Parrylicious: Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm Released

Nothing starts Tuesday night off right quite like a fight as far as I’m concerned. But if you’re not near The Grapes in Edinburgh, you might fancy a crack at Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm [official site]. (If you are – see you around half-nine? BYOK.) The face-puncher is made by some former King of Fighters folks and draws inspiration from Street Fighter III, set against a story of revolution in 1920s Japan. It launched today for your punching pleasure.

As fighting games are far from my forte, at this point I’m happy to turn you over to the capable face-punchers Shoryuken and their review. Heck, you know what, I’ll quote from their conclusion, then if you’re interested you can go read the rest:

“Attack on Cataclysm takes a lot of design themes and inspirations from a bygone era, and applies them without conceding to the design pitfalls that plagued games from that time period. It plays out with a strong emphasis on player decision, and keeps things simple while leaving tons of room for depth to emerge.”

Sounds good, that. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is out for £10.99 on Steam and Humble Store (who bung you a Steam key as well as a DRM-free version). Here’s an old, old trailer because the newer ones are even less useful:


  1. MrBehemoth says:

    Really, Alice… The Grapes? On S. Clark St? Head round the block to the Auld Hoose on St Leonard’s St… I mean, I know you like pond life and everything but ‘mon hen, you can do better than that.

    • The_invalid says:

      Yes, but I think we can agree there’s a distinct lack of bar-related pugilism at The Auld Hoose. It’s a fantastic pub, but the most action you’ll ever get in there would be a couple of old goths arguing about whether Front 242 or New Model Army were the more influential band.

      • nickylee says:

        If we’re talking about pubs with a bit of fighting, Leith would probably be a better area to trawl. Or even better, leave Edinburgh for East Lothian and pick just about any pub in Tranent on a weekend evening.

        • MrBehemoth says:

          You’re both right, of course. I was really talking about Alice’s choice of hangout, if she was indeed there.

      • the_leveller says:

        Don’t be silly. Everyone knows it was NMA.

  2. sicanshu says:

    As something of a connoisseur of American bar fights (the best ones involve biker women; the most pathetic are between frat bros), I have to admit I’ve heard good things about the melees in England. Is this ‘Grape’ the place to check them out? Also, how much interest in socc. . . football do I have to fake to succeed at small talk? Call me a jealous colonial, but it must be nice to watch a good brawl without having to worry about some asshat pulling out a gun.

    • Wowbagger says:

      Yes we just stick to broken Newcastle brown bottles and snooker cues.

    • chope says:

      it’s not all that nice watching ppl get battered tbf

      • sicanshu says:

        I respectfully disagree. If it’s a fair fight and everyone’s willing, there’s something clean and honest, even life-affirming, about physical violence. Like, it’s liberating to strip away all the posturing, the passive-aggressive bullshit, and just be one hairless ape trying to knock down another for a little while. Think about it: why would anyone play “fighting” games if this weren’t the case?

    • nickylee says:

      If I may, I’d just like to correct a small misunderstanding: Edinburgh (and therefore The Grape) may well be in the United Kingdom, but it is not in England, so you won’t see any English bar fights there.

  3. Dilapinated says:

    Bought this immediately. Impressions so far;

    * Gameplay is really solid. SF3 is the obvious comparison, but Last Blade should also get a mention, and it splices together mechanics from a variety of eras (EX moves & parries go together really nicely).

    * The art style is a mixed bag. On one side, lovely, lovely sprites. On the other, T&A-heavy Escher Girls are the order of the day in all the character art.

    * The announcer mechanic is an odd one, but something that you can turn off easily and has no real impact on the game itself.

    * Training/Practice mode seems promising/in-depth, though if there’s a “Hi, this is how to do basics” as in Skullgirls, Blazblue, etc, I’ve yet to find it. Because of this, I’d say it assumes a basic knowledge of fighting games, though doubtless there’ll be a community guide up going through all this stuff within a week. Arcade mode is a basic “smash through characters, thanks for playing”. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet, so can’t speak for netcode, etc.

    * The Steam port is.. Pretty shoddy, to be honest. It doesn’t look like there’s much integration at all, so I fear you won’t be able to invite people to play via Steam, and the other kinds of comforts we’ve gotten used to with PC gaming over the past 5 years or so. Likewise, there’s no Shift + Tab functionality, but this is a game that isn’t really hurt by being windowed (setting it at 2x helps if you do).

    * I’ve beaten the game with one character so far, so can’t say much for cast balance, but there’s a variety of playstyles on display, with a heavy focus on footsies (newbies: spatial maneuvering/faking out at short range) & zoning (kinda like footsies at a larger range, but with a lot more emphasis on area control).

    * There’s only one type of jump, and no airblocking, airdashing, bursting or the like. Outside of parries & EXs it sticks pretty close to basic SF2 formula in terms of gameplay principles, which makes for an excellent jumping-on point for fighting game newbies as well as something cool for veterans.

    • mOrs says:

      Good summary, but I’d like to correct two minor errors: smallest of ’em: Ex moves and parries were both in SF3, so this is not really a mixing of eras (there is a lot of this, though, for sure, like the really high damage moves do like in old (SF2) times mixed with a really complex, modern system of damage mitigation up to being able to actively reduce damage when being comboed by pressing the right button at the right time.
      Second error, and this is not quite as little: there are TWO kinds of jumps, normal ones and super jumps. This is actually a huge differen in this game, since super jumps have very interesting properties: forward s.jump is like KoF’s hyper-hop (low hight, enormous forward movement), neutral s.jump moves you a little forward, too and during super jumps you receive more damage from incoming attacks, so there’s an interesting risk-reward-balancing there. Oh, and btw: you cannot block during jumps, that is correct. But you do can air parry, just like SF3.

      • mOrs says:

        …can’t edit…
        Forgot one thing: it is a good entry point for new players, indeed, BUT: there are tons of advanced mecahnics for sure. The already mentioned risk/reward balancing for super jumps is one such thing. Parrying is another, the fact that the devs did not balance characters through life points (everyone has the same amount) speaks volumes, because they balance through other things like hard coded damage mitigation depending on the move, and not only on the number of hits that preceded the move in a certain combo, four kinds of counter hits (though no additional hit stun receiving a “classic” counter hit (meaning: in most fg, if you get hit when you yourself tried to hit your opponent, but their move came out faster, the “damn, I was hit”-animation is extended as a punish, which does not happen in Yatagarasu)….the list goes on.

        Everyone interested in this game should probably check out Juicebox’ youtube vids on Yatagarasu 4.something, the former version of the game that was released yesterday.

      • Dilapinated says:

        Ta for that. Had missed the inclusion of Super Jumps so far.

    • Zankman says:

      Yeah. The T&A Escher Girls designs are kind-of bugging me. I know it’s not supposed to be serious or anything, but, eh…

      It’s not just the Artwork, the base designs are like that too.

      Then again, the dudes have the same shallow designs as well, albeit without the sexual context.

  4. Bobtree says:

    This just reminded me that another Arc System Works fighter was rumored to be coming to Steam, so I looked it up, and it’s Battle Fantasia, launching today in a few hours. What a weird pick. I have to wonder what their plan is.

  5. Wowbagger says:

    BYOK? Bring your own Kayak?

    • plugav says:

      Don’t bring a knife to a kayak fight.

      • The_invalid says:

        You probably shouldn’t bring a kayak to a knife fight either, unless said knife fight happens to be in a body of water… Which to be fair, that’s exactly what Edinburgh is right now, so both implements may be equally applicable. *rows off down the North Bridge*

  6. plugav says:

    They sure dressed weird in 1920s Japan.