Viva Las Vegas! Payday 2 Casino Heist DLC Released

I swear, you can’t take that naughty Payday 2 [official site] gang anywhere! Take them to Las Vegas and do they marvel at the Neon Museum, swing by the Erotic Heritage Museum, flip out at the Pinball Hall of Fame, and get drunk watching the skies outside Area 51? They do not, I tell you.

The latest Payday 2 DLC heist launched last night, sending the crew in to rob a casino. Ambitious, certainly. To help them out, you can also get a new easily-hideable rifle, new melee weapons, and masks including an impressive Elvis shades & quiff combo. A new member is joining the crew too.

The Golden Grin Casino DLC (hey, that big smile looks familiar!) is a high-stakes job to break the vault and retrieve something for the Dentist. You get a big fancy customisable drill to help with that, along with new weapons and masks and whatnot. It’ll cost you £4.99/$6.99. As ever with Payday 2 DLC, only one person need own the DLC for the rest to join in. Here’s a trailer for it:

Joining the crew now is Sokol is a former Russian ice hockey man-puncher. He brings with him a hockey stick melee weapon, a chunk Soviet-era rifle, and the new Grinder perk deck. You can buy him for £3.99/$4.99, and here’s a bit of his backstory:


  1. velvetvoulge says:

    How much DLC does one game need? This is getting to Train Simulator levels of insanity. People are still fronting money for this game? They lost me at their first paid weapon pack DLC. No sir, this game is no longer for me.

    • WarderDragon says:

      But it is for me. The DLC seems expensive when it is released, yes, but:

      – You don’t need to own the heist DLC to play the heists, just to host them.
      – The DLC regularly goes on sale, 50% off is not uncommon after a month or two, and it was all 75% off during the recent summer sale.

      I’ve sunk a fair chunk of change into Payday 2, but I’ve also played it more than any other game in my Steam library. In terms of money spent per unit of fun (usually measured in kilolaughs), PD2 is one of the better deals for me despite all the DLC.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      If this sort of stuff bothers you, brace yourself, you’re going to have make that comment approximately 18 more times, based on what Overkill has promised so far. And hey, y’never know. they might extend that further if we keep buying it.

      I for one think that it’s awesome how well they support their game. I don’t play it constantly, but this heist might bring me back for a little run.

    • CelticPixel says:

      It bothers me if a game releases with several packs of DLC on launch (like Evolve), but not if it’s because the dev’s have continued to support the game with more content post launch. I can understand the initial reaction if you look at the game for the first time and see all that DLC listed, alarm bells start to ring, but they’ve wrapped up a lot of the earlier DLC in a GOTY edition and permanently dropped the price of some of the earlier DLC so I feel like they’re still trying to give good value if you’re picking up the game for the first time.

    • Cross says:

      So would you rather they’d gone on to make Payday 3, forcing you to spend the same amount of money on no appreciable difference in content, when instead they’ve coherently quadrupled the amount of stuff you can toy with in Payday 2? It’s a lot of DLC, but that’s good, because it means more content for cheaper than if they’d hacked out a sequel.

    • Zonker says:

      I’m in two minds about this.

      On one hand, I’m thankful for all the additional content they delivered over time. I know you can’t do that without some steady source of income, so I’m fine with them asking for some payment. In general.

      On the other hand, they could always ask for less or do the free / paid content ratio a bit different. The usual argument here is “They’re a company and companies are there to make money.”, which is completely correct. The question for me is: “Could they offer the same for less money and still make a good profit?”
      And in Payday 2’s case I’m pretty sure the answer would be yes.

      What I would have liked to see is a system more similar to what Tripwire did (up until the community weapon packs) with Killing Floor. Cosmetics are paid, all gameplay content is free. They basically financed their additional maps, weapons and game updates by selling purely cosmetic character packs. Successfully! I realize Payday 2’s content is a bit more elaborate, of course. Heists require proper scripting, voice acting, playtesting, more than any Killing Floor map would ever need. And PD2’s character are more than just reskins or slightly different models, they actually include a whole lot of additional voice acting for the character itself and for the other characters referencing the new one.

      I guess what I would’ve liked them to do would be:

      – Lower initial price point. 6,99€ for a heist and 4,99€ for a character seems just like too much to me. I always thought 3,99€ per heist and 2,99€ per character would have been very reasonable and still make them money.

      – A better separation of cosmetic and gameplay-relevant content would have been nice. I don’t mind the x’th assault rifle variation sitting in some character pack or heist, but the proper game changers bother me. Explosive weaponry, fire and armor-penetrating weapons are behind a paywall. Quite a few perk decks are behind a paywall. In my opinion, they shouldn’t be. They should have made more of that stuff free and instead, by all means, add more paid cosmetics options; even cosmetic weapon mods or skins (if not too ridiculous) would have been ok in my book, if it pays for the gameplay stuff.

      – All of that income rarely gets reinvested into upgrades of the core game. The game still has a habit of desynching AI, player locations and even bodies / loot between the players. In a 4-player co-op game! Even L4D could handle that miles better. And I’m sure they could have done something to update the game engine a bit, even if it’s just adding optional stuff like high-res textures etc. And the safehouse is still a sad little feature that never gets used for anything except the tutorial.

      So in conclusion, I don’t completely despise the DLC model in general, but I think they could have handled it in a way better and more customer-oriented way. A lot of people still buy the stuff (hence why they probably never change it), but quite a few people also good kind of disenchanted and disgruntled over it and that could have been avoided.

    • muppetts says:

      It’s all basically free you donkey, you don’t have to pay a penny and you can play every DLC map released. I have played since Beta, still play now and have never bought anything but the base game.

      LOL who complains about tons of extra content.

  2. Wang Tang says:

    Btw, in important European currency this is 6,99€ (heist) and 4,99€ (character).
    Bit steep as always with the full price PD2 DLC, but looks fun.

  3. Kollega says:

    As a resident Russian-speaker, I gotta say: there are only two lines that the developers fumbled. The first is the “just as interesting” one, because it should be “ещё интересней”, not “ещё развлекательней”. The latter isn’t even a real word. And the second one is “Спор 24” channel name, which translates to “Argument 24”, not “Sport 24” (I guess that might’ve been a trademark thing, though, since I think there is/was an actual “Sport 24” channel in Russia). But all other lines, which I presume were written specifically for the trailer, are practically flawless.

    Of course, I couldn’t make out what any characters are saying in the second half of the second trailer, so I might have missed something. But the lines I could make out are remarkably well-done.

  4. Perjoss says:

    As an antisocial and highly unskilled gamer how does this game play in solo mode, does anyone have experience playing vs the AI?

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      It’s not the greatest. The AI teammates won’t help you with objectives, restarting drills, or moving loot. Something like half the missions are possible to stealth solo, but frankly, it’s a lot of bag-moving by yourself and quickly becomes tiresome. The loud missions are okay, but it takes a better player than I (and I’m not too shabby, if I do say so myself) to beat most of the loud missions on the hardest difficulty without real human teammates, but then again, you don’t necessarily *need* to play on Deathwish difficulty all the time, though the rewards are tempting.

      As a solo-only endeavor, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’ve also sunk a fairly stupid number of hours into grinding my face against this game solo, so maybe I’m just an idiot.

    • Cross says:

      It’s a co-op game through and through. You can play it solo, technically, but you’re better off getting your thrills elsewhere.

    • KDR_11k says:

      It’s feasible. I’m fairly antisocial myself and got double infamy already. I only go online occasionally, you’re obviously weaker solo than in a full team so even Overkill difficulty (4/5) is pretty challenging. The AI is dumb but you’ll get used to the way you have to handle them though you will still fail occasionally because they got killed somewhere stupid or fail to revive you. Upside of being solo is that you get to take all the ammo drops as the AI doesn’t consume any. Also soloing a lot means you’re highly prepared when you finally go online.

  5. Jerppa says:

    I hope this tells how the fake money got into the vault.

  6. KDR_11k says:

    “Hey, I recognize that Grin!”

    Yeah, PD2 has several references to Grin. Wolf (one of the original four criminals) is basically one of the GRIN founders except he went criminally insane instead of founding Overkill.