War Thunder Gets Chilly New Update

World War II multiplayer plane-o-tank battler War Thunder [official site], which sadly bears no relation to Tropic Thunder, has received a big new update. Titled Cold Steel, it brings a veritable armament of changes and improvements, 20 new vehicles, and everything in between. Before we launch into the nitty-gritty, come watch the pretty trailer first.

Such a chilly sight, ain’t it? So unlike the blistering wasteland that is the British skies right now. (It sounds miserable there right now, guys. I am so sorry. And this is from someone in the tropics.) Cold Steel, as the name implies, introduces a glacial Finland where players will have to match wits around an abandoned village. Interestingly, but quite unsurprisingly, the map will also demand warring parties to be conscious of cracking ice.

Asides from that, there’s also a new game mode called Enduring Confrontation. According to the press releases, it provides an unlimited number of respawns, allowing players to duke it out for hours before someone wins. Then, like a story straight out Hell’s lowest depths, the battle continues with a new opponent in the ring. Needless to say, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff, all of which is listed in the changelog right here.


  1. Raymond Saint says:

    The more Korean/Vietnam war era vehicles — the better.

  2. Giuseppe says:

    Around here that’s just normal summer weather, though this particular summer has been pretty wet and mild. Not that I’m complaining.

  3. Sardonic says:

    Why did they use the theme to Decker in their video?

    • Protester19 says:

      Someone finally found the balls to do this thing that it is.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Mikemcn says:

    War Thunder is a game I wish I could just buy. Playing it, I will always feel like i’m missing out if i’m not constantly paying for something. So far I haven’t paid for any part of that game but others have and I can’t shake the sense that they’re going to always outperform me because of it.

    I’ll try again when warships get added, just because that sounds novel.

    • Gap Gen says:

      The main thing about paying is how fast you level up. TBH you’ll probably outperform paying people at the lower levels because you’ll be playing against people who have played less than you. I’ve teched down a few times to play with people who don’t have top-ranked planes and it’s a regular murderfest every time. One thing is that some planes can be much worse until you upgrade the modules like ammo and things that make it fly faster, and crew stats certainly help, but you can get all these things without paying and you won’t immediately be put up against people in gold-plated jets because of how the ranking system works. Nations like Japan you have to be careful at first because their early machine guns are garbage (in my experience, anyway) so levelling up gets a bit tricky until you hit the zeros or thereabouts.

      The main things that I’ve found worth paying money on are: if there’s a sale on premium then it can be worth it for a year’s premium to level up twice as fast (depending on how you value your time/money/whatever), and some premium planes can be worth it if they’re a) good (some aren’t, or are down to your own taste, like some of the shonky experimental planes) and because b) give you a points boost.

      I think War Thunder manages the pay-to-win balance about as well as any other F2P game. Aside from crew upgrades and modifications that are expensive and can be got through playing anyway, the only thing it gives you is new stuff faster, which then simply puts you into tougher fights anyway.

      • Titler says:

        “I think War Thunder manages the pay-to-win balance about as well as any other F2P game. ”

        I completely disagree; It’s one of the most gouging experiences I’ve had in the F2P genre, and when I finally quit they were making it even worse by removing the daily bonuses to research and giving you gambling lock boxes that could cost you real cash to use on top.

        I had 1,104.2 hours played according to Steam, and I still only had maybe 80% of the content unlocked, and that was after spending on Premium for 6 months, grinding 2-3 hours per day with it, and buying some of the hideously expensive mission packs, for a total of maybe £100 spent. At the time of quitting, they’d even introduced a gameplay mode that stopped you using the bomber class, which came up randomly so you couldn’t know if you were even going to get it when you wanted to play.

        And the final straw was there was a poster on the forums, when they saw there was a Moderator position coming up, who spent weeks just finding criticism of the game online and posting comments of the literal quality of “You suck, uninstall the game if you don’t like it”… that they then actually did promot to moderator. They actually employ people who abuse and hate their own community.

        Will you have fun coming in as a free to play newbie then? Yes, for a while. If you don’t know any better, and haven’t yet got a sense of just how far away a full plane roster is. I did for a while too, but you really are at a disadvantage compared to those with time or money put it. It’s a truly P2W game; I’m only a “Good” player according to my stats, but I guarantee even now if I were to go back with my Premium Chaika and trained crew I’ll be killing 10-13 of you newbies in one go; there’s a reason “seal clubbing” is a term on the forums, but there will ALWAYS be more things you need to spend money upon. It’s honestly one of the most greedy developers I’ve ever seen; and they will never, ever allow you to get anywhere near a sense of completion in this game.

        Install it, don’t pay a penny, have fun for a little while, run away the minute the game starts to feel exploitative; because your instincts will be right, the shake down awaits.

  5. Curry the Great says:

    A good direction the game is going in seems to be the “enduring confrontation” (would’ve been a better name for Iraqi Freedom!) mode. It’s kind of alterac valley style long confrontations with a big map where you can join-in-progress and fight with worse planes and as the map progresses over the hours higher tier planes will be available. Sounds like fun! It’s great that they try to break the montonous slug of arena-sized missions that the game is forced into with their f2p style that requires bite-sized chunks of xp every half hour.

    • WiggumEsquilax says:

      I’m glad that they’re finally expanding the scope of the game, rather than simply expanding the scale with ever more vehicles. Enduring confrontation mode is the first sign that he devs are serious about making War Thunder more than an arena shooter.