Bez Simulator 2015: Stage Presence Released

I had a gig recently, you know. The Ladies’ Pond Boadicea Mermaid Choir entertained three dozen swimmers on a sunny afternoon with our songs of water and swimming. As seasoned an entertainer as I now am, I’m still not quite ready for the challenge of Stage Presence [official site].

Headlining a festival, your band’s gear gives out and it’s up to you to entertain the crowd with your own desktop microphone lest they become… discontent. If you think yourself a natural showman – or need the training – you give it a crack yourself, as it’s out now on Itch for $2.

There you are, up on stage, with no music and a vast crowd before you. Entertain them by singing or whatnot (it’s a little more involved than simply making any noise into your microphone – they’ll become bored), or things will turn sour. Bottles will rain down upon the stage, spraying what I hope is beer, and people will boo and jeer and shine laser pointers at your eyes.

Along with a story mode where you need to run down a timer until your equipment’s fixed, it has a survival mode where you try to last as long as possible, and a karaoke mode which’ll let you keep on singing no matter what.

Stage Presence required an Oculus Rift when we looked at it last year, but that’s now optional. If you do have cybergoggles, though, you can duck around to dodge projectiles.

Here’s creator Jon Dadley winning the crowd over with a pretty good Bowie:

The game’s having a crack at Steam Greenlight too.


  1. tr76 says:

    Looks good fun – shame I’m far too shy to make even a peep while I’m playing games…

  2. wyrm4701 says:

    … I would pay actual money for a Bez Simulator. Part immersive rhythm game, part science puzzler, part open-world crime-a-thon, part Shaun Ryder translator. Steve Coogan could reprise his role as Tony Wilson! It’d sell dozens of copies!

    • Geebs says:

      I think “Bez – the game” would work best as a forensic accounting simulator.

  3. MrFinnishDude says:

    I wish there would be an option to sing bohemian rhapsody with the crowd, and traditionally singing the chorus and the solos as well.

    • MrFinnishDude says:

      Oh, and an option to make a questions for the crowd like “are you ready to rumbleeee/ rock and roll?” and the crowd cheering to it and whatnot.

  4. Anthile says:

    Read that as Beez simulator. Gutted.

  5. Monggerel says:

    The irony in naming a pond choir after the person famous for razing London so hard it left a blackened strip of char and ashes in archeological surveys of the area is positively brilliant.

    Beer bottles filled with unidentified liquids are, on the other hand, terrifying.

  6. CookPassBabtridge says:

    A friend’s band had just made it to the getting-signed level and played at Reading Festival. Mid-set, their equipment all broke, EVERYTHING – except the PA system. The singer sang the Nestle advert music to the crowd for 5 minutes. They loved it. A hero was born.