Perfect Days Are Made Of Booze And Pub Food

Perfect Day [official site] confuses me. You might even say that it frightens me. Just a little. Made for the No$GAMEJAM, Perfect Day takes players into a no-name “local pub” inhabited by a babbling drunk, a silent blonde man, and a shapeshifting woman. The objective here is to keep drinking and feasting until … you pass out or achieve “maximal life happiness!”

Just like the aim of the game, the controls themselves aren’t terribly complicated. You hit Z and X repeatedly in a rhythmic fashion, allowing enough space between each button press to not cause your character to throw up in a spectacular fashion. What makes Perfect Day strange and splendid is just … how strange it is. The babbling drunk? He/she spouts the most inane nonsense. Some of it is ridiculous, things like “we will suck underpants.” Others? Creepy. “You can crush skin,” “We could adore torture.”

Perfect Day just fills me with questions. What does it all mean? How does this all come together? Why does that silent woman keep transforming into a blue monster? What does this all mean? I haven’t had the patience to figure out how to properly finish this glitchy, glorious mess – but if you manage to decipher what maximal life happiness means, please let me know.

Perfect Day is free to download from Itch.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    I play games to escape reality not to stay in it.

  2. dozurdogbite says:

    maximal life happiness is decyphering blue monsters while sucking martini soaked underpants

  3. Tinotoin says:

    Argh, this is the first Sunday of a booze free month for me – this headline makes me want to throw the previous 6 days good behaviour out the window!!

  4. KDR_11k says:

    Neat, C64 ASCII art. Unfortunately the text doesn’t fit the style at all.

  5. Misha says:

    Free to download?

    That sounds about $60 too expensive for this.