Everybody Gets A Car! RaceRoom’s Free Weekend

Vroom vroom.

Looking back, I’m surprised to discover we’ve barely mentioned free-to-play race ’em up RaceRoom [official site]. Our simulated man Tim Stone dug it way back in 2012 but since then… well then, let’s rectify that, as I’ve heard pretty good things about it.

This weekend, you can drive everything for free. Just like test drives at car showrooms, they hope you’ll be wowed and want to buy it. Just like test drives at car showrooms, I want to feel cool driving cars I can’t afford.

As the news here is already dealt with – hey, every car and track is free to play with this weekend – let’s ramble a bit.

I don’t drive. I can’t drive. I won’t drive. I live in places with most things I need within walking distance, and good public transport for the rest. I often think poorly of people who own cars in central-ish London, especially ridiculous big ones. That said, I would learn to drive if I could roar through remote and wild lands in a ridiculous muscle car, distrubing the peace and mowing down jackalopes.

I notice RaceRoom has a few Camaros and Mustangs and Corvettes. This alpine track doesn’t look half-bad either. Well… they are all free to try this weekend, and there’s no danger I’ll scratch them on a test drive.

RaceRoom is on Steam.


  1. Prolar Bear says:

    Wow, never thought this would pop up on the front page.

    Do try it! It’s improved quite a lot and I think it’s pretty good. BUT, the quality of the content is sometimes inconsistent, the force feedback can be a bit tricky to dial in and the pricing ain’t the best. Still, it’s worth it.

    I’ll take the opportunity to mention that the developers of Stock Car Extreme, Reiza, just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and I think they deserve all the visibility they can get. So please check it out, I believe it’s currently the best offer on the simracing market. Shoutout to the RPS racing subforum!

    • HeavyHarris says:

      I’m still dialing it in. It is extremely tricky to get right but I think I’m getting close. I’ve got it feeling halfway between GRID and Stock Car Extreme. leaning towards stock car.

  2. J Arcane says:

    Warning, this is a Simbin game.

  3. Spakkenkhrist says:

    How fortunate, this is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for.

  4. Grizzly says:

    It’s surprising how good RRRRRRRRRE has become in the past year. Now that *all* the content is free, it’s worthy to try it out IMO.

    Personal recommendation: The WTCC 2013 cars at Zandvoort. Or indeed, *ANY* car at Zandvoort, but the WTCC cars are rather whacky versions of your regular shopping car.
    THe game is rather playable with a pad too, and it offers three driving models, so if your driving knowledge is limited to, say, GRID then you should have no problems adapting to this.

    Also the sounds. Oh god the sounds.

    • Faldrath says:

      Personal recommendation, if you want something far crazier: group 5 cars at Salzburgring. You’ll get those priceless “oh-my-god-how-do-I-slow-this-thing-down” feelings as you approach the end of the fast section :D But you’ll be having far too much fun to care.

  5. P.Funk says:

    Hey RPS writers. Reiza studios, developer of racing sim Game Stock Car Extreme is doing a crowdfunding campaign. You should put that on your front page too.

    Get Tim Stone on it, chop chop.

  6. luis.s says:

    Nice to see this getting coverage!

    I also think it’d be great to see Reiza getting an article. And their crowd funding campaign probably has wider interest at the moment as an example in contrast to Project Cars 2.

  7. DanMan says:

    I never ask for this. But I’m downloading it. 16GB though – oofffff.

    • DanMan says:

      Ok, so, someone should have mentioned that you need to register some sort of account for this. No, thank you. Not interested. 16GB for nothing… -.- Back to Dirt Rally.

      • P.Funk says:

        Ah yes the “I’ll download 16GB of data to play something for free but I won’t give them my email address to register a free account I’ll never use after Sunday night” mindset.