Runescape Gets Raids, Giggling Cats

This is a proper snicker, yes?

Runescape’s July update will add raiding to the browser-based MMO. Also curiously giggly cats and elite slayer creatures.

As a non-Runescape [official site] player I think I’d assumed that either raiding existed already or, if it didn’t, that it probably wasn’t compatible with how the game worked so I stand corrected on all fronts.

Raids are being pitched as a riff on the game’s existing high-level boss fights and can be played by teams of up to ten players. The update will set two initial bosses for Runescapers? Runescapees? Runescapists? to fight against on the planet of Mazcab and, as you might expect, there will be a bunch of teamwork required to even reach them, let alone bring them down. They should be in the game next week, I do believe.

If any of you are players I’d be curious to hear whether you’re excited by this development.

A collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund was the other element which caught my eye during the Behind The Scenes video where big cats and big cat-related paraphernalia (titles and XP lamps and the like) are being added to the game. It sounds like rarer cub companions will be available to those who donate directly to the WWF via the game.

It’s by no means the first time that an MMO has partnered with a charity to raise money but I was interested because to me the cubs look really giggly. I was wondering whether that was a Runescape companion creature attribute? Are they just super-perky all the time or have I misread a licking animation?


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Runescape? Am I back in 2008? I had forgotten that it existed. And seeing modern in-game footage is making my head all dizzy.

  2. Don Reba says:

    As someone who was turned off MMORPGs forever by Runescape a decade ago, I naturally assumed giggly cats weren’t compatible with how the game worked.

  3. LogicalDash says:


  4. vorador says:

    Wait what. Is this still alive? i had no idea.

  5. Dream says:

    As probably one of the few ‘Scapers who read this site, I guess I should provide some insight. In fact, I registered just to do that. I could write an essay on the topic if prompted, so I’m going to carefully stick to commenting on the content in the article for now.

    One of the primary reasons that the game never had such a focus on this type of raid content until now (though there is a reasonable chunk of it in the form of standalone boss encounters, instanced dungeons and so on) is that there are large chunks of the playerbase who just aren’t interested in it: there is a reasonable section of the community which enjoys playing the Skinner’s Box grind whilst chatting with friends or multi-tasking and while that certainly isn’t for everyone it’s clearly got its fans who coexist with and overlap with the more conventional MMO players.

    Since there is a status achieved in the game by having “completed” all content, which maintaining earns you a shiny customisable cape and title, players are incentivised to do content once for the unlock and then are drawn back into the daily routines in the game. If the raid content is incapable of maintaining general player interest beyond that of the endgame combat-focused players it could be considered a failure; but it may also only be expecting continued interest from them. I’ll try the content out, but I don’t really want to get sucked back into the MMO grind for the sake of it.

    It’s no real surprise to see them run a WWF collab; they did one a few years ago for rhinos too and similarly that offered rhino pets. In fact they run charity-based events like this fairly often where players can donate their in-game wealth for a cause.

    Also it might fascinate some of you to know that Jagex have been letting players vote on content releases for their staff to produce, and this year even been allowing players to offer up design briefs for the community to vote on with the most popular making it into the game. They also run an “old school” version of RuneScape, a retro copy of the game circa 2007 supported by its own dev team for those players who are unhappy with the monetisation, streamlining, graphical upgrades and conventional MMORPG elements that have been added in recent years.

    • thedosbox says:

      As probably one of the few ‘Scapers who read this site, I guess I should provide some insight. In fact, I registered just to do that.

      Despite having zero interest in MMO’s, welcome! It’s always fascinating to get an insiders explanation into genre’s I have no knowledge of.

    • SlimShanks says:

      Feel loved, Dream. This article seems to have been written purely for you. I mean I know RPS does some niche articles, but come on…

    • Gibster says:

      I actually got back into Runescape a month ago just to see what was happening and what had changed. It felt like a new game at first but once I peeled back the layers and realized what was going it all felt familiar once more. Its still that cluncky old game with new features and paint jobs, all jostled togother, but I still like it anyways and it brought back memories had nearly ten years ago (my account very nearly does have access to the ten year cape). I’m still only level 80 something, I pale in comparison to all the level 138s walking around now. The Dragon armor I once proudly wore is now valueless to many players. Of all the things its perhaps the players that have changed the most atm. The game itself is relic of time, long past its heyday, but still chugin along nothenless, with regular monthly updates like this one still being churned out.

  6. Brainstrain91 says:

    RuneScape has had raid-like bosses for ages – going all the way back to stuff like the King Black Dragon and the God Wars Dungeon. But this is a first, and it’s very interesting.

    RS still has an active playerbase, and with a year or two of quality updates in the new, player-poll driven paradigm under their belt now, growing steadily. It’s still a clunky, java-dependent thing, but it’s doing just fine.

    • lutjasuki says:

      runescape’s playerbase has been obviously growing for a long time now. All based on a small subscription. rs3 does have micro-transaction stuff (which causes a lot of outrage with the players) but compared to every other commercial online rpg the usual pay-to-win bs is practically non-existent.

  7. lutjasuki says:

    Content that requires group play is not especially popular in runescape – the grouping system for raids will have be quite sophisticated if they are not to become the sole preserve of the players that already do group bossing.

    Runescape is a fantastic game and the only online rpg i find to be worth playing. It is not really a browser based game any more either- you can technically play through firefox and ie but the experience will be sub-par. A non-java client is due to be released autumn time.

    The big, big advantage runescape has over other online rpgs are it’s quests. They are epic and story-driven much more like those of single player rpgs.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Mikemcn says:

    That does not resemble in anyway the runescape of my younger days… i’m glad it still exists, but wow! RS has changed.

    • lutjasuki says:

      There are the official 2007 servers (old school runescape) that an awful lot of people love

  9. Cyrus says:

    This had a major breakthrough in my school in ’02, I also played some on/off periods over the years up to the point where I was an adult with a credit card, and thus could be a premium member. So I checked that out as well.
    I liked it better the first years.