WayForward’s Mighty Switch Force Now On PC

WayForward have built a fair reputation for themselves with platformers like Shantae, but most of their games are for Nintendo systems. They do bring them over to PC every so often, though, as they now have with Mighty Switch Force [official site].

Spacecop Patricia Wagon (Patty Wagon, yeah? Paddy Wagon, right? Eh?) is out to take down Space Hooligans in 2D shooty puzzle-platforming with this HDified ‘Hyper Drive Edition’ of the game, which is now on Steam for £6.29.

Patty does your usual running and jumping and shooting, but can also change the environment with her high-tech flashing helmet. That’s where the puzzling comes in, shunting Patty and the Hooligans around. I have heard good things about the game. It’s not meant to be too taxing, but does have par times to race if you fancy a little extra challenge.

WayForward first released Mighty Switch Force on 3DS in 2011, then brought the Hyper Drive Edition to Wii U in 2012. We’ve had to wait a bit. Here’s a trailer from back when it hit Wii U:


  1. tonallyoff says:

    A smashing little game, worth picking up. Didn’t much care for the sequel though.

  2. Cantisque says:

    WayForward games range from “meh” to totally awful. Usually end up being repetitive and shallow. They do make some very nice visuals though, and their game soundtracks are among the best. If they only had someone in their company who knew how to take these assets and make a fun game out of them.

    • Jalan says:

      Though not on PC (and likely never will be, I assume), their remake of A Boy and his Blob was actually rather good.

      • Cantisque says:

        I must admit I haven’t played that one, also I really enjoyed their Duck Tales remake but I think for nostalgia more than anything else, as I played the original to death. Again, even in that game it’s mostly the lovely graphics and awesome soundtrack that carry it, the gameplay is a carbon copy of Capcom’s game.

        • tombmonkey says:

          Their only games I consider bad and boring are the Cartoon Network’s ones. Besides those most of their games are fun and rather solid.

          Mighty Switch Force here is nothing more than a glorified mini puzzle platformer game, so it’s rather fun if you go expecting the same you do from a good web game or something, I still thing that the asking price is a bit much given how little content there is.

      • Flit says:

        Likewise, Wayforward made Conrta 4 for DS which is magnificent, easily one of my favorite DS games