Football With Rocketcars: Rocket League Released

Zoom zoom!

Wouldn’t football be a lot better if we could remove the diving, faking, and rolling on the ground bawling like a big stupid baby? What if we could also replace footballers’ fragile legs with wheels? Wouldn’t it be great if they were rocket-powered too? You know what, stuff football and footballers: let’s make Rocket League [official site] real.

Rocket League is football with rocket-powered cars instead of meat-powered ghosts, blasting around stadiums with gnarly stunts and ball-knocking action. I imagine it’ll be the sport of the future, but you can get a taste today as last night the video game adaptation launched on Steam.

It’s Psyonix’s sequel to their 2008 PlayStation 3 game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, if that name means anything to you (other than “whoa that name is wild” obvs). If it doesn’t, it’s a simple premise: football with rocketcars.

Matches are with up to eight players online, or four splitscreen. Neatly, a splitscreen team can play online against another splitscreen side. It also supports cross-platform multiplayer with the just-released PlayStation 4 version. Good stuff, that. Also, it has squillions of cosmetic doodads to unlock and customise your football car.

Rocket League is £14.99 on Steam. Have a gander at the launch trailer:


  1. Tinotoin says:

    As long as I’m not crucified for bringing this sentence to this hallowed place: it’s one of this month’s free PS+ games.

  2. Not_Id says:

    “Wouldn’t football be a lot better if we could remove the diving, faking, and rolling on the ground bawling like a big stupid baby?”

    and biting. Football today is shit isn’t it.

    Carball isn’t my thing. Has anyone made an fps football game? One gun and one round for each player. Being the goalie wouldn’t suck for once; You’d have a sniper rifle. Come on you lazy devs, make this game!

    • Zankman says:

      Supraball is that, but without “combat” shooting, per say.

      Heavily recommended.

      link to

      • King Trode of Trodain says:

        I was gonna register just to say the very same thing but then I found out I already had an account from yeears back…

        Anyhow I can very much agree with the recommendation of supraball, it’s completely brilliant. It really is just football as an FPS, with all the kicks and tackles and so on put into a gun. Also being the goalie doesn’t suck, because you can double jump :) btw Zankman you wouldn’t happen to know what the original UT mod that the game is based on was called?

  3. merzbau says:

    Man, I miss Rocket Jockey :(

  4. ikehaiku says:

    So far, the launch has been a bit bumpy. The multiplayer servers were down all of yesterday, came back online this morning…and are apparently down again as I’m writing this. But , apart from this, the game is in pretty decent shape.
    Spent a good chunk of time playing with friends (with our own vocal server) today, and had a blast. It really feels to me like it’s the optimal way to play it. Playing solo, or on a pickup game…well,the game is fun by itself, but you do miss a large part of the experience.

  5. Chriller says:

    Whoa, had no idea this was coming out. SARPBC is easily my most played game on PS3, so I’m pretty hyped!

  6. BluePencil says:

    Saw this being played by NorthernLion and his YouTube chums and it did seem really fun. Even though I don’t like online multiplayer games and have no mic I thought I’d give it a whirl (despite forgetting the concept of the Steam refund).

    I’m really enjoying it just playing the AI on (gasp) keyboard.

    There’s lots of “Argh! Nooo! Why!?” moments where, under pressure, you press boost when you should have pressed jump or vice versa. And I’ve had a number of moments of buffing my knuckles on my shirt for doing what I currently regard as a great play.

    I think it would be really interesting to see two teams, each of which has practised together a lot, and seeing how skilful they can be.

    • ikehaiku says:

      Agreed – the skill ceiling is high, but the game is so simple to grasp, I think it has a good potential for a broadcasted competitive scene.

  7. Ferno says:

    Oh Crickey, I played so much Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars during university years! I might have a look into this.