Build And Fight: Sword Coast Legends Gameplay Vids

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Sword Coast Legends [official site] is not a new Baldur’s Gate, but the co-op-packing RPG does look pretty fun. I especially like the look of one player being a dungeon master, altering dungeons and setting up encounters to challenge players. DMs aren’t supposed to kill everyone, unless they want to quickly end up rolling dice by themselves, but they should create an interesting journey.

A new pair of videos show someone creating a dungeon, using tools that look more powerful than I’d expected, then letting four players in to tackle it. Come have a look if you want to see 27 minutes of spiders.

Here’s a chap setting up a dungeon:

And here’s how it plays when four players arrive to confront the DM’s machinations:

This is an archive of a livestream of the demo developers n-Space took to E3. That might explain why the devs are so much friendlier and more interesting than in the boring, stilted videos we usually see from games. Hey, you lot should do this more often.

Sword Coast Legends is built on the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules, and returns to that fantasy land made famous (in PC games, at least) by Baldur’s Gate games. It’s due to arrive for Windows, Mac, and Linux on September 8th.


  1. Orillion says:

    To be fair, it’s not trying to be a new Baldurs Gate because it’s trying to be a new Neverwinter Nights.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      So, I wasn’t the only one to notice that. I hope we’re both wrong mate, because I hate Neverwinter Nights; it isn’t an RPG, it’s an action-only “RPG”, with the most tedious combat system ever.

      • Myrdinn says:

        Uhm, Neverwinter Nights, despite its faults, isn’t an action RPG. Mass Effect, Morrowind and Dark Souls are action RPG’s.

      • steves says:

        The original Neverwinter nights was amazing! Not because of the game, which was pants (although the expansions were good), but because it managed to hit the sweet spot between ‘easy to use’ & ‘powerful’ with the editor, and there were so many brilliant user mods.

        Since neither of those videos shows the slightest hint of a script editor, I am not too hopeful about this thing though.

      • Orillion says:

        See, I loved Neverwinter Nights, because it was the first game that really let me feel like I wasn’t doing things as intended: being a 19 Str double-sword-wielding Paladin with full dual-wield feats despite piss-poor dexterity, telefragging dragons by abusing the Stone of Recall 100+ times until they finally ran out of HP, picking up literally every loot object and selling it for huge profits, to the point that by the spot in Hordes of the Underdark where you’re allowed to pay to apply enchantments directly to your weapon, I was able to afford almost every single enhancement that was offered.

        The combat wasn’t great, but goddamn could you DO things.

  2. syllopsium says:

    cautious approval – the dungeon crawling looks pretty generic in the examples they’re showing, but I like the toolset, and more importantly there’s console support which could make things interesting. The system requirements are low, too

  3. Fry says:

    They even lifted the font straight out of NWN2.

    Looks ok, but I’m much more interested in a well written single player campaign than building my own dungeons. Hopefully whatever it ships with isn’t shit.

  4. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Interesting, but it seems more like a game-specific toolset than a game. And that’s not bad in itself, but I would expect the tools to be pretty powerful and diverse with plenty of assets to vary things up. As it is, it looks fairly basic to me. Nice for a simple dungeoncrawl, but I imagine this’d get samey pretty quickly.

  5. PancakeWizard says:

    Hmm. It looks fun, but I don’t really like the idea of the DM being able ad-hoc throw down monsters and traps. That doesn’t seem very fair. Surely it’s better to encourage a DM to make a complete dungeon and only give them control of monsters for combat once they are spotted by the PCs?