RPS Community Update: What You Did in ARK,
Guild Wars 2, Hearthstone and Warframe

Hello, hello, hello!

It’s time for the monthly recap of what the RPS community have been up to. June saw action in ARK: Survival Evolved [official site] (dinosaurs!), Guild Wars 2 [official site] (crowds!), Hearthstone [official site] (cards!) and Warframe [official site] (ninjas!). Oh, and a reminder about our Steam group too.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK is an Early Access game which involves hunting, gathering, crafting and… dinosaurs. And giant scorpions. And… dragons? It’s an immense, well-timed release given the popularity of Jurassic World right now. Quite a few RPS community members have taken to playing frequently, riding raptors and baiting sharks.

Since the forum thread was created at the start of the month, it’s evolved into a small community. We’re receiving regular updates from players (like the screenshots by Carpe_Dentum seen here) and now have an unofficial, 50-slot server – aptly named ‘Rock Paper Spino’. Its limits haven’t been tested yet, which is all the more reason to hop on with your friends and give it a shot.

Playing as a group seems pretty natural; I wouldn’t like to try tame a sabertooth (or five) without help.

How to join: The related forum thread is over here – shout in there if you’re playing and it should be easy to organise a time to play with others. Thanks to Nim.Was.Taken for posting the server details there, and here’s a direct link.

Guild Wars 2

As mentioned last month, the RPS guild held an open PvE event for EU players called ‘Tequila Mockingwurm’. The name is a terrible pun based around the evening’s targets: Tequatl the undead dragon (lovingly called ‘Tequila’ by fans) and one head of a great jungle wurm. The army gathered in the Straits of Devastation…

…and marched north, taking on challenges, and transformations on the way…

Four hours later, we ended up fighting in the sand dunes of Dry Top, tackling the desert’s denizens even with depleted numbers. By completing objectives around the zone, we managed to unlock the fifth tier – which is pretty good for a ragtag bunch of adventurers.

It was a tonne of fun and there’s been loads of positive feedback about it, even outside of the normal RPS community:

You can read more over here, and check out more screenshots from the night here.

We hold these sorts of big events every couple of months or so. They’re primarily targeted towards the general EU playerbase, as that’s where the RPS guild are. If you’re interested, I’d definitely recommend coming along; it’s a fun way to pass the time while we wait for Heart of Thorns to be released.

How to join: If you’re not in it already, check out the guild over on the forum. Both regular and one-off events are posted in the relevant thread too, so keep an eye on that for upcoming gatherings.


My, my – Hearthstone’s a card game featuring characters from Warcraft. And it’s ridiculously popular. Although I know a decent amount about the world’s lore (Ner’zhul was the original Lich King… right?), the workings of Hearthstone are a little beyond me.

But! It’s still loved by millions, including a fairly large percentage of our forum.

Screenshot by Lethe. I have no idea what's going on.

There’s not actually too many one-on-one PvP strategy experiences out there, and none as popular as Hearthstone. That’s why I guess there’s no better time to jump in, especially as there’s an RPS community is in place to support newbies.

How to join: Post your Battle.net ID (the one with numbers at the end) in this thread, or feel free to add people who have already popped their names in there.


This free-to-play title was released just over two years ago. The RPS dojo started up around that time, and is still going strong today. Hundreds of Tenno have filled its ranks, grinding their way to skins and success.

From the Steam page. Cheeky!

Promises of parkour and almost-complete customisation await potential players. If Mass Effect 3 made you thirsty for some third-person shootiness, then there’s no better time to check out this nicely polished experience.

How to join: The first post in this thread has pretty much all of the details; essentially go there, post your in-game name and await your invite.

Steam Group Reminder

Although the majority of our out-of-game organisation takes place in the Game Clubs subforum, it’s worth remembering that RPS has a Steam group too. A group that’s over 23,000 members strong. It’s pretty active; the chat usually has more members in it than groups three times its size. Although the announcements have been fairly inactive over the past couple of years, that should change in the future as we look to do community-wide nights of awesomeness.

Even if you’re not bothered for the announcements, it’s still an ideal place to meet people, group up and play some games together.

How to join: Click ‘Join Group’ right over here.

Any Questions?

A lot of information about how to get involved in the community can be found here. For denizens of our clubs who haven’t had their games featured yet – don’t worry; there’s still time in future instalments! Anyone is free to ask questions (or plug other games) in the comments below.


  1. Stirbelwurm says:

    There is currently also a small pinball challenge going on. If there is still anyone that owns the Portal table for Pinball FX2, who wants a little competition, everyone is free to still join in!

    It’s still going until sunday, so there shoudl be enough time.

  2. padger says:

    Ark looks great. I might have to make some time to pop on.

    Missing Planetside 2 at the moment, but I have plenty to play right now.

  3. Awesomeclaw says:

    Also, don’t forget that RPS has a very active Mumble voice chat server, with channels for a large number of games. If a channel doesn’t exist for a game you want to play, it’s easy to create a temporary channel (which might be made permanent if it becomes popular).

    Get more information on joining the server at link to rockpapershotgun.com

  4. Blackcompany says:

    If you’re looking to give Warframe a go, jump in. We have tons of helpful clan members and extra mods and such to help reduce grind. It really is pretty polished but like all free to play games throwing a small amount of money at will improve variety early on.

  5. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’ve been leveling up my first Guild Wars 2 character, just reached level.. 71, I think? So, who knows, maybe next time? Although I have no idea what’s within the realms of possibility given the server I’ve chosen which in all likelihood isn’t the same as the RPS guilds’.

    • Similar says:

      As long as you’re on an EU server, you should be able to do most things. I /think/ WvW is the only mode where it might be a problem if you’re on another server than the RPS home one (Gunnar’s Hold).

      • Scott Constantine says:

        Yup, Similar nailed it: So long as you’re on one of the EU servers, you can join in with the vast majority of what the guild does together. The only limitation is that you need to be based on Gunnar’s Hold (a specific EU server) for our sporadic forays into WvW.

  6. neoncat says:

    Hmmm… wonder if there would be any interest in:

    Card Hunter
    World of Tanks

    … I don’t think I have any other PvP games on my regular play list at the moment tho.

    • Scott Constantine says:

      Although I do think a few people play World of Tanks, I’ve not seen anything about it on the forum in quite a while. Card Hunter is a bit of an unknown in Game Clubs…, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t playing it (or unwilling to play with others). The best way to find out is to start a thread in this here forum:

      link to rockpapershotgun.com

  7. LTK says:

    On Hearthstone, the RPS forum actually has a player directory thread because through all the discussion people’s usernames are really hard to find. So post in there and make some friends!

  8. Howard says:

    Bit of a long shot, so probably not, but is anyone in these here parts still playing mass Effect 3s multiplayer? I’ve just started into it again after a good break and it seems I can only get games with Russians, thus the lag is…interesting.

    Just a thought =)

    • Scott Constantine says:

      Strangely enough, there was a very active Mass Effect 3 co-op scene which ran for years. Unfortunately, the last post in the thread was back in May (this year). However! If you give the thread a poke you may find that there’s folks willing to come back into the fold:

      link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I might be convinced to play some of this. Me and a few friends played it a while ago and it always seemed fairly fun, although we never got off of the lowest difficulty.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:


    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      On a much more serious note (ahum). Folk Arps! It’s an rps co-hosted Arma 3 community that runs an Arma 3 co op thing, like shack tactical does, but without any mods or signup requirements. Just come over and join a session! More info at http://www.folkarps.com

      • Scott Constantine says:

        Haha! Because games involving the slightest strategies confuse me, didn’t you get that from the Hearthstone part?

        Seriously though, part of the reason I’ve put off specifically mentioning it thus far is because I’d like to embed myself in the unit for a night or two. I’ve unfortunately been a little busy for that… so you’ll definitely get at least a plug or four next month (I swear!).

  10. Qazi says:

    To think, the Steam Group chat should’ve been even greater still. what a shame

  11. adelicatebalance says:

    I think most of the RPS Ark crew are playing on another server, but I would love people to come and use the one I’m hosting, that’s linked above. I try to keep it up to date all the time and I believe it should be able to handle quite a few players. Tribute downloads are off in general to avoid some random high-level person downloading themselves and messing stuff up, but we can turn it on temporarily if people want to move characters onto the server.

  12. cairbre says:

    Would be good to see the steam group used more

  13. El_Emmental says:

    Oh I’m a month late on this one – sorry for the bump but it’s been a while since the Steam group got coverage.

    “It’s pretty active; the chat usually has more members in it than groups three times its size.” is outdated. The current status is: “it’s no longer active; the chat used to have more members in it than groups three times its size” (attracting a few spammers now and then).

    But poor moderation led to the departure of most regulars to greener pasture, and when the critical mass isn’t there anymore, well the semi-regulars and occasional visitors don’t bother checking anymore.

    The problem is that the upper official staff haven’t found the time to visit the group (let alone the chat) for several years now (only the oldest elders remember the last time “they” came down from the sky to visit the promised lands), so the moderators kinda went Lord of the Flies on rules and their enforcement, and whoever ended up with the Conch suddenly felt the need to control the whole place (including other, lower-ranked moderators).

    It led to completely surreal and very odd situations, where a single person held the 3 powers (edicting new rules and interpretations, enforcing them, and judging all possible cases and discussions), obliterating the legitimacy and consistency of the whole system, simply because it’s just impossible to do that fairly and properly on your own. Especially when you can’t represent these 3 powers at once 24/7, because admins/mods are volunteers not paid employees, but only the chosen one may have the Conch.

    • El_Emmental says:

      I’m pretty sure most of the RPS readers already experienced that kind of situation (anyone who spent 2-3 years online get to see it happen), so I won’t go into details… Or maybe just a little, be warned: even when shortened, the tale is a little long.

      Basically, the peasants were being a bunch of joyful silly people, sometime being rowdy at the tavern, breaking a window or pissing on the guardhouse, but most agreed to respect the rules and the local sheriff was firm but understanding.

      But every week or two, a certain lord would show up, not bothering to unsaddle – perhaps the mud down below was too dirty for his precious garments – and would remind everyone who’s the ruler of this land by throwing a peasant or two directly in jail; right in the middle of an engaging and lively conversation, suddenly turned into an uncomfortable and perplexing silence. Attempts to discuss how problematic such unwarranted interruptions were, or agreeing to forget about fun that night and dedicate it to discuss the rules and their enforcement, were all fruitless: the lord wasn’t interested in debating these things.

      The rulers were appointed by the Holy Ones above us, so their legitimacy and necessity was indisputable in any case, and such validation would logically flow down onto their edicts, their interpretation, judgment and enforcement.

      But as history showed us, the mere ownership of a title is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, even if limited to consultative assemblies and parliaments, not from simply being dubbed a count.

      After repeated essays at preserving the peace and finding a middle ground, it became too clear that the “live and let live” approach would remain one-sided. Running out of options, regulars eventually figured out they were free individuals who could live elsewhere in peace and enjoy the same camaraderie and fellowship they had been enjoying so far.

      Overnight, on several occasions, small groups discreetly migrated to another land, expecting it to be temporary. After all, they were moving away from their hometown against their will. Progressively, the tavern became less and less populated, until there wasn’t enough people for anyone to stick around. Only a wooden plank creaking or a lone visitor would dare disturb the sound of silence, making this single voice resonates until it became a mere memory of a rustle.

      For a few weeks, the migrants wondered if they should feel like refugees, or new inhabitants. Maybe change would happen: after all their previous home was now a ghost town, it couldn’t stay that way, it would be a real waste and shame to see it disappear. But as the group slowly grew back to a reasonable size around the campfire, new fun and new discussion happened seamlessly: the place began to feel familiar and cozy again. Meanwhile, far away, we could see the same flag flying at the top of the dungeon. No reason to go back.

      I suppose you could say all was well: no rules were broken on the land of the lord, as no one was there to break them, and the new community was enjoying its new place. The two world lived as they saw fit, permanently separated from each other.

      After a while, the regulars being silly jesters by nature, one of them figured out a funny joke could help the lone lord find his funny bone again. Using an old running gag from a now past era, the joker bursts into the tavern and delivered the famous line. Like a barbershop quartet, two more joined the fun: the second arrived on time, the third forgot his line and the fourth was too late. The simple silliness that was customary to the place some time ago was back in the air for a split moment.

      But the Lord didn’t laugh. Oh no. Furious, he rounded up the guards and placarded an announcement saying that all perpetrators were forbidden from entering the town ever again, and anyone saying these now-cursed words would suffer the same fate. An officer later tried to lift the embargo for one of the prankster, but was sternly reminded that the Lord’s orders were not to be discussed and anyone helping them would be considered a co-conspirator and punished accordingly. No one shall disturb the peace of this land. Especially with humor. It’s no joking matter.

      Confused and a little discouraged, the jokers went back to their present-day domicile. The RPS tavern would remain empty for now. One day, maybe, we’ll hear laughter and passionate arguments again in that once familiar place. But for now, the campfire will be their new home.

      I could share with you my feeble foretelling of what might await us in the future, but it would be spoiling the end… Such thing would be vile and unpardonable, don’t you think?

      See you next time, may the :Doug: be with you…