Tiny Twitch – The Game Whose Code Fits In A Tweet

As good as his word

As the rest of the country complains about a heatwave I am indoors wearing a long-sleeved shirt and complaining about trying to beat Graham’s high score at Tiny Twitch [Github page] – a game whose code fits in a single tweet.

Tiny Twitch was created by Alex Yoder (whose music has featured in games like Crawl by Powerhoof) in response to a challenge by game developer Ben Porter:

As you might guess Tiny Twitch is a very simple affair. The aim of the game is to click an X which appears onscreen. Each time you click the X it reappears in a different location and when the time runs out you get your high score.

The version in the header is actually a second pass at the challenge with some tidying and a bug fix. Here’s the original:

Graham just messaged me being all “My best score is 19!” because he is a smug jerk. My high score is currently 17 and I intend to play Tiny Twitch for the exact duration it takes to get a high score of 20 and then retire*.

*Or exploit the fact that clicking after the game ends gradually pushes up the score. It’s too hot to legitimately win, you guys!


  1. Challenger2uk says:

    12 first try :(

    It is really easy if you double click cause then the X becomes highlighted, so less time searching.

    • snowgim says:

      14 first try, then 17. Maybe your browser’s different to mine, but highlighting the X didn’t seem to make it any easier for me.

      I wonder what other games can be made in 1 tweet. Maybe that’s the only one! O.o

  2. Greg Wild says:

    The best thing is the PR finding more ways to reduce it.

  3. Stevostin says:

    The worst is that it’s actually more interesting than some AAA fps :P

  4. James says:

    BOOM! 21! I would like to thank my parents, my trainer, my friend Bob and most of all, luck.

  5. Flit says:

    I’ll try this with my intuos later

  6. vahnn says:

    11 on first try, took a few seconds to realize what was going on. 20 on second try. 22 on third try.

    Now I’ll never play it again lol

    • vahnn says:

      I cheated, though, I did the ol’ F11 fullscreen trick and increased the browser size to 150% on my 28″ monitor. =D

  7. Kohlrabi says:

    Activision should sue this guy for publishing the source code to Call of Duty.

  8. Faxmachinen says:

    I made one too: link to jsfiddle.net
    Mission objective: Click the correct @.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    Pimping my own stuff a little, but you can fit entire novels into a single tweet link to twitter.com

  10. thanosi says:

    23, Touch screen FTW!

  11. doombob says:

    30! F11, 300% zoom, Microsoft Surface, very little life.