Low-Fi Space Trading: Objects In Space

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It’s awfully exciting when spaceships zip blasting their zapguns and looping de loop, but if you like your space action tense and preferably entirely avoided, you might fancy keeping an eye on Objects in Space [official site]. It’s a space trading game heavy on long-range encounters and stealth, more lurking nuclear submarines than dogfighting aircraft. All we have to go on for now is a handful of screenshots showing a ’70s sci-fi style and some descriptions of plans, but what plans!

In the vast depths of space, detecting threats will be hugely important, as will throwing off other people. You might dive into a dangerous asteroid belt to obscure sensors, enter polar orbits to muddle signatures, equip fancy engines reducing their tell-tale signs, or cranking up your jump drive to flee. Being found is bad.

It’s all very low-tech, with computers that whirr up and beep, including communications more along the lines of BBSs than holograms. As the game’s light on graphics, it’s going heavy on text. “We’ve designed and penned a huge universe, and we’ve got a team of nine writers producing stories & content for the game,” say developers Flat Earth Games, “from conversations with passengers to in-game poetry, from narrative quests to tabloid journalism.” Expect lots of political trickery and factionalism too.

Flat Earth Games are them lot behind Metrocide, by the way. They’re making Objects in Space for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. Maxheadroom says:

    Every time I see ‘Space” & “Trading” in the same headline I hope someone has finally made a remake to PSI-5 Trading Company

    link to gamesdbase.com

  2. Crispy75 says:

    I hope they have a decent editor to go with those 9 writers, cos the grammar and sentence structure in the back story (link to objectsgame.com) is all over the place.

    Cool premise though. Will watch with interest.

  3. Joshua Northey says:

    A much better take on space combat, hopefully the game is fun.

  4. Shadow says:

    There’s no stealth in space.

    But the gameplay mechanic sounds interesting.

  5. iambecomex says:

    A space trading game that shares its name with the last episode of Firefly? That’s just teasing.

  6. JB says: