Wasted: A First-Person Post-Apocalyptic Pub Crawler

I love sk8ing in the Maul.

War, war never changes. So you might as well fix yourself up a little drink, have a bevy or two, and enjoy the post-apocalyptic future. Have a look at Wasted [Steam page], a roguelikelike shooter which runs on booze and is coming this autumn.

Take one measure of Fallout, two measures of Borderlands, and half a pint of advocaat, stir in your mouth with your own tongue, spit out into a gravy boat, and serve.

Wasted is a roguelikelike FPS (or TPS, but pssh) sending you raiding ‘Coolers’ (no, not Vaults) in search of weapons, ammo, armour, and booze. Irradiated booze is very important, giving you mighty hangovers and mutations, helping you to raid harder and get your next drink. On it goes. You’ll also want to grab TP, as it can be useful for trading with wasteland dwellers. Along with super-murdering everyone, you can play stealthier.

It has permadeath, as roguelikelikes will, but does have persistent progression in the form of a home you upgrade and decorate. If you snuff it, hey, the next Waster who comes along will claim it.

Wasted is being made by Arthur ‘Mr. Podunkian’ Lee, who you might remember from Dungeon (made with Cactus) and a load of spoof games.

The game’s due this autumn, published by Adult Swim Games. Its Steam page has a trailer I can’t embed here, so go there.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    Post apocalyptic pub crawl, you say? Boy do I have the perfect music video to go with that.

  2. ZPG Lazarus says:

    Pub crawls must go different in the UK.

    Where’s my drunken insults at random zombies about the 13 ways I did their mom last night? Can I bring drunk zombie women home to the apartment, do the nasty, and block their Facebook invite the next day? And is there a homeless zombie that appears when you’re character’s so drunk you can sit on the curb and start talking about the meaning of life?

  3. Lionmaruu says:

    So that’s SD borderlands with even crazier premise, looks nice!