Meditative Bullet Hell: Soft Body

“You are a beautiful, gooey snake, and you paint the world with your soft body,” says Zeke Virant, and I want to know: who squealed? But as chance would have it, that statement would also apply to people playing his game Soft Body [official site]. It’s a puzzling action-y bullet hell-ish sort of a meditative chillout game, a description which may seem contradictory in half a dozen ways but will make more sense once you’ve seen the trailer.

We’ve peeked at Soft Body before and played a prototype, and now it’s slated to launch in autumn.

Softy Body is a game about painting a world with your soft, covering every surface by rubbing your painty snake body against them. And two soft snake bodies, at the same time. And dodging turrets and bullets, and big weaving patterns of bullets. And… somehow it makes that look quite calm.

Zen Bound 2 comes to mind, another game about exploring the nooks and crannies of objects with sloppy paint and figuring out the best way to cover them. Zen Bound doesn’t dabble in bullet hell, mind. I’m also reminded a bit of Hohokum for PlayStations by my pals Honeyslug, with all that calm and skyslithering.

Soft Body is coming to Windows and Mac.


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