Rise Of Incarnates Punches Out Of Early Access

Bandai Namco’s Rise of Incarnates [official site] is a 2v2 multiplayer 3D brawl-o-fighter. Don’t be put off by them calling it a “battle arena”, don’t go thinking it’s a MOBA, it’s not: it’s a game where you and a pal duff up someone else and their buddy. They’re not Heroes, Champions, or Lords, they’re Incarnates – they don’t need AI-controlled creeps to help dole out kickings.

If 2v2 manpunching sounds like a lark to you, head on over to Steam, where Rise of Incarnates has now left Early Access and is free-to-play.

Those eponymous Incarnates are humans who’ve come into mythical powers, and now are beating each other up in melee and ranged combat. I understand it’s a bit like the Gundam VS series, and its dev team includes Gundam VS, Tekken, and SoulCalibur folks.

Rise of Incarnates launched into open beta via Steam Early Access in February, where it found a frosty reception due to character unlocks only coming as pricey microtransactions. Bandai Namco have since added a way to unlock them with virtuacash earned through playing. It’s a bit of a grind to get them, but hey, that’s F2P monetisation for you.

All twelve characters are available to try for your first two weeks, so you can check them out. After that, you can pick one character for free and get a second at a discount. After that, they cost about £5.50 each. You can buy cosmetic bits too.

Here’s a trailer from back when it arrived on Early Access:


  1. salejemaster says:

    But is it any good?

  2. Keasar says:

    Probably should give this a shot. See if they made any improvements since the beta.

    I was really looking forward to this as a fan of the Gundam VS. games. I got a import copy from Japan of Gundam VS. Full Boost after hearing a lot about it and fell in love with the concept of 2v2 fighting. The problem was that I had nobody to play with so I was hoping there would be a PC version of it coming that I could drag some friends in with.

    Rise of Incarnates was hoping to be that game but when I tried it last year during their beta, it felt honestly really, really, really bad in comparison. The game lacked the speed, depth and fun that made Gundam VS. so good. Melee attacks felt awkward and you were constantly locked in their really long animations if you decided to go in for it while Gundam VS. had techniques like step-cancels and so forth. Ranged combat felt slower with less options to try and dodge enemy attacks.

    Will see what they have done since but I remember the developers being adamant about not wanting to improve the game cause they feared westerners would be turned off from the game if it was too deep or fast paced (the irony being that Gundam VS. was surprisingly easy to get into unlike most fighting games).

    • Baines says:

      The beta turned me off completely. An inferior clone of Gundam Vs, without even the benefit of the Gundam license. (Yes, there are a decent number of people who don’t know Gundam and the license does nothing to draw them in. But it isn’t like the characters they made for Rise of Incarnates are interesting, either.)

  3. Spacewalk says:

    That screenshot is basically ‘video games’.

  4. Ferno says:

    Interesting concept. Could be fun but tough to balance well.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    Hmn was considering giving this a go but the steam comments have put me off. Grindy button masher apparently

    • Keasar says:

      Have yet to try the new version of Rise of Incarnates myself, but the game it is derived from, Gundam Extreme VS. is actually much deeper than people think from just looking at it. There are techniques, strategies, metas and everything. It has extreme (hurr) popularity in Japan for actually being good.

      link to youtube.com

      The sad thing is that from my experiences earlier with RoI durings its alpha and beta, is that it plays nothing like Full Boost (slower and more shallow game overall) and I am afraid it might kill the little chance this genre has in getting a foothold here in west, all because of the fear that people will not want to play the game because its Gundam. :(

      • Keasar says:

        Lack of edit button is annoying. :P

        Also wanna add that the Two Best Friend video of them playing Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost during their mechaweek is good, not the best players but it shows how much fun you can have with these games.