Devillian: A F2P Action-RPG From The Makers Of Tera

Have we settled on an official name for MMO-y action-RPGs yet? MMO action-RPG? Action-MMORPG? Diablonlines? Hmm. This question is of professional relevance to me, as Tera developers Bluehole Studio are now making one of those there games, whatever they’re called.

Devillian [official site] will have players beat monsters until money and items fall out their guts, but also offer guilds and alliances and wars and whatnot. Rift folks Trion Worlds yesterday announced plans to bring the free-to-play AMMORPG (I like the “ammo” in there, v. action-packed – this could work!) to Europe and North America this year.

To briefly explain the story, there are monsters and you have powers so kill them I guess.

Devillian has four classes of monster slayer, which sound like a wizard, warrior, rogue, and gunman. It’s a pretty slim lineup, but hopefully each will allow a wide range of different builds to make up for that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more classes added as microtransaction thingdoodles too. But the character designs, oh my! Those are classic goofy F2P MMO looks.

What does being an MMO add to it? A persistent world, 20v20 PvP battles, social stuff, and other people to murder monsters with.

Alpha and beta signups are open, if you’re curious. Have a trailer:


  1. mukuste says:

    That’s some nice use of parallax scrolling on their website!

    • Artiforg says:

      It’s the flavour of the month, everyone is doing it. At this point it’s like the old BLINK tag!

      • mukuste says:

        You see it a lot, but it’s not often that people actually use it for different layers of depths in an image (i.e., parallax), usually it’s just a background picture and some foreground text or whatever.

  2. Myrdinn says:

    yet another MMMOFTPACRPG (Moderately Massive Multiplayer Online Free To Play Action Computer Role Playing Game). A pity they didn’t show gameplay footage in the trailer.

  3. Baines says:

    Trion plans to run another MMO into the ground? It is a shame that companies that might actually care about these games aren’t handling them.

    Though for action MMOs, I’ll probably just stick with the revived Dungeon Fighter Online. (US version is finally bringing in the Female Slayer.)

    • Flopper says:

      What have they run in to the ground? Archeage was just published by them it was made by Koreans. Rift is doing wonderfully ever since it switched to F2P.

      Defiance… I have no words. lol WTF They shoulda never got involved with that shitty TV gimmick game.

      • trashmyego says:

        Archeage. They gutted the game with a forced launch and completely bumbled it with server failures and poor regulation. For a game based around finite amounts of land, they did almost nothing to deal with bots and hackers.

  4. Ejia says:


  5. tombmonkey says:

    It looks so… korean.

    I bet high level armor makes you look like an armored Xmas tree.

  6. trashmyego says:

    I was interested for a moment, until I saw the name Trion. No. Not another dime.

  7. jrodman says:

    Will I get to play as a boytoy?

    • SgtMarple says:

      its the Tera makers…you can play as 12 year half naked girls. Not the same as a boytoy, I know that.

  8. SgtMarple says:

    Oh god! I have just seen some korean gameplay footage. Once again a barely clothed female teenager running thru the dungeons making sexual sounds every 2 seconds. Tera was bad enough, the game was just a heaven for pedophiles with the dipiction of female characters all looking like 12 year old girls…and this game continues the trend…seriously, some Asian dev companys need to grow up. If the half naked female characters would at least look like grow up women, it would be a step forward.

  9. tsff22 says:


    Tera was okay, but I found it a rather bland WoW-like that had admittedly beautiful visuals. The combat was fluid, but the fact that you pretty much NEED to play on low-pop channels to get anything done was a hassle. Plus, while I have no problems with revealing armor, Elins are just freaking CREEPY. The Amani are pretty gorgeous though. Finally, the file size was RIDICULOUS.

    If this game isn’t nearly as huge, I may check it out.