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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Witch Witcher is Which?


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Want the week’s best gaming deals? Step below. Includes the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the odd Remember Me, and the final version of Dark Souls II.

The Witcher 3
I’ve been quite enchanted by the Witcher 3, even though the first two games only ever elicited a shrug. But I’ve come around. I like the game. I like the game a lot. Possibly because it includes a collectible card game, which has literally been eating all of my spare time. (Must. Collect. More. Gwent. Cards.) Jokes aside, Witcher 3 surprises with its periodic depth, its moments of melancholy, and self-aware humour. There are things I would change, of course. (The targeting system deeply aggravates.) But overall, this is a game to get lost in. (I have lost myself in the brush more times than I can count.)

Remember Me
I wrote a review about this game ages and ages ago for another outlet. Spoiler: I’ve mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I wouldn’t suggest Remember Me at full price. On the other, it’s actually a bargain right now? Dontnod Entertainment did shockingly wonderful things with the visuals this one, creating a futuristic Paris that just invites exploration. Unfortunately, it’s not the sort of game that allows you to wander off the path. Also, the scatter-shot plotline, repetitive combat, and occasionally awkward writing didn’t help at all. (Side note: I was completely floored with Life is Strange, which is both beautiful and well-penned. Goodness, such an improvement!) Either way, now’s a great time to pick up Remember Me, a cyberpunk action game of sorts that will have you remixing memories and trundling about to find out what happened to its well-heeled lead. (Make sure to remember the JUN-SUMMERSALE-RED25 discount.)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Just a buck. Seriously.
In conjunction with the Square Enix’s 15th anniversary, they’ve come together with charity outfit Game Changer to offer Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut to anyone who donates at least $1. Yes, a buck to a good cause will not only net you nominal amounts of karma but also a ridiculously cheap copy of an extraordinarily good game. (Yes, yes. The ending leaves much to be desired for, but the rest of the game? I will fight anyone who says it is not at least quite enjoyable.)

Dark Souls II: Scholars of the First Sin -$23.14/£14.62/€20.72
Dark Souls, Dark Souls. Oh, Dark Souls. Do you really need an introduction? You’re the game for the modern masochist, a tale of obsession, a study of stand-offish goodness. You hate your players, but we love you. And now, you’re going for quite bloody cheap.

Yarr! A Pirate Bundle! – $2/£1.27/€1.79
Do you need more pirates in your life? Of course, you do. Everyone needs pirates. Small pirates, big pirates, pirates with eye patches, pirates without eye patches, pirates who are also parrot whisperers. Groupees’ Yarrr! Bundle contains more aquatic brigands than any one person can do with. From video games to music albums, it has them all — the question is if you’ll like them.

The Charnel House Trilogy – $3.59/£2.28/€3.21
I’ve a soft spot for horror games. Despite no ability to play them at all without lurching out of my skin, I tend to collect them, squirreling them away for that proverbial day when I get enough courage to sneak through the jumpscares. That said, I’ve heard rather positive things about The Charnel House Trilogy.

Evolve – $17.72/£17.72/€24.99
Ever fancied playing as a gigantic monster of questionable calibre? Or as part of a four-man monster hunting unit? Really? You’re in luck then. Evolve’s probably completely up your alley. The game seems dependent on whether you can amass a group of decent players. Otherwise, it’d just be a little silly instead.

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