Galaxy Class: New Heat Signature Dev Walkthrough

This new Heat Signature [official site] video dev diary/walkthrough is giving me some serious “Hotline Miami in space” vibes, and I’m totally digging it. Developer Tom Francis has made some significant updates to the game since we last saw it 220 days ago. Watch as he talks us through a few missions, resets the universe a couple of times, and nails precision rebound wrench throws.

You’ll also be introduced to detpacks, which can split a ship in two or have you sucked out into the vacuum of space. Being banished to the inky blackness isn’t a problem though, you can remote-control your ship to come pick you up. Heat Signature’s procedural mission structure means that failing a mission isn’t the end of the game, you’ll just need to try something new.

Throwing wrenches and guns to knock out guards looks (and sounds) incredibly satisfying. I just wonder how much practice Tom has under his belt to be able to bounce them round corners like that. The current version has plenty of placeholder and unfinished stuff still around, so it doesn’t look like Heat Signature will be out anytime soon, but what’s polished up is looking really fun.


  1. somnolentsurfer says:

    220 days? Wow. And it looks like he actually has spent them working, too. The breaking into spaceships part always looked fun, but the universe looks so much more developed now.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Looking good this, even if i’ve STILL not played Gunpoint despite owning it since release. Francis is a fine chap who i’ve listened to for years (various podcasts, videos,) I really should actually play his game.

  3. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    Very promising, he’s a clever chap, keeps coming up with design branches no one else has. I love gunpoint, its just so good, can’t wait for this.

  4. Christo4 says:

    Looks interesting, but i was hope for a bit more… stealth.
    Like, i’m sure everyone will know if you actually dock the ship at the docking entrance. At least if it had some kind of verticality and you entered from the ventilation ducts or cargo bay or smthg it would make more sense (i mean, to cut a part of the ship and enter it).
    Not to mention that imo there are too few enemies for that big of a map. I think space ships in general are a bit more crowded, kinda like a submarine or at least half of it, not 5 people in one. It would be more interesting i think with verticality and more people, so that you could get missions like capture the ship, assassinate or blow it up and you could have different ways of doing that (say, go stealth and hack the vents to blow the air out of every room, self destruct the engines or if it has a weapon to make the missles in it blow up inside the ship, for stealth assassinate you could have smthg like make a fire alarm to make most enemies go somwhere, trap the target in a room and kill only it etc.)
    Also, i would like if something like assault would be implemented, where you can get a few allies, ai or player controlled (though i think it would be nicer if they were just ai that you could give orders to like stay, attack or follow instead of placing them yourself so that you are the only character who can be totally controlled) and just storm through the front door and assault a space station or ship.

  5. heretic says:

    Really looking forward to this, Gunpoint was excellent and this is shaping up to be even better! Tom is a great guy to listen to if you haven’t caught him on the Crate and Crowbar podcasts.

  6. mr_barnacles says:

    I want this now.