Who Squealed? Hints Of Mafia 3

He is a funny one, that Ian Video Games. I tell you, he spends all his time on The Internet doing the strangest things. No, not like that you cheeky madam. Ian – you’ll love this – he’s working on a sort of a phone book for the Internet, so people can look up any website. He spends all day searching for new sites, and notes every single name he finds in his notebooks. He’s filled hundreds of them! Says he’s taking the idea to Dragon’s Den.

And you’ll never guess what – Ian says in his research (his “research”, lawd!) he came across signs that we might hear about a new Mafia game from 2K soon.

NeoGAF poster ‘ekim’ found that 2K have four Mafia 3-y domains pointed at their own server: mafia3thegame.com, mafiaiiithegame.com, mafiathree.com, and mafiathreethegame.com. None of these sites are active but the domains are registered, albeit anonymously.

In laymen’s terms, it looks like 2K are preparing to launch a Mafia III website. Which might suggest they’re preparing to announce Mafia III. The big European games expo Gamescom kicks off on August 5, so perhaps they’ll announce there or shortly in advance. This isn’t the first rumour Ian’s heard about Mafia III, but it’s the most concrete yet. It could simply be precautionary, or it could not.

Mafia is a open-world-ish sort of a GTA-like kinda series, telling tales of dear sweet young men pulled into a life of driving cars, stealing things, shooting guns, and betraying their pals. Illusion Softworks (now 2K Czech) released the first in 2002, set in the prohibition era, while the 2010 sequel took a new character into the ’40s and ’50s.

I always thought it a shame that Mafia II had such a beautiful world but so little to do in it. Unlike GTA, which crams its worlds full of things to do, Mafia has been far more on a linear progression of missions, even if you can drive wherever whenever. The first game had a ‘free ride extreme’ mode unlocked after completing it, spreading wacky missions across the world, so it’d be nice to at least see something like that return. I wouldn’t object to it going more GTA-y, though.

Not that Ian cares about any of this, mind. He’s chuffed with another four names for his directory. He’s convinced he’s going win over Hilary Devey and I don’t have the heart to tell him she left.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    I wonder what Dave Tosser would make of this.

    • Cross says:

      I miss Dave. The RPS writers are too classy to smear on the sarcasm properly thick without Dave’s assistance.

    • Flopper says:

      If they make Mafia 3 PLEASEEEEEEEE make it actually open worldy! I like going off on my own and not following the mission in GTA type games and messing with the civilian populace.

      Mafia 2 was open world but there was nothing to do in the world besides shoot a few people and go to the next mission.

      I think LA Noire and Mafia 2 were equally disappointing to me in how much of an illusion the open world was.

  2. skyturnedred says:

    I really hope they don’t turn it into GTA. It’s a story-driven game that just happens to take place in an open world environment. The city is just a big map where missions (partially) take place.

    If I have to climb one more damn radio tower…

    • Ross Angus says:

      Amen. I came to both games late, but I’m a convert. Although the music did get on my tits a bit, with the second game. Django Reinhardt is another story. I could listen to him noodling away forever.

    • Cross says:

      I don’t believe any gamer ever gave me as blue balls as Mafia II. It tantalisingly teased us with this beautiful and magnificent open world, and then revealed to have pissed away the developers’ time when it turned out the game was strictly linear, and most of the actual missions took place in sectioned off little shooting galleries, leaving the open world as nothing more than the world’s prettiest cocktease.

      • Chiron says:

        Yeah Mafia 2 really pissed me off for how much worse it was for using this open world it had compared to the first, plus it added the free ride mode in as a paid DLC (or was it a mod, I forget)

        • Legion23 says:

          It was a mod. Free roam was one of the many cut features that were planed and never completly implemented. (Someone went into the game files and checked back then.) Seems there went something wrong in development over the years. Personally I gave up on Mafia II at the middle of the game because I just didn´t care about the main character and his friend. Mafia 1 was great though.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I agree. I know there was some general disappointment that what looked like a big open world setting was mostly window dressing. But Mafia guys aren’t random, free-ranging criminals. They’re part of an organization; a structured illegal business. It makes sense that the games were designed around focused missions instead of random activities you could do in the city.

      The game just needs the city backdrop to look believable, and I think Mafia II accomplished that well enough. L.A. Noire had even less possible interaction with the city, but it still looked okay as a setting for the missions. Not every game has to be GTA.

      Anyway, I enjoyed Mafia II except for the timed car chase sequences. Those were a pain, and there was one badly scripted boss fight. But other than that, it was fun.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      I haven’t played Mafia 2, so maybe there’s some purpose to it, but the linear game in an open world seems like the worst of both worlds. They have to take money and time from making the story and missions polished and varied and dump it into making a big open world, yet there’s nothing to actually do in that world.

  3. Pengun says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the Mafia series of games but I think the real question on everyone’s lips is “Where is Hidden and Dangerous 3?”

    • Jonnyuk77 says:

      Damn straight! Once H&D3 is announced and I’ll go dig out the old LAN cables and have me a party! Whoop!

      …who dropped the grenade?

      FFS… start it again.

  4. Maxheadroom says:

    the ONLY memory I have of these games is a tacked-on racing section where you had to come first to progress the story.

    • Ross Angus says:

      A race so hard, they released a patch, to give you an additional lower level of difficulty.

    • Turkey says:

      Oh god. Thanks for reminding me. If I remember correctly, you had to drive all the way to the track every time you failed too.

  5. int says:

    As Del Boy would say: This is the crème de la menthe.

  6. Turkey says:

    Hopefully, they’ll finally reveal where gangsters go when they die.

  7. Lethys says:

    Mafia 1 was great for its time on PC, I adored that game. Mafia 2 is maybe the most overrated game of the past five or ten years. I’ve seen people say it was better than GTA 4, which is just ridiculous. It’s a very hipster thing to say, to try and differentiate yourself by liking the “other” thing. The story isn’t anything special, very much below average as far as mafia stories in entertainment are concerned. The Arcade-like DLC is also boring.

    And for a story driven game to devolve into shooting galleries with more and more enemies is just a bit of a shame. It begins somewhat realistic in some aspects (a strength of the first one which it also lost further into the game), and just devolves into a typical waist high cover shooter. The ending was a massive disappointment. I’m tired of betrayal in these games. How about just us playing as the capo to some mob boss and we eventually win or lose together? Must everyone betray everyone? It’s such cheap writing.

    Also, guns should be really, really hard to use in some games, like in real life. It should feel weighty. If story is what you want, I like that, but the gameplay should feel harder. There should be branching paths in the story if you won’t have open world activities. That game was like opening a bag of potato chips to find 2/3 of it is air.

    • Arehandoro says:

      I did like Mafia 2 but you’re completely right about the game.

  8. Agricola says:

    I remember that race in the Bugatti as well! Not sure about patches for it but i vaguely remember there being a shortcut on the track which allowed you to overtake the AI drivers easily and shave a lot off the lap time. Oddly, the game never punished me for this and I won the race! Anyone else remember doing this?

    Loved Mafia 1 though. Even though it came out after GTA3 it didnt seem to compare badly to Rockstar’s game despite the fact the player had so little to do in the open world. I guess it was such a novelty to play a game set in classic Mafia era American, with a strong storyline and great voice acting. Even though it was clichéd, the plot was engrossing. Was really hoping for more of the same from the sequel but I felt like quitting it a few hours in. Did nothing for me.

  9. gunny1993 says:

    Mafia 2 was alright for the amount I payed for it (0.00), but it had one of the most generic mafia plot lines I’ve ever seen, it was basically a script reading of goodfellas but without a mastermind director.

  10. M3GA says:

    Some of the best voice acting of any game ever made. Too bad the story and game play didn’t compliment this. It would be interesting to hear if it’s the exact same team from the previous games.

    • USER47 says:

      Certainly not the same team. Lots of people left 2K Czech since then, and their Prague office was pretty much disassembled. Daniel Vávra, the Mafia writer and lead designer left and founded Warhorse Studios, together with some Illusion Softworks (2K Czech) veterans:
      link to warhorsestudios.cz

      They are now working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

  11. Solidstate89 says:

    I would love another Mafia game, Mafia II is still one of my beloved games. It builds such an amazing atmosphere and world.

    Oh, and they better have/get the same people that handled the sound design in Mafia II, because god damn, the sound effects in that game were magnificent. Taking a shot gun to a plaster wall has never sounded so good.

  12. cdjaco says:

    I played Mafia II about a year ago, for the first time. Enjoyed parts of it immensely; I thought the period music was top-notch and the voice acting was decent. But as others have said, the lack of a real open world was disappointing. The “open” areas, such as they were, looked great but merely served as a means for you to take different driving routes to the same mission. I don’t know if simply making Mafia III a GTA clone is the right way to go, but for Pete’s sake…either put me on the rails or let me roam, don’t tease me with the possibility of the latter.

  13. maninahat says:

    I didn’t mind the linear but open world structure of the Mafia games, but I am disappointed by the sequel’s lack of features compared to the first’s free-ride extreme (a mission in which you have to chase down speedy Gonzales? or save a dame from the lock-ness monster? Or drive through a zeppelin air strike in a Ford model T? Great stuff).

    I am far more disappointed however by the writing. The first Mafia made sure you got to know your characters. The sequel throws in so many, I kept forgetting who they were. Mafia 2 ends with a boss fight against a guy who I had completely forgotten was in the story, let alone knew why it was so important to kill him or what his role was. With the protagonist in the first Mafia, it felt like he had a story arc – a crook desperately trying to hold onto his conscience. In the sequel, we have a crook protagonist who seems to make no actual decisions by himself, does exactly what he is told without question, and never really develops as a character. He just goes from one misfortune to the next, and never learns from it.

  14. one2fwee says:

    The reason Mafia 2 did so little with the world they constructed was that 2K bought Illusion Softworks partway through development and made them butcher and cut up the game, cutting story missions and forcing them to be in DLC (with changed protagonists and story due to this). To rub salt in, they didn’t bother doing cutscenes or voice work to reflect this, so the DLC content is largely just a massive textbox of “backstory”.

    They cut side-quests and a large amount of interactivity and “life” from the world the game was set. It was meant to be open-worldy but still with strong narrative elements. Despite what people fearing it would become GTA think, it is possible to have a bit of freedom without ruining the narrative.

    Anyway, I thought Take2 had closed down Illusion Softworks now?
    Oh – i just read that Illusion were split between a Brno and Praha and that only the Praha office was closed.
    It also says a lot of development will be moved to America but some still in Brno.
    Hmm it makes you wonder how much of the studio is left?

    Btw what games did the Praha studio developer, what did they actually do?

  15. PopeRatzo says:

    How cool would it be if Mafia 3 featured the Russian mafia? I’m tired of seeing swarthy Italian gangsters, since I get enough of that in my own family, and would like to see some other ethnic groups slurred for a change.

    • Hedgeclipper says:

      Russian Mafia sounds interesting but I’d really like to see them ditch the American setting – Russian Mafia in London could be fun – I’d really like to see Paris for a novel take though (I remember reading a while back that Albanians controlled a lot of the underworld and the French cafes in the 1920s but I can’t find the reference now) – or how about the late 40s/50s when they had a criminal gang called the Gang des Tractions Avant made up of former Gestapo collaborators, turned resistance turned organised crime?

    • Curry the Great says:

      Russian mafia just as the Soviet Union breaks down. This would be fun. And probably very violent.