters), the music is generic, and the look in general just doesn’t do much for me. I’m still excited but I’ll hold out for more demos until I make up my mind: Didn’t like this one.