Game of the Month: July – Her Story

Videogames spilling out of closets. Videogames stuffed under your bed. Videogames in your hair, and in your eyes, nose and mouth. Shrunken videogames clogging your pores, marching through your arteries. Videogames like rocks in your stomach.

Oh, hello. Are you suffering from too many videogames? That’s why doctors* created Game of the Month. Take just one videogame monthly and you can fight the ill effects of having too much to play, not having enough time to play, or not knowing what to play. Game of the Month for July? It’s Her Story [official site].

Her Story is a detective game in which you search a police database for keywords in order to find interview clips of a woman discussing the disappearance of her husband. It’s also, arguably, the best FMV game ever made. Everyone at RPS likes it very much – and we’ve already done a review and a verdict. We’ll have more features over the course of the month – but the point is, if you only have time to play one game, play this.

Why is July’s game a game that was released in May?

We want to be able to play the games we choose as Game of the Month, not speculatively guess at what might be worth your time. That means that the games we choose will already be out, and in some cases may have been released years ago if they have suddenly become relevant again. It also means you can start playing the game we pick immediately, if you so choose.

Have you guys done this before?

Yes. We’ve so far included Cities: Skylines, Grand Theft Auto V and Invisible, Inc. All of their respective features and GOTM coverage can be read here.

This post is supposed to arrive on the first Monday of each month, but then people keep going on holiday. Blame Billie Holiday, inventor of the holiday.

*We are not doctors. But Dr. Billie Ofthemonth, creator of Game Of The Month, is.


Top comments

  1. caff says:

    Good choice. It's original and, whilst not perfectly executed, it has an absorbing story and approach to telling it. I like that everyone playing will unravel things their own way and come away with slightly different theories.
  1. anHorse says:

    But it’s rubbish

    The whole thing falls to pieces with the final set of reveals/revelations

    • Borodin says:

      I am grateful for your observation. I haven’t reached the end yet, and I thought I was enjoying myself. I am glad that someone is willing to correct me and help me to avoid wasting my time with it any longer

      • Distec says:

        I don’t think he was “correcting” anybody, just sharing an opinion.

        • anHorse says:

          I suppose you could argue I’m trying to correct RPS but the notion that I’m attempting to change the opinion of any player is silly.

          I’ve no problem with people enjoying HS (I did for most of my time with it), I’m just not of the opinion that the game is deserving of accolades although now that I’ve looked at June as a whole I can see why RPS gave it the award: absolutely nothing got released and HS will at least generate some interesting articles.

    • Ross Angus says:

      To be fair, I didn’t even know she had a butler, much less that he did it.

      (I’ve not played this game)

    • malkav11 says:

      One of the things I love about Her Story is that it’s almost completely meaningless to talk about the “final set” of reveals because the order in which one learns things is largely down to the individual playing the game.

  2. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I have to say that even though the premise of this game intrigues me, the reports of shoddy acting (and what I’ve seen in trailers, which tends to confirm them) is holding me back from actually buying it. I have a pretty low tolerance for bad actors in general, and while admittedly it is tougher to deliver monologues with sincerity than dialogue, I still feel that the game looks like it was crippled by a poor casting choice.

    • DrollRemark says:

      I think it’s harsh to say the acting is shoddy overall – it just has weak moments. Seifert doesn’t seem to give any sense of being stressed out or upset by the situation, which combined with some weird plot points, loses some of the appeal of the game upon reflection.

      The process of playing it is excellent though, and gradually figuring out what’s happening is wonderful. It fully deserves to be Game of the Month.

      • Archonsod says:

        That’s where the game gets interesting though – is her lack of stress and emotion bad acting, or is it part of the character?

        The only naff part I spotted was the ‘accidental’ drink spill, but that would have been tricky to pull off even for a pro (and even then, I’ve seen people claiming that it wasn’t supposed to be an accident…)

        • blind_boy_grunt says:

          yes, i actually liked the artificiality of the acting. In a way it seems more theater than movie acting. And you never know if it is the actress acting or the suspect acting. And the performance is used in a way that makes this more like a game, it’s not about the actress giving a life-like performance but clearly acting out nervousness, sadness etc. Easily readable emotions that you than compare to what was said and if that emotion makes sense.

        • malkav11 says:

          I was going to say something very similar but you beat me to it. I can’t understand how anyone could call the acting bad. It’s masterfully nuanced and subtle. Sometimes she doesn’t behave in the way you’d expect but that in itself is information.

    • Borodin says:

      I sympathise with your predicament. I too have a highly-educated palate and have search the world for the finest wines, meats and savouries in the hope of discovering something that doesn’t make me wretch and vomit when I try to eat it. If only those who can consume and enjoy a multitude of products knew how lucky they are!

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        Given the choice between making a helpful point to convince someone of the virtues of a product you enjoy, or reducing their concerns to an absurd conclusion about the way they live their life, who wouldn’t take the latter path? This is the internet, after all.

      • Premium User Badge

        gritz says:

        you are crushing it today

        • TheAngriestHobo says:

          If by “crushing it”, you mean “flamebaiting anyone with a dissenting opinion while contributing nothing meaningful to the conversation”, then, yeah, he totally is.

    • tenseiga says:

      I noticed the bad acting at the start with the first few clips but I think suspension of disbelief kicked in and as I got immersed I didn’t notice it anymore. If you go in with that mindset looking for bad acting you will find it (because it can be weak at times). But it is still pretty immersive

    • Disgruntled Goat says:

      Who are these people who say Viva Seifert’s acting is shoddy? Are they daft?

      I suggest you go take a look at the VMV games from the 90s, then come back and talk to me about shoddy acting.

  3. apm says:

    its not even game.

    • Sam says:

      It’s a little known fact, but July is not a month either. It simply doesn’t have any Mondays in it.

      • Monggerel says:

        But that’s just a statistical error Science has since shown that July is in fact a month insofar as it is round and bears a strong general resemblance to the Moon

    • Borodin says:

      Its not even comment

    • caff says:

      c’est ne pas une pipe

      • Kemipso says:

        Ceci* n’est pas une pipe. Sorry, ceci n’est pas une offence.

    • Carlos Danger says:

      I doubt that even matters much to them if at all.

  4. AndrewC says:

    If you carefully choose which comments to read in which order to can eventually uncover the answer to an incredible mystery: why is it that so many people who choose playing games as a hobby can’t seem to have any fun at all.

    • Monggerel says:

      And some of those who have the most fun also actively make sure that others can’t have any fun at all.

      (ps. Herstorry is actually very poorly written and has mediocre acting and makes disappointingly little use of its uinque interface but it makes some people feel clever for liking it or perhaps just actually have fun with the game despite its serious shortcomings and then those people will GRAB THE SUN, RIDING TO VALHALLA)

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      Nominated and voted for “Comment of the Month”.

      Thank you!

      • Borodin says:

        why is it that so many people who choose playing games as a hobby can’t seem to have any fun at all?</i?


    • GameCat says:

      You’re reading RPS comment section from article about detective game. Some voices among them say that the game is boring, but you think they’re wrong. What do you want to do?

      >write witty comment

      You wrote the comment and realised that these people around just doesn’t want the fun. You can almost feel that they are looking at you with disgust and confusion. “What does he mean, fun?” – they whisper.
      You’re frightened. “I wish I didn’t wrote that comment…” – you mutter to yourself as you’re sitting in the corner, shaking, with tears running down your cheeks.

      The End.

      • AndrewC says:

        I stare in amazement as a commenter on the internet describes my life in real time. Then, with amazement turning to a dawning horror, I turn around and see Gamecat behind me, staring at me as if through the glass of a computer screen. I scream and scream but GameCat has turned the volume down. I stop.

        GameCat watches me on his computer screen with smug satisfaction. But then, with satisfaction turning to a dawning horror, GameCat turns around and sees…

        • BooleanBob says:

          A grue.

        • GameCat says:

          We all grin with satisfaction as we watch this poor guy screaming with fear. “No joy! No joy for him at all!” shouts one of us. Then suddenly we see that poor miserable creature which isn’t even a mere Lesser Hivemind Node turns the stereo on. It starts playing Ludwig van’s ninth, fourth movement, right at the moment when soloist sing first phrases of poem. ” Freude, schoener Goetterfunken!” We all shriek in pain, because it was Joy and we hate that sucker so much. We all run away. But Hivemind remembers its enemies in every synapse…


          Geez, I have too much free time.

  5. Wowbagger says:

    I haven’t played a light gun shoot the can game for a while so I may have to try this,

    • emotionengine says:

      I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but you may be going in with the wrong expectations. It just isn’t… that kind of game, I’m afraid. Let me put this straight, the light gunning in this game is worse than Civilization V. In fact, I am tempted to compare it with the famously broken light gunning in Planescape Torment. It really is that bad. You’d be far better off playing DIRT Rally, which has some of the best light gunning in recent memory, all the more impressive considering it’s an Early Access title.

      • malkav11 says:

        But does DIRT Rally contain gunning of the green light variety or of the red light variety. Because as I am sure we all know, red light gunning contravenes the protocols and guidelines of the Treaty of 1794 in most jurisdictions.

        • emotionengine says:

          Only green lights are officially supported, of course. However, it’s pretty much a given that a fan mod will patch the red light gunning in, the devs would never admit it but the game practically screams for it, if you,,, err, catch my drift.

          Unfortunately, not even mods could manage to fix the atrocious light gunning in Her Story. Although I haven’t tried the…. well, I mean I’m pretty sure it just doesn’t work either way.

  6. BloatedGuppy says:

    Girlfriend liked it. She enjoys detective games. For the 3 hours or so it lasted from start to finish, anyway.

    So if you only have 3 hours of free time this month, I guess this is the game for you. Alternatively, you might consider spending those hours at a work/life balance seminar.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    So – Pillars of Eternity in August?

    • xyzzy frobozz says:

      For God’s sake, give it a rest.

      Pillars was good, not great.

      • Borodin says:

        Thank you for bringing some proper objectivity back to this discussion. Hopefully the thousands who enjoyed Pillars of Eternity immensely and were under the illusion that it was truly great will soon be brought back to their senses

    • detarame says:

      There has been no month since it was released that Pillars of Eternity deserved game of the month, and I say that as someone who enjoyed it. Mostly.

  8. Da5e says:

    I never did finish Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective on the Mega-CD.

  9. xyzzy frobozz says:

    Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with the candlestick.

    Woops! Forgot to spoiler alert!

  10. ChrisGWaine says:

    Invisible Inc having just the Verdict and the feature about the rewind mechanic seemed a bit limited, or is that level of coverage likely to be in the normal range for a Game of the Month?

  11. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Her Story was released in June, no?

    Also, great choice. GOTY thus far.

    • iucounu says:

      Why is July’s game a game that was released in May?

      We want to be able to play the games we choose as Game of the Month, not speculatively guess at what might be worth your time. That means that the games we choose will already be out, and in some cases may have been released years ago if they have suddenly become relevant again. It also means you can start playing the game we pick immediately, if you so choose.

      • Spider Jerusalem says:

        Yes. In that bit you conveniently linked, you’ll see the source of my question.

        It starts with an M.

        • iucounu says:

          I’m sorry Spider. in mistakenly identifying you as That Guy, I inadvertently became That Guy myself. I am ashamed.

          • Spider Jerusalem says:

            Such is the lot of internet commentators. We have all been there and shall be there again.

  12. Paxeh says:

    This is the first time I disagree with a game of the month. This game is pretty rubbish. The acting is terrible for a start. It consists completely of entering keyword searches into a database and watching short videos – after about an hour and a half I was done with the game (as in, I finished it). The story is also quite lacklustre and pretty much a let-down.

    I love detective games. This game, however, is quite bad.

    • BloatedGuppy says:

      As has been established in the comments section already, if you disagree with a GOTM selection, it means you don’t like fun.

    • Borodin says:

      Hooray! Another commenter who has the common sense to realise that anyone who enjoyed this game were simply wrong. Thank you, sir or madam

      • Juan Carlo says:

        S/he was simply stating their counter opinion. Seemed a pretty reasonable one too. I don’t see where they said anyone else is wrong for liking it.

        • Paxeh says:

          Thank you for your common sense. We should get it more in these comment sections.

          Borodin: sorry for not joining in on the circle-jerk and voicing an opinion.

        • Borodin says:

          “This game is pretty rubbish”, “The acting is terrible, “The story is … lacklustre”, This game … is quite bad”

          Regardless of your school of English, those are not opinions — they’re simple statements

          • Hebrind says:

            I must be honest and admit that I don’t think you’d be much fun at parties. Anything written from one’s own experiences of something are most likely an opinion! You could even consider what Paxeh wrote to be a (reasonably damning) mini-review.

            Instead of snark and sarcasm and “witty” attempts at trying to be Smingleigh, why don’t you give us your actual opinions on the game?

          • Hebrind says:

            Even the button at the bottom says “Opinion away!”!

          • Distec says:

            You could just do the reasonable thing and assume that those statements are expressions of opinion, because nobody goes through their life popping up a disclaimer each and every time they want to say something.

            Or you could get really anal and jump on every single comment you disagree with like you’ve been doing thus far.

          • Shadow says:

            Indeed, Borodin, all I’ve seen you do in this comment section is consistently shoot down people’s opinions, taking them as a direct affront to anyone who has ever thought otherwise, as if that made an ounce of sense. As most people know, or should know, everyone’s entitled to their opinion regardless of what anyone else might think about the subject matter. In this space, nobody has tried to portray their view as supreme, nor is the majority’s opinion inherently superior.

            And no, regardless of the variant of the English language you speak, communicating an opinion needn’t be prefixed by “I think” or “in my opinion”. It’s not someone else’s fault if you can’t perceive nuances like that.

          • Daemoroth says:

            So we’re expected to say “In my opinion” before EVERY single sentence? Because if we don’t it’s apparently stated as fact?

            Maybe you’re not familiar with context (In my opinion, of course)? In my opinion, his first sentence set the tone of personal preference. In my opinion, starting your post with “This is the first time I disagree with a game of the month.” makes it obvious that the following statements will be (In my opinion) personal observations. In my opinion taking such personal observations shouldn’t be taken as factual statements.

            In my opinion it’s pretty silly of you to attack anyone with an opinion different to your own. In my opinion we’re all allowed to have our own opinions. Also in my opinion it’s ok if those opinions aren’t the same, it doesn’t, in my opinion, give you the right to jump on it and attempt to vilify the person for having a different opinion.

            And, as the button at the bottom-right states, opinion, away!

          • malkav11 says:

            “This game is pretty rubbish” and “the acting is terrible” are claims about the game’s innate qualities. Of course they are subjective in origin, but they nonetheless assert something about objective reality.

            “I didn’t enjoy this game” and “I did not find the acting believable” (or whatever the actual issue was for said poster) convey very similar sentiments and yet they are only making an assertion about the speaker’s personal experience of the matter.

            One of these two ways of approaching the issue leads to a lot less argument and upset.

          • Borodin says:

            The problem I have with Paxeh’s post is that it talks in absolutes, and says very little other than that the game and the acting are bad without giving any reasons. Taking that at face value, they are saying that the RPS writers and 94% of the Steam reviewers like a bad game, and that doesn’t seem very plausible.

            There is a sentence that briefly describes the mechanism of the game, which is presumably supposed to demonstrate the thesis, but there are many excellent games that use very simple systems and I don’t see that it supports the argument at all.

            The one qualitative comment is that the story is lacklustre, which is only a little more helpful than saying it is bad. But still I am wondering what that means in the writer’s mind.

            Ultimately, what they have said is that the story, acting, and overall game are bad, and that they finished it in an hour and a half. That isn’t interesting or informative.

            I feel that comments that damn a game with explanation or recognition that their view is unusual are often an immature attempt to stand out against the crowd We commonly see it in likes and dislikes of music and food, and I am always frustrated that I learn nothing from such supposed opinions other than that the author wants to register their displeasure.

          • Distec says:

            I don’t know where you get this expectation that people need to provide detailed explanations for why they dislike something. Do you expect the same from people who just pop by and say “Good choice” or “Great game”? Is that somehow more informative? I rarely see people who voice positive regards to a title being condescended to. But if you don’t like it? Buddy, you better have some reasons!

            And who are you to talk about people trying to stand out from the crowd? You have close to ten posts of nothing but snark in this comments section alone.

            Just get over it.

          • blind_boy_grunt says:

            because not liking things is easy, i do it all the time. But i get on with my life. You are adding nothing by just saying it’s bad, i expect that “didn’t like it” is the default for most opinions. What would you say if all the people not playing games suddenly decided they need to pop into every article about a game and say: “i don’t like the game this article is talking about”. Pretty annoying right? And “i liked that game” is not much more helpful, but one creates positivity and the other negativity.

          • Distec says:

            Yes, disliking things is easy. So is liking things. This seems a very arbitrary distinction to me. And the idea that expressing a personal opinion about disliking something breeds negativity is pretty childish. If you’re an adult then you should be able to put up with a difference of opinion unless they’re just especially egregious.

            So far in these comments I have seen the game criticized for allegedly poor acting, mediocre story, and that it’s too short. They aren’t the most comprehensive criticisms, but they are definitely a cut above the usual “game is shit” fare. What more do you want? How is this not enough unless you just want to get into an argument?

            If you’re feeling some kind of destructive negative energy emanating from simple criticism that needs be addressed, that’s probably your problem. And if you would like more specific reasons why some person doesn’t like Product X, maybe you can calmly ask them to elaborate instead of being a sarcastic asshole.

          • blind_boy_grunt says:

            But we have the articles about why her story has a great story, good acting, “appropriate” length. So a “i like this” approves of the text. When you say the story is shit, there is nothing, i don’t know you or how you came to that opinion. It’s not criticism, or if it is it is shitty criticism.
            Also you are shifting the goalposts because at first you were asking whats wrong about saying “game is shit” now you are talking about people giving reasons.
            Also i’m not saying negative comments “breed negativity”, i’m saying you are being negative. Which is fine and obviously your right to do and i can so totally take it, i’m just telling you on what grounds i judge you to be a douchebag. And why would i ask you to go into details when you couldn’t be bothered in your original post?
            And just to be clear i’m not talking about actual criticism, i’m talking about your beloved one sentence comments where people seem to think they are the kid in the emperors new clothes, but what they are actually crying out is “i don’t like the dress that he is wearing” (which totally exists and is visible). They don’t cry out facts they cry out opinions.

          • Distec says:

            I don’t expect commenters on an article to write some equal-length rebuttal unless they really want to. I expect them to share their thoughts and maybe expand on them further if everybody is so inclined. And since none of the criticism leveled at this game has been rude or juvenile, I don’t understand the defensiveness. Saying “the story was rubbish” is no different than saying “the gunplay was weak” or “the controls were awful”, but you don’t see those kinds of comments inspiring someone like Borodir to burrow up other peoples’ asses over it. Well, at least typically not here at RPS. You’re holding this discourse to some standard that really isn’t practiced for anything else that’s good for discussion on this site.

            And if you think expressing some general disappointment with a game makes somebody a douchebag… Again, sounds like your problem.

          • blind_boy_grunt says:

            “And if you think expressing some general disappointment”
            Oh, you. Shifting the goalposts.
            But maybe i just don’t like lazyness, maybe i don’t think just voicing an opinion is worth anything. Maybe it’s about quality in gaming blog comments. The “weak gunplay” example might even be interesting, but if the good gunplay is a large part of the review, “the gunplay is weak” just isn’t enough.

            Also here is what makes you a douchebag imo:

            “its not even game.” Oh no! The not a real game attack

            “Herstorry is actually very poorly written and has mediocre acting and makes disappointingly little use of its uinque interface but it makes some people feel clever for liking it…” Oh no! The if you like this you are pretentious attack.

            “So if you only have 3 hours of free time this month, I guess this is the game for you. Alternatively, you might consider spending those hours at a work/life balance seminar.” Oh no! The not a real gamer or whatever it is attack.

          • Distec says:

            “It’s not even a game” – Fair opinion. There are lots of things RPS covers that I don’t consider games. How is this an “attack” in any meaningful sense of the word?

            “Makes some people feel clever” – Admittedly dickish, but it was also a response to somebody else who basically implied some people here are incapable of having fun.

            “3 hours of free time” – This is about the same level of dismissive snark I’d expect from a negative Wot I Think. Who gives a damn? How did he attack anybody for being a non-gamer, or even attack anything else aside from the game?

            Let me point out that those are three isolated posts from separate users. So before you accuse me of shifting the goalposts again (and I hope you’re inclined to explain how I’ve done so next time), let me remind you that I took issue with Borodin jumping on every single comment – including those about games that aren’t even the subject of the article – with a relentless, obnoxious attitude wasn’t warranted. That’s before you even get into the pointless “But he was stating his opinion as fact!” crap.

          • blind_boy_grunt says:

            first you asked “what wrong about saying it’s a crappy game”
            then it was about “it’s a crappy game, because…”
            then it was about “expressing some general disappointment”
            next time it’s about silencing all dissenting opinions.

            And i could go into why i think the comments i picked are dumb, snide, little remarks, that have no worth besides devaluing the opinion of others without actually putting in any work to make an argument. But i think they speak for themselves. Obviously you disagree but going by the thrust of the “discussion” we had i doubt anything will make you see my point.
            And i fail to see what Borodin has to do with what we were doing.

          • malkav11 says:

            Again, there’s a difference between making factual claims – however subjective those claims might be in origin – and expressing one’s personal experience of a game. If you didn’t like a game, commenting to say as much without getting into any sort of meaningful detail about -why- you didn’t like it may not really contribute much to the discussion, but it’s unlikely to draw people to rebut you because, I mean, hey, who can gainsay your experience of a thing. And if people try, well, they’re clearly the assholes, there.

            But when you make claims about objective qualities of the game – “the acting is terrible” – then people are going to want to argue with you when they disagree, and if you don’t back that claim with any supporting evidence, then it pretty much becomes “nuh uh” “is so” “nuh uh”, etc and nothing whatsoever is accomplished. And it particularly feels like sour grapes and/or trolling when you’re responding to positive writing about something by attacking the game’s quality without articulating your argument(s) in a strong way.

  13. Jediben says:

    Surely it should be Batman: Arkham Kerniggit?

    • tenseiga says:

      The game is supposedly fantastic but this is a PC gaming website… Maybe if it re releases in August it might win then?

  14. Freud says:

    Great little game and excellent value for money. Hopefully it’ll sell a lot of copies. With true crime being very popular (Serial, The Jinx) this game should find an audience.

    Hopefully other developers will be inspired to find new ways to tell stories in games.

  15. caff says:

    Good choice. It’s original and, whilst not perfectly executed, it has an absorbing story and approach to telling it. I like that everyone playing will unravel things their own way and come away with slightly different theories.

  16. somnolentsurfer says:

    You seem to have added the “Game of the Month” tag to all articles about all your previous games of the month. Which means you can no longer click on the “Game of the Month” tag to be taken to a convenient list of all your games of the month. This is inconvenient.

  17. Jenks says:

    Is this the long awaited sequel to Night Trap on Sega CD?

  18. jgf1123 says:

    I like Her Story. The trail I followed had a few reveals that made my brain go “wooaaahhhh.” I would recommend it to friends. In that respect, I agree with the visibility it gains from being GOTM.

    I’m just not sure what more there is to write about it. The verdict was spoiler heavy. I’d be happy to be proved wrong though.

  19. Lacero says:

    I really can’t face a game that’s 99% cutscenes, however good people say it is. I’m the kind of person who turns subtitles on and clicks through Mass Effect or Witcher dialogue as fast as he can read.

    I’m glad it exists though.

  20. almostDead says:

    In my opinion, I’ve not played it, and am not going to. In my opinion I watched a few minutes of a youtuber I follow playing it. In my opinion it was too much like something different for me to try out.

    In my opinion it reminded me of that time in gaming history where they had video capture in games.

    Is that enough prefaces to not get flamed for stating facts?

    • Borodin says:

      If you remove the unnecessary prefixes your post reads like this.

      I’ve not played it, and am not going to. I watched a few minutes of a YouTuber I follow playing it. It was too much like something different for me to try out. It reminded me of that time in gaming history where they had video capture in games.

      I found that engaging and interesting, and I hope you can see that the difference from, say, Paxeh’s post is that you are talking about yourself, your experiences, and your decisions, and you never say anything as overarching and uninformative as This game is bad.

      John addresses your last sentence in his review with, “Her Story might be the best FMV game ever made”, and I absolutely see what he means!

  21. Dachannien says:

    On a related note, The President Is Missing, and has been since 1996 (although we found out about it in 1988…). Everything old is new again, except this time, with full motion video.

  22. Borodin says:

    I like Her Story. I like it a lot

    At first I was baffled as to how to approach the game, wondering how much of the information in each clip was relevant. There is a clip number, a date and time, a room number and an interviewer for each of them. The girl even wears a differently coloured shirt for each interview. So I started out by cataloguing all the information and trying to spot when I was missing a clip

    That turned out to be too much trouble to be fun, so I started entering words and watching the clips until I had a fair idea what was going on, and what information was important

    I have reached what I assume is the end of the story, but there are many clips left to discover, and I feel I am missing something if I don’t catch ’em all so I will carry on

    As for the negative comments on the acting, I personally found it remarkable, with the one reservation that she didn’t seem particularly disturbed by having to endure multiple police interviews. I cringed at one point when she got out a guitar, but she can actually play that too! Nothing remarkable, but quite passable. If you’re looking for RSC quality then you won’t find it here, but in contrast to the painful performances that are often to be found in video games I found this quite refreshing

    • malkav11 says:

      She’s pretty cranky about it in the sixth interview.

      • Borodin says:

        Sorry, cranky about what?

        • blind_boy_grunt says:

          first about being questioned again and then the direction the questions are going in. The day is very short.

          • Borodin says:

            Ah okay. It sounds like I missed out that interview altogether. It seems there is something to keep playing for. Thanks for the heads up

          • malkav11 says:

            Yeah, it’s pretty easy to miss since it’s brief and not much is discussed plotwise.

    • anHorse says:

      Ah so that’s why you’ve been a whiny little bitch to anyone who has a different opinion to you

    • Coinfish says:

      Here we see profound evidence of why a person is being a whiny bitch to others with opposite opinions.

      Also he likes rubbish, but then water’s wet.

  23. Banks says:

    Good choice.

  24. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’m sure this game will be good and I don’t want to diminish it in any way, but it’s winning game of the month has likely pushed The Witcher 3 from any gotm status ever in RPS, which is a shame.

    Incidentally, I clicked the tags and counted the articles. The Witcher 3, 78. Invisible Inc, 6. Yes, you’re responding to the scale of general publicity, etc, but it still does beg the question, what game was -really- your game of the month?

    • malkav11 says:

      Perhaps designating Game of the Month is a push (/ excuse) to talk about a game that isn’t generating a lot of news but is still lovely and worthy of attention.

    • emotionengine says:

      Well there is the first expansion for TW3 that’s due in October, and then the next one next February, so we might still see it reach GotM then.

  25. Coinfish says:

    Additional essential tags: Gone Home. Rubbish. High brow art.