Infinifactory Adds New Mini-Campaigns And Blocks

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Infinifactory [official site] isn’t quite the game it is meant to be just yet, still on Steam Early Access, but that hasn’t stopped our John Walker from really enjoying its brain-twisting twists and turns. To summarize from the alpha preview, this new puzzle title from Zachtronics is very obtuse, very good, and very much something that would benefit from updates – like this one!

The Homeward Fleet update this week added introduce a brand-new mini-campaign, which has six new puzzles about “building things from inputs that require processing (i.e. evisceration).” Ew. But that’s not all, it also comes with ANOTHER mini-campaign, this one lending its name to the titular update, that focuses on building very large things. Not enough content? How about two new blocks: one capable of calculating the number of blocks it has detected, one that spritzes passing blocks with color.

On a less dramatic note, The Homeward Fleet also includes a variety of small tweaks, including performance improvements and bug fixes. I- hey, stop yawning, goshdarnit. I’ve saved two of the best for the last. Firstly, there are now Steam trading cards. Steam trading cards. Isn’t that marvellous? And secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is now an “advanced” level editor with more capabilities than its basic one, which will allow you to pretend that you’re the developers themselves.


  1. James says:

    I love the look of this game, and have been tempted to buy it several times, but the price tag puts me off . If it were just over £10 I wouldn’t hesitate but £19 is a bit too much for what is there even with this update.

    • Hobbes says:

      Of all the games Zach’s put together, infinifactory is definitely the most accessible and braintwisty. It’s genuinely good fun, perhaps it could stand to be a -couple- of quid lower, but frankly I’d say it’s not far off the mark, it’s a great game.

      TIS-100 is just all kinds of evil though…

      • darkshadow42 says:

        TIS-100 is brilliantly evil. I have still got 3 puzzles left to solve and I have no idea if I will be able to do them! Like most of Zach’s games when I come back to them i’m generally able to get the them done. Apart from Space Chem I’m still stuck on the laser level…

      • marach says:

        TiS-100 is not evil it’s just mind bendingly difficult to master (seriously how are some people doing things faster than me when I have 100% utilisation on that one level…)

        • darkshadow42 says:

          Sounds like the time in infinifactory one of my friends created what he thought was a theoretically optimum solution and found that my cycle time was 1 faster per unit, he was not happy.

          It was on the tank refurbishment level and I was able to weld all new components at the same time shaving one extra what he though was possible.

  2. Dominic Tarason says:

    This news post is a bit thin on details. This update to the game is the last major one before it leaves early access, and not only completes the story mode (the credits roll after the Homeward Fleet missions), but adds a full-featured level editor that lets you create almost anything on par with the base game, and then share it via Steam Workshop.

    The game is totally worth the money. It’s pretty meaty for a puzzle game, and very replayable, especially as blocks you’ve unlocked in later missions are usable in earlier ones, opening up new options.

  3. Banks says:

    This game is brilliant and I can’t understand why It isn’t getting a lot more attention. It’s one of those games that bring the best out of you. It’s a joy to play, to experiment and to discover how It works. Pure creative problem-solving puzzles that make you feel like a genius.

    The previous updates were excellent too, they changed the game in truly refreshing ways.

    • Wabznasm says:

      I agree completely, and hope sincerely that it gets a lot more attention when it finaly gets a full release.